Hirntot vs neXus (9427 views)


Format: 16 vs 16
Date: 23.10.2011
Time: 19:00 CET
Mod: ETPro
Maps: 6 Standard
Config: Standard War Rules
Server: Server and password will be announced to the participants

Lineup [!!!]Hirntot

Subs bench
[!!!]El Ejecutor

Lineup |X|Multigaming
TAG Bobot
TAG Hope

Subs bench
Fanatic NED

23.10.11 19:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Miscellaneous
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: dichterhund (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 13205
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 93


oh my god...
ehehe what a line up...you're going down, deep down
that will be awesome. Luckily I've got time to play :)
Dream on monk dream on :P
if you need a fop ... call me ;)
the Kr@nkeS@u
the mighty army of eternal noobs aka hirntot is goin to soak the ET battlegrounds with your blood.. ;)
[!!!] :)
Cough cough..|X| lineup isn't correct my Fellow Hirntot buddies. I'd suggest you go to Nexus site and update please.. :)
And be afraid... ;)
...and a ninja knows no fear! ;)

Easy bash :P
|X| 2 pro :D
ez bash for nexus
ofc, dayna and cookiegirl is playing
Don't attempt to troll the troller...
meant it tho, 2 objective women in the same line up cant fail !
let's roll >:P
izi for muchacho and acid :p
hihi i smell the fear of NeXus already^^ needing pro players in their line-up^^ anyway as long as the fun stays on the road, bring em on :)
no fear :D

the rest: +1
Pro players?where?pleasee ;) If we could fill a team only with Admins,then why not shut the server to public and make it private? ;) Plus, both NeXuS and Hirntot communities aren't just the refs/admins, but the regulars..so there you go.. No fear, just loads of fun and peeps wanting to participate :)
serious business
nah honestly I don't know how many members the nexus crew has, but as you see we from hirntot will mostly play with our members. So if you don't have such a pool of eternal noobs then I can understand why you fill your lines with regulars. My only concern seeing some EC/NC-skilled players on nexus-side is that it could lead to onesided actions which could spoil the fun. But well, that is just one possibility and maybe not the most realistic one ;)
I get ur point totally..the X members expected are the ones active atm..not much more we can do about it..as for the players u state, they are regulars that are always willing to play, but i assure you they know is for fun, and we will rotate as some more want to play...No pros..all trollers at least. And they play with you on hirn on regular basis aswell..so no shocker in that...
vamos fazer bebes como uns patroes :3
how many time in past we beat you without any pro players in our lineup, besides that drevo, hope and jelle are pretty regular on N3 so whats the problem :D
And how are zak hope and me not regulars :D Zak used to play more nexus then me, atm I'm pretty active and Hope plays the server at least three times a week.
that is not what I meant.Maybe I did not explain myself properly or you just misunderstood me

i said ...drevo, hope and jelle are pretty regular on N3
serious business
business serious
Odds?!? I wanna go all in on myself!
Status: Requested

mybe go in irc and ask the admins?

Good luck Hirntot

Special luck for Sphinx, teatime, Monkey, Deadeye
Hirnlos best public server! :D gl hirntot
Why does TAG Hope play for nexus really?
cause he is playing on neXus?
what a great constellation...will watch it!

GL Hirnis
Let me rifle for Hirntot and those pgm from Nexus will be back to hell
GL [!!!] :)
You have € 50 on eu |X|
Possible win: € 254

Bring it :D
avi monkey :p
cu there volta ;D
hey mate, got already more than enough registrations. too bad. next time :)
without me ur getting rolled anyway:D
You would shoot teammates only :(
just if they're called hukk and stealing my dmg :D
i see more hirntot fans - but the neXus team will deliver - next war me is in
will be fun

You have € 100 on eu |X|
Possible win: € 233
this sounds actually awesome :D
16on16?: D

pure madness
taking it to the ne|X|t level!!!
gl !!! like in oldtimes :D
what about u guys .... wanna make some eft// vs |X| wars?

well im afraid that eft// time has come to the end.few of the members are still active or playing this game.
gratz for the game
Boa sorte CookieGirl xx
obrigado! :) vai ser só rir isto...
O que importa é divertirem-se :)
GL CookieGirl!
obrigado..não que seja necessário Gl..só para o gozo ;)
omg haha
omg haha
GL |X|!
hf aCid :)
omg XDD
the fuck is this :D

Muchacho > all
16vs16 awesome :D
Omg. 16vs 16 its boring. 100 vs 100 it will be funny :D::D:
gl my favourite publics :D ;)
wtf :DDD
haaaaaaaaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha omfg lolololol trolololloll
TAG bobot and TAG hope

need radio broadcast for tomorrow! anybody funny around willing to make it? appreciate
I'm not sick anymore, doubt I'll be funny.
you talk to much!
do or don't
walk the walk and dont talk the walk
You have € 105 on xi [!!!] Cancel bet
Possible win: € 202.65
man we*re almost there are you getting ready monk :P for some pwnage
aye bring it on. bring all of your toyboys with you as well.
haha was ein scheiss :DD

izi für Kittikat <3
Go go Hirntot!

Hf Deadeye, teatime and Nono *flex :D

no chance for u hirntot guys !!! -- NEXUS will deliver
easy for |X|

gl TAG Fags
GO [!!!] <3 we all love you :D
Gl hf @Hirn :D
lol awesome =D
du lär ju specca mig ;)
gjorde det lite, men hade för dålig fps :p quita
awesome, gl Hirntot!
hirttot nubs cant play without mortar? Try playing ETQW, theres more big guns, tanks and faggotry where that came from.
more fun spirit please, thanks
Was funny that on battery my only goal was to take down your mortar, which failed. Since I have years of mortar experience (aka 0) i went mortar, found random spot in warmup and figured out how to mortar into the bunker. After this epic skillboost I killed two of your most experienced players spawn after spawn(kri and razzay) only because of the years of experience and effort I put into mastering the art of the mortar.
monkey slam dunked you to pieces on battery. monkey had fun. thats why monkey made this bash. no more no less. and you can type your fingers bloody and push the polemics about one weapon to absurdity. monkey dont care about little vanities. peace out.
lol :D
avi for hirntot, still banned on nexus by some admin with terrible grammar
smekht low
Oh man I so want to take part in this kind of a match.
sniper war on fuel dump for Vanhaomena its a dream :D
Note that Bobot and Hope might not play
gl Fanatic NED
GL labwaste <3
16 hits 3 nades, 533 acc, deal with it
avi if u need ;p
come and play joker
come irc
it turned out that i have to leave few mins after i posted that i am avi. sorry
thanks alot for war, was fun :)
u owned?
not really :) im not known as the destroyer..
ouh yes..thats true
was fun :p

fun :D
Thanks for game was fun!!!
to bad i've been too late, thx for the great game anyway!
Fill in the scores? :)
This was just pure awesomeness
hou ik liever voor mezelf
You have € 1200 on eu |X|
Possible win: € 1872
wichtiges spiel techni
Wichtiger als ein Laddermatch - abgesehen davon habe ich leider nicht spielen können.
You have € 531 on |X|
You won € 828.36

what were the maps?

EDIT: WTF 2 stars? :D

Format: 16 vs 16
Date: 23.10.2011
Time: 19:00 CET
Mod: ETPro
Maps: 6 Standard
Config: Standard War Rules
Server: Server and password will be announced to the participants
dankö nicht gesehen, zu viel text :p