encrypt vs iNmotion (4353 views)

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ET SW 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2011
Premier League - Playoffs
LB Round 2
28.11.11 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: mental (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest

Total Pot: € 34927
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 38


gl both
Spld nolifing all week, but can't play on sunday? Right....
gotta agree here :D its like all week + weekends :D but not able to play our war sunday... suure :D
team consists of 6 players, plus I think hvk made it clear that he will probably be in hospital today so what's the problem?
chill dude just find it funny u play all week long everyday and then cant play on the one day we play
3-4 of us play, not all 6 :s
no use complaining now seeing as you accepted to play on monday on cb
It was forced... Think before you comment
It was accepted... Think before you comment

Challenge accepted theeZakje of iNm
CB said it couldnt be played after monday, you refused to play on sunday (wich for some reason is OK, while us not wanting monday is not) => forced on monday or forfeit

Honestly it's not that hard to figure out we got fucked over, but w/e I guess jason can get 6
why are you still going with the forced argument when he accepted monday?
Why can't you read? It was accept or forfeit, wich means the same as 'Being forced to play on monday'. Again, it's not that hard...
not really seeing as you could still reschedule it to sunday if you wanted, you're acting as if you had no choice at all, when you actually did
no we couldn't
right because you're all too brain crippled to make your own decisions? good job, in which case that's not my problem
funny how i told someone from your team i was going to change it back to monday and within 10 minutes after that it was scheduled
<spLd|hvK> 6on6 med/+ team hs

I mean come on, really?
shit happens
our 6th isn't here anyway, he's on his way back from dreamhack, we were supposed to be lacking 2 today
like it matters who you play with, gonna get DESTROYED by winmotion :>
say what :p
You have € 90 on spLd
You won € 242.1

yea be proud u fucking morron cuz u suck srsly :D
someones still mad
y? better team won.. we played offi only for funs.. but u are srsly an idiot :)
must still be mad to be commenting and flaming, so mad bro
gl mentalist :)
shitty from //s.V// :DD?
GL danL xcon my lovelys mates !! <3
hf mental to :)
gl xcon :)
gl hste
go go Jason :D
gl spld :))
gl guys

show me some "mental moments"

«22:27:48» {spLd|hvK} no my question is
«22:28:00» {spLd|hvK} the guy we want to use has played oc premier, but that was 3 weeks ago and his team is knocked out
«22:28:02» {spLd|hvK} can he now play for us?
«22:29:09» {[CB]szczurek} your team in premier?
«22:29:11» {[CB]szczurek} then yes
no1 was questioning it lol
just making sure, never know these days!
Hste can't play!
all my money on jason, gl lad
gl spld :)
I heard ET allstar Xo playing first 6v6 in ages! OH MY GOD epic failz incoming
[19:38] <@griim> oh xo, you're the highest oc player ever
gl jase, pieter <33
I heard Xo is playing, all in on spLd
gl croatians
gl danl and diablos :)
gl teabag
Well played mental mate! :D
gg Splendid
iNmotion ohoooo!!

cu@ finals mental :DD


mental finallleeeeeeeeeeee
warte da auf dich :D
nice revives on adler splendid :D
just leaving a comment

oh and: nice slpld, wp :)))
forfeit our games, force our games to times some of our players can't play, wp :)
someones mad
not really, its not like we cared enough to play more than once a week :)
just really annoying how most games got forced because our opponents were lagging behind.
Had to rush to get 6 every single game. Last game Boss couldn't, and our game got forfeited after our 6th lagged out eventhough we were ahead by one map.
Today it was my turn I just got home bit too late and too tired, not really in any shape to play.

Anyways, bit silly to expect people to play in a competition which gets run in such an abyssmal way.
feel for you, though if you had played the match against true earlier we might've played thursday :/
ye I know not your fault, you guys played good
the true game got forced because they were a so much behind, we actually finished our games in a decent time span :p

ggs anyway
if we didnt have to forfeit vs true we might have had to play vs you :D
if you can only play 1 day each week, dont sign up for a cup where the schedule allows people to schedule on other days, simple.
I wasn't restricted to one day, yet I had to really try to actually play the games because they got forced on unseemly times for me and boss and usually we could do nothing to prevent it. And sure, we prefered the weekend, but who doesn't.
U cant expect them to move the match for every reason of on man of your team. Also u should reckon with the match its date not the match with you.
What are you on about, we couldnt arrange this match on a decent time because our game with true got forced. And that game got forced because they were lagging behind their shedule. Despite that we were still winning that game, but our 6th lagged out and admin (despite the circumstances) refused to reshedule. I can only see us getting fucked over here, we should have been in the final via the upper bracket final :)

I wanted to play this game, but I couldn't because it got forced and played so fast after I got back home. I guess gl to both teams in finals, but I still feel abit cheated out of it tbh :)
Ah oke i understand sorry for complaining without knowing the whole story. Admins should give certain range of time to decide when the match to be played, did they really just gave you a solid date? In that case admins cant expect that every player could be ready and should know a schedule never goes to plan.
This game they gave two dates, but it's mostly previous games that were fucked. This one was just adding insult to injury.
funny cause our schedule got delayed cause of oppo not wanting to play sooner to -_- we wanted to finish the game too, we waited 25 mins while we only needed to wait 10 mins to get forfeit. But i understand the feeling u have, i would be mad to ^^
He's not mad...
haha lol, didn't know that. It's even more fucked up then hehe.
Should have played this game though, I declined because I just got home totally beat and the others had pracced without me, seemed like the smart choice. I guess I underestimated the usefulness of my endless blabbering and overly detailed comms. So I'm just abit annoyed about how things turned out, not really mad :)

I'm convinced that if we didn't have to forfeit the game vs you or if we could have had atleast abit of time before the other game (before any game for that matter) to organise ourselves we would have been through.

But anyways, ggs and thanks :p
yeah well sux tbh, we almost had to forfeit offi to if dark didnt show up at gametime ;D sux that there is no room for a wildcard or reschedule though, weve had some trouble with it to! Oppo refused to play offi sooner cause they wanted a week more prac, and they still got raged xD
wp i want to watch the match :°(
cancel bets, no replay
;D bb inm

euh replay ?
You have € 33 on spLd
You won € 88.77

thx mental & co
24/7 praccin paying off as it should ;) good tp.. gg wp :)
You have € 300 on eu spLd
You won € 807