a.ToOn.eu vs Serious Incident Called Karma (10413 views)

de kiwi
de kevji
pl stexx
pl Elviss
fi statti
fr kartez
fi decem
fi Iron
be Kevin
de Oxy
at potter
de butchji

ESL 6on6 Winter League 2011 - Division 1
Group C - Week 1
08.01.12 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Winter Leagues 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: vyndEm (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 48362
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 112


no to wiekszego cwela niz kartez nie mogliscie wziasc :XD
nice way to backstab beck


cheers kevin
i didn't do any backstabbing here, get your facts straight before you try to act cool -.-
oh you dont wanna hurt him

Arrête de te faire du mal. Fais ta vie, j'en ai juste rien à foutre de ton flam et de ton QI qui avoisine les 10.
tu continu de repondre
Et tu continues de t'acharner à dire des conneries plus grosses que toi, c'est quand même fort!
gl sick6 elviss and razz.
gl Oxy , Decem, potter and Kevin :D
gl potter & kev
sick6 kot
gl boys :')
gl razz :=)
nice gl TEAMK&FanboysofI/K/B
gL SIC Butchji!
gl Serious Incident Cal - avi to fill your TBA spot as ingame leader. (Veri veri pro)
gl <3
gl Kevin, Potter, Oxy ^^
omg butchji omg welcome back kido:-D
wb butch :)
omg butchji omg! gl both!
Good luck Potter, send it
kiwi doof D:
gl clan rambo
Team hasbeens lol.
Says who
u must be a member of team neverwas lol.
brb shining bronze medal
great comedy here :XD
server bug
gl kartez ! :*
zaba pierdolony cwel ddosuje wam server.
hahahaha zabka jedziesz!
kevin sees a nice lu with draft, drops his old team for them

You're kidding me right? Only Butchji is new in this team.

oh that's right, i can still see ajit caej and beck, silly me!
that happened about a month before the draft tournament, nice info you got there bro
You really don't know anything :D fucking child
lololol mad

you guys must of been getting seriously raped if you had time to check gtv
changing the subject because you are completely wrong, wp kiddo ;)
what? i already know that you don't play with them considering 1 of them is in my team and the other has pmd me for a tryout but is playing for atoon.

if you want to take that argument to avoid getting trolled and shit though, go for it
they play together all the time
for the last time, i know

just cant pass up the chance to fuck with kevin
butchji back in da buziness
gl everyone :)
wp elvis
You have € 8000 on eu clan
You won € 21920
New Generation > Old Generation
Cheater from Nbs < Cheaters from Cybergame
But nobody is as stong as butchji 4 years ago , kiwi u play really good
thats not correct its just that ppl aim better now then they did back then and the skill level is higher.
he handled himself pretty well in the one day cup for a man that barely plays
ye hes still awesome
ye still the best aimer i've played with ever.
I think u have played with mAus and even aimers like phyzic above or NgN will agree that his best of ET all times