Team Ego vs Controlled-Gaming WarTeam (5983 views)

pl Robaciek
fi Metsuri
gb hvK
fi toNi
ee Ajit
pl Kirej
gb Gnome
us Equanimity
se wessy d
fi Legion
be AleXx
nl stib
at blizzardx

ESL 6on6 Winter League 2011 - Division 4
Group C - Matchweek 5
05.02.12 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Winter Leagues 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: Robert (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 18409
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 26


gl wedseck
gl gnome and mccloud
gl cTRL
Hf reenz <3333
gl biggie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
lol Biggie gl!
Dzieki Dydziu i Marv :D
biggie not playing, remove him and put "tba" in the meantime
who is this wessy d? heard that hes a fucking beast
I heard Wetballseck is new maus
nah hes an ugly piece of ET, quake live and in real life
prodigy why you treathed me in the ctrl time so nice? and now mad? gl alexxx
IM WESSY D U CUNT, not u idiot
RyAN~ Thursday, 19th January 2012 21:05 I heard Wetballseck is new maus
sriki22 Saturday, 21st January 2012 21:04 nah hes an ugly piece of ET, quake live and in real life

i thought prodigy meaned me, sorry
lol not at u wedseck its at weslann ^^
gl reenz
k lu:

Equanimity us
Gnome uk
Prodigy uk
Legion fi
Weslann se
AleXx Be
carlos gonna roll
lol you change the lu of your team but leave ours?

Equanimity us
Gnome uk
Prodigy uk
Legion fi
Weslann se
AleXx Be

fix it please danke
ryan u spelled my name wrong trololol
lol gnome lol
no BiGGe no win.
lol hvk lol
saw you and just had to offer to play
not impressed son, just another pest to control though for i am PEST CONTROL
gl with that one lad
I will unveil my rifle on the night :DD
i aint playing rifle
You reply so quick you creep lmao but i have found myself a weapon of mass destruction
ye, ref of nc games and checking if there are any games to accept @ pending list
inb4 getting rolled cause ego changed line-up
We can do the same, but no reason to, we aren't desperate and we never had fights that all 5 left ego

was no fight, just coup d'etat!
gl equanimity + toNi
GL controllers :D
gl toNi & hVk
toNi isnt allowed to play :)
ofc he is, my lawyers got it covered
gl Robacku
Gl hf
gl Gnome



Missing some satchel kills :D
Yeah we will need that luck, team ego turned into 4 div team into a 2nd div team
Gnome is ready to carry :D
I bet you can do it ;)
this gnome ur talking about, broke his hand so he wont play
np gotta play lottonest :)
I think we were better before the stab
gl killfreak
No BiGGie no win
goed geluk AlexXx
gl regret
gl old friends
gl ctrl, toni, robamon
Love Alex and Wedseck :p You guys will win it!

WHERE'S ANZE??????????
gl ctrl
gl boys, welcome toni u nob ed :D
gl roba, hvk, toni, ryan
low vs low+
Gl ego !
ctrl low :)^^
iziiziizi for ctrl eyyyy hoooooo
gl controlled gaming
Kom op Stib!
ego lineup looks splendid
gl toni :)
Gl weslann && Gnome <33333333 :*:*:*
Go Robert you **** !!! <3
gl gnome, ryan & weslann
I know I beat Team Poland yesterday, but to make such a fuzz about it? :<
thought this was div4
apparently this is 1st div
gl kirej !
who wishes his own gl? lol
was wondering who of them is a nc player actually
was wondering who of them is a nc player actually
so hey, gonna cry for forfeit :D
You have € 1400 on eu
You lost

XDDD wp Weslann
You have € 257 on #CTRL.d
You won € 989.45
problem, ec skiller?
/exec stray
:D :D :D
Bringing out the real me=pure ownage
teamplay > aim

too low 4 rifle
bitch please, when i went rifle we won easily
Are these pliers sharp? #^PCTRL.^Pd EquaniMity~ 18 deaths without fraggin
mccloud forever low :-D
Yeah ofc I will get these awards, half the time there was no SmG eng and I had to save charge, example when I went up for cranes,

Keithh forever low+ with hacks
Still bra, 18 D:D::D:D ?
don care for kills or how many times I died bra
At least you won ;) and so did I.
You have € 100 on eu #CTRL.d
You won € 385
more known than you will ever be
being known in a game is very important
yes, thank you for agreeing with me that her comment was moronic
no. just means no one gives a shit who he is, or why he's commenting about me. we don't know him.
cared enough to reply though, and one does not have to know somebody to think that getting 18 deaths in a row without a kill is kinda funny :D
Commenting on it cause he was talking to me obviously. doesn't mean I have to care who he is.

@ wesker drama? i'm not the one commenting on random flame posts. besides this is our match here... and if you don't care you are free to not read it.
Hey, I have a question...
I wouldn't say that he was obviously talking to you, seemed more like he was just copy/pasting something that made him giggle
so I should do the same to others I dont know on other matches just cause it makes me giggle
if you want, sure
Hey, I have a question...
ok ill bite...What is your question? :)
Oh, I was going to ask Ryan if his pliers were sharp.

© iPod
bro you just did it today on uk vs croatia
Only because aNZE opened his mouth saying my name, when he's just a hacking moron :D
ipod tends to spam random match pages with who had the longest death streak kind of like how you spam random match pages with your drama no one cares about
who the hell are you?
haters gonna hate
haters gonna hate
Red Shirt #^PCTRL.^Pd EquaniMity~ 105 deaths
Are these pliers sharp? #^PCTRL.^Pd EquaniMity~ 18 deaths without fragging
Gingerbread man #^PCTRL.^Pd EquaniMity~ 36 /kills

damn pro is telling me that im low- :D!
you are low, even lower with hacks aNZE m8
Ok, now evryone is hacking,,, hhaha
you admitted to cheating on ettv moron .... not everyone hacks but you do

atleast i tell the true story, unlike u liying son of a bitch
haha, never cheated on etpro, on tzac....
used a blody rifle cam once on a fucking gaymode server....
Lady Macbeth #CTRL.d WESLANN:DDDDD 85 kills
Accountant #CTRL.d WESLANN:DDDDD 99% kills/killed ratio
Lead Poisoning #CTRL.d WESLANN:DDDDD 76 SMG kills

weslann pro, probobly best in ctrl :D
half worst scores than ryans+way better players (realize, freeze)....
your fault for challenging them, Team Ego got these players and it's not like we thought we could beat freeze mAus mystic etc.
lol hey don't make fun of stats, at least he won




no sorry he didn't
wp controlled gaming! thx for money
really nice job to win against those guys
You have € 250 on eu #CTRL.d
You won € 962.5
Oh dear Lord
no carlos no win