Anexis eSports vs Team Decerto (21949 views)

gb R0SS
gb sqzz
ee Night
fi squall
it XyLoS
be mAus
nl saKen
nl joshua
nl SQuid
fr an7ho
sk filuS
pl zMk
08.11.11 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Battle for Berlin
Manager: baggiez (Generaladmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 191328
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Total Slots: 20,394
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Viewer Peak: 428


gl sqzz,mAus !
GL Fab :) sell me dream enculé de merde :{D
pire qu'anima libera çà risque d'être tendu :D
ross da boss
gl mc hf anorexia
You have € 11500 on de Anexis
Possible win: € 12075
You have € 50 on MouseCon
Possible win: € 5000
Je crois en toi An7ho!
You have € 100 on nl MouseCon Cancel bet
Possible win: € 10000
gl gav
Anexis will prob win, but i'd like MouseCon to win :D gettin a whole lot richer then haha
GL MouseCon!
Ok. cool story bro :-)
gl an7ho and saken :D
gl mousecontrol
gl kiki même si vous allez vous faire peter l'anus :DD
u bet 1 000 000 on mouse control=
gl sqzz, nait, saken! and floppie
not funny anymore, anexis always win
GL Squall & R0SS
gl gav
You have € 55 on nl MouseCon
Possible win: € 2972.2
You have € 50 on de Anexis
Possible win: € 51.5
chaud ça an7ho :)
where is DIGNITAS!!!!!!????????
ziomus rozpierdol tegu squzza
ET<LoL mAus ?
wtf, i heard, maus sucks at lol
gl mAus
gl ross, sqzz, maus
gl hf sqzz
GL sqzz
gl zMk ;)
low elo saken will carry this, oh wait..
this won't be played I think
why ????
It will be played It's just getting rescheduled
SQuid low saKen pro
You have € 1 on Anexis
Possible win: € 1.06
GL sqzz ;-D
unscheduled nice
fuck u all
fuck off
hmm maybe all that sunday early morning hardcore praccing from mousecon might be useful, but then again maybe not
gl ross mAus xylos ;d
Have Fun An7ho :D
sk filuS instead of rizk

no idea if zMk will show up
gl mystic
Gl squid
where the fucking fuck is xylos
hf An7ho!
Gl Filus!
gL zmk,antho, anexis! nice to see flop playing :P
izi 4 MAUS
R0SS= cocksucking piece of lowshit
sqzz= didnt know that retards are allowed to play?!
Night=pretty cool guy on a real mg,but better stop playing et
squall=crippeld moron wth more luck than skill
flop=never heard of that guy but i guess his performance will be a "flop",how we germans would say
mAus=one of the most overrated players ever

so gl Anexis!
somebody seems a little bit jelly
du endtäuschst mich digger :(
so wie du ihn in jedem game ;)
keine sorge hast du mich auch :(
richtig :D
was gehtn bei dir haha :D
mAus=one of the most overrated players ever h3h3h3h3h4h4h4h4h1h1h1
Where is Xylos ?
gl saken ;)
gl flop mach sie fertig :)
gl fab :p
i will be playin
hf Anexis, gl antho :PP
gl fab et arrete de matter qui tu sais :{P
gl night <3
Pelle will destroy.
gl Squall :)
Hf Anexis
gl sqzz & SQuid :)
gl flop , sqzz & an7ho
hf sqUID
maps ??
omg flop in anexis = fail
dw it has been edited my friend :)
gl anexis, and zmk <3
good that theres a french shoutcast
gl both
Easy Maus
gl anexis
il dechire le shoutcast là
Le bruit de son briquet en fond m'irrite
Tu peux toujours écouter en attendant c'est mieux que rien
Même si Benjii rallume sa clope toutes les 5secondes.
By: Benjii Listen to Benjii
Language: French

Used Slots: 0

forever alone?
et is death
Potm: XyLoS
Radar = EPIC !
holy shit :D
luckiest shit i´ve ever seen
J'ai kiffé ton panz :D
oh my
karnaj showing them whats up.

Oh putain, non, j'ai pas compris, hahaha sacré Benjii :D
xylos new sqzz
that was fucking amazing
that was close!!
epic ending on radar!
sqzz gotta love the ammo bug :S
GG mcon !
dommage an7ho :*
wp mcon :)
sqzz TOP1 ON!!!
J'ai perdu mon argent de l'internet.
sqzz : O
nice game mcon :D
vwp mcon...
that was fucking lucky
mousecon won 4-2, gg
Well played :/
Well played, mcon. Next time, u will win :)
nex ttime is mAus more in shape & they have no change. believe me.
whole anexis in general
haha mousecon thought they were gonna win :D

ul frenchies, zmk, shame the dutch guys let u down
ya unlucky for sure ^^
t'es devenu une bete le gendarme!! à un kill au panz pres je me tapais une queue devant l'ecran <3
sqzz went to take a bath he need a break, man of the year!
wp mcon
Cmoon wp :P
wp mcon unlucky
awesome xylos :D
R0ss please..
wp guyz :)
wp boys :) close one
wp guys, was nice
You have € 10000 on de Anexis
You won € 10400

couldnt play worse :(
Found why whe lost for 1 sec !
You have € 19000 on Anexis
You won € 19760

ez money
Zit gij nu nog te spelen mAus, manne manne, zoekt is n lief :p
en gie zegt verzekerst tgn ek wuf daje tgnkomt daj een piet et van 1m langk cheater :x)
nice suprise by mcon so close to a 4-0.
epic finish at radar.
most entertaining game to spec in ages, wished bremen was kinda close too tho :)
first of all congrats to the winner!..:)

@mousecon-thanks for a great evening. it was a really great game what you played guys and you show us all that anexis can be beatable. even if anexis is full of mega-super-pro-stars, a good teamplay can be decisive

on the first 2 maps we dont saw any domination from anexis, just a few good actions. but we saw a great mousecon team

we know that bremen is not your lovely map and maybe the last 1 second from radar was hard to take in the last round, but im sure that the future experience will help you to manage such situations.
@captain mousecon: take karnaj in the lineup!-great play from the french pussy!

we should not forget maus->after a long pee pause, changing underwear and 2 perspiration rounds, he turn his aimbot in bremen on and deliver a great damage. summarized-not enough for a superstar!

thanks to both teams for 1 of the best matches of the last years!
you pussy
Karnaj likes pussy
Hello Tomi! How are ya ?;>
thanks fine..a lot of work, less fun last time. i hope we start in december playing again..visit us on TS..:)
hehe nice to know that u will play again ;) awww haven't got ip ;s
im too old for it, but for fun and train. next gen can come, i had my the moment i take care of my guys-they are the best!..:)

gg wp both! that was good match!
You have € 50 on nl MouseCon
You lost

So close :(
fuckin ego cunt
unshaven fuck
You have € 110 on nl MouseCon
You lost
Epic radar...wp both