Skup Butelek @ #nuclear-outside vs Supski (3778 views)

10.10.11 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Homer_ (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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3 cepem ;-D
Patryk i tak na komórce rozjebie system :)
gl fumble
gl IceQ
is this 3rd leauge?
thought the same for once
look at our group and this group:P not rly fairly mixed to be honest!
hf rito and knas :)
gl fumble mate :)
Sorry but, casHAUN is property of clSynergy
just like incon? :D:D
I couldn't care less and sorry for the fucks not being given
not anymore
gl supski <3
gl supski <3
gl supski <3 dont forget for shoutout fumblem8! :D
gl supski
gl kuna
bet on supski pls, more $ for us.
czemu mnie na ma
no armio czerwona idziemy po zwyciestwo
You have € 75 on pl nudE Cancel bet
Possible win: € 182.25

izi money incoming
gl dIZEL, BloOdje, kuna, kwilos, michos, cymky, fumble, darkrider, shaun, rito, kNas
gl rekin , kuna
gl Fumble !
wat? rmy already played an oc game yesterday for dream
Lower league, so allowed.
not rly, he should wait 1 matchweek before he will be allowed again...
How many years has this happened for now and does it HONESTLY make any difference if the play is coming from a lower league...?? There is a game GTV if you want proof (at least I think it's the game I'm thinking of). Gods inc recruited future I think it was for an EC game vs one4one same arguement was made but the admins let it go because it doesnt matter seeing as the player was coming from a lower league than the league he played that match before in. From what I've heard this polish "team" were using 3 mercs in this game anyway but then again that could be a load of rubbish. I'm going to believe it though seeing as there wasn't even a roster posted on here.

Sounds like you are just being a massively biast Polak so stop this bullshit, supski have clearly raped these idiots and you are just making an excuse for your mates to carry on...
they still can report their score with ( attention! ) tzac guids ss and will see if we can fix something

and tbh it wasn't my decision, cuz as long as u can see ( or not... ) im not 6on6 OC supervisior
So who gave them the red card, and for what reason? I see nothing wrong apart from the red card here. Supski raped this group of bad players who don't deserve to be playing OC Prem fair and square with players from their allowed player list and one merc. Now, I'm not sure about you but I played in probably every offi last year / the year before with a differrent lineup every time basically because nobody gave a shit. There was nothing wrong with that you have to play what's put in front of you, win and then you have a valid arguement imho, Supski played vs 3 mercs and they didn't moan they have just simply torn them a new hole and got on with it... If this doesn't get revoked then CB really are a massive joke because this is completely unreasonable!!!!!
thanks for that matey.
hes right tho
You think you'd of rolled over every single team in the group if active?
that is irrelevant, but yes I think we would give them a good game, blame bSturz for the mkida dropout, most mkida players now play for bsturz...
As I said we'd of liked to play against you, it's depressing going through only having won 1 game.
What's that supposed to mean? And who are you with this new nick FFS!!!! :D
ooarei was a shit name, can't remember password to hvk :[

but to be fair to cb for a second, we whine when they ignore the rules, then we whine when they follow them :P
Aaaaaaaaah you massive homo! Its not like that though this time, this has happened so many times it's just stupid and also, both teams have broken the rules so why doesn't that just cancel the bullshit out seeing as that polish team clearly don't deserve to carry on (yea that's right I watched the game today and it was actually embarrassing for them xD) so supski should go through!
Yeah I agree about the teams going through and these guys not deserving to be in premier, both teams should get a card but apparently nobody wants to speak up and talk to each other about it from what I have read!

Perhaps we should become the admins for next season matey.
Haha I would clearly be a boss admin :D
there is a lot of whine about "CB cannot into rules" so now we want to see that "we can"


edit: show instead of see
The whole point of this is because teams have been "getting away" with this stupid rule for years and years, don't get me wrong it doesn't bother me who goes through but surely if you not only want a successful OC but an enjoyable one (as well as a clearly FAIR OC) this red card should be revoked and you should carry on, sure if the poles at least took a map off them or the game was at least slightly close then I can see why the red card would be used but not in this situation, supski absoloutley dominated this game it's not even slightly fair to follow this up with a red card...
so no worries, they will pass into playoffs
So what's the verdict I don't really get what you're saying now :S
if they are that good then they will pass
even with one loss
How does that make sense? They cannot pass through if they have a red card.
As hvk just said, that's not possible... To my knowledge anyway, surely as I've been trying to tell you other the past however many posts there have been just fuck the red card off and let the cup go on! Everyone understands apart from you it seems :S
who said that they are out after 1 red card? :D!

pls...90% of ppl don't know rules and they are mad every one day...
main supervisor aint polish, i'd say get someone from supski to post the guids and shit but it'll probably end up in both teams getting cards
why do these rules matter all of a sudden, as owzo stated in the past cases like this were allowed and undoubtedly will continue to be allowed, the only reason we are getting penalised is because you have made a fuss :<
Well sorry for pointing out the fucking rules, maybe if you learnt to read, you wouldn't be in this fucking mess. Just saying.
even though you're right if the rules are to be followed so strictly, but as history showed this kind of thing has happened before and been allowed, if you didnt point it out no one would have cared.
I think you'll find I wasn't the first person to point it out, and the admins were already on it before I pasted the rules here, but if you want someone to blame, sure blame me instead of yourself.
no owzo speaks truth !
owzo RAGE! he mad cuz he cannot into dutch.
Hey im just mr wise owl
it was phobeus and he had NOT played OC for many weeks as their team didnt make the playoffs. so dont make stuff up..
So he already waited for the match week rule time to pass?
if you mean by waited that he had not played for any clan in one matchweek period then yes, he had waited that and was perfectly allowed to play to us. though we're talking about something what happened 6 years ago so not sure if its relevant at any way :D
Completely different time for ET back then, same goes for the admins too.
there's a 1 match week rule afaik

If a player is on the Allowed Players List of more than 1 clan in the cup, they are only eligible to play for 1 clan of their choice. To play for another clan during the cup they must meet the following criteria.
Their new clan are not in a lower division than the previous clan.
The clan have not already added 3 new players during this Cup.
The clan have not already added 1 new player during the Playoff Stage.
The player must spend 1 matchweek (from Monday to Sunday) without playing for any clan in this cup. For Example if the player played on the Thursday of matchweek 1, they will not be eligible to play for their new clan until Monday of matchweek 3.
A player who played a match for a clan whilst not being on the Allowed Players List will receive the following punishment for player and clan:-
If the player would have been allowed to play, but was not on the Allowed Players List then the clan and player receive a Yellow Card.
If the player would NOT have been allowed even if he was on the Allowed Players List then the clan and player receive a Red Card (and forfeit the match).
Any attempt by a clan to deceive the Supervisors by letting a player fakenick, or providing deliberately false information (including faking match scores) will result in the clan being removed from the cup. Additionally any players involved in the match may be banned if it can be proven that they were aware of an attempt to break the rules. If this attempted deceit occurred in the last week of group matches or later then the player(s) will also be banned from the next cup season. In serious cases (e.g. lying even when warned) the Cup Supervisors may consult with the Cup Chiefs and a decision to impose a temporary or permanent ban from all ClanBase competitions may be taken.
already forfeited np
red card i see too
yup, red card = forfeit
The opponent was happy for us to use RMY
btw, if they used 3 mercs - prove it
ask them, im sure they would admit it.
gl IceQ man
IceQ omg! :) destroy em
4-0 supski gg guys was fun
2 min for Bremen, well done Supski M(
You have € 90 on pl nudE
You lost

always bet on the oppo if u wanna win
hahahaha !
nic sie nie stalo panowie;* moze w przyszlym roku:DDD
dizel mad nawet usunal lineup :D ale blamaz w oc premier diesel. nawet decline nie pomoglo :D a micho to chyba mecz zycia widze po dmg
rmy played an OC match yesterday? team whore :D
oh supski, why have you done that to yourself?
you out to get us? :D
i'm not, because playing 1 game and going through is just completely fucking depressing in a group that is already undeserving of premier
We completely dominated our opponent, saying that our group is undeserving of premier is completely unfair when i'm pretty sure supski or ZeroE could give any of the top premier teams a good game. Whether or not we had RMY in our lineup wouldn't have made a big difference, therefore we deserved to win when our opponent agreed we could use RMY as they were using more than 3 mercs; im pretty certain sczurek didn't check there line-ups legitimacy.

e: you can blame bSTURZ for our group because the majority of the bsturz lineup is from Mkida.
I didn't mean you were undeserving, I meant the rest of the group, so I apologise for that, but the guys that both our teams beat don't even deserve to be in 3rd, it's a shame that the rules are how they are because I'd of liked to play against you, we did however prove that zeroE can give other OC teams a challenge by beating both glitz and zodiacx in offis, and coming out even against bSTURZ in pracs.
Well if we are deserving why is there a problem with us taking the points from this game, read what owzo put above!
You think admins are going to ignore a team breaking rules just because they think the team deserves to win?
the other team broke the rules aswell!
Which would probably result in both teams getting a card.
unless both teams agree
Well they're a mix so I don't think they care, so I don't see why both teams would not agree.
o wygralismy
lol i heard supski are noobs and lost fair and square owned 4-0

Supski won 4-0 fair and square check replay.
dIZEL idiota jesli forfitrem zescie wygrali to 1:0 nie pisz sobie 4 bo dostaliscie..
You have € 50 on pl nudE
You won € 105