Italy vs Austria (11087 views)

it Black
it Stevji
it vj7o
it Xylos
it mama
it Impe
it Opinelz
at bl1zzardx
at DonMatthias
at jaN
at joey
at potter
at scorch
at v1ech

CB NationsCup XV

Group B - 2nd Matchweek
Battle for 2nd place
13.02.12 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Gabri22 (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 233295
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 132


GL bro :DD
a battle for 2nd place in teh group! gl both
only 2 pass the group?
gl potter!
GL Italy
gl team österreich
dein name ist unser motto
finally mama!!!!!!!!!!

I hope stevji will play as always

You have € 100 on AUT
Possible win: € 1359
You have € 204 on AUT
Possible win: € 2091
we use our wildcard
gl vjto, blizzardx, don, potter, joey
hopefully a nice match :>
Gl IT no n0cs no win :PPP DJ powa
Ahahahaah :P i will pwn from ettv ahaha
gl vjto and stevji <3
gl stevji
gl DonMatthias <3
gl ITA, please qualify!
no - spng, no win.
actually he's HON addicted !
Get him back!
NOT hon addicted hon sucks! played with nicon n1 and polafek 2hrs ago :DD
go go go Austria <3
our lineup:
gl Austria go Don :D
one of the NOT one sided matches :) gl both
joey 4 aut wie geil <3
gl scorch! :)
hf potter <3
GL v1ech and Stevji!!
<3 italy gl vj7o and hi nOcs <3 :D
gl black :)
dont dissapoint me italy :D

but since im actually more austrian i guess gl to both teams <3
gl joey bro!
this is the bit where we mention random inactive italian player and precede this with a no.

no danone?
correct me if im wrong here, but wasnt he busted back then?
gl vj7o mate : )
tnx my friend cya sunday :)
mama? ahahhaaah
what's so funny about mama? :<
whina perche lho sempre ownato e lo smerdavo :)
sup faggot
mama is fucking funny idd hahahahaha
marvin und roman macht euch auf ein schaumiges Abenteuer gefasst wenn ich bei euch bin :DDDDDDDDDDDD
gl marvin und roman :P
gl don and stevji :)
You have € 1440 on ITA
Possible win: € 2318.4 GO plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

gl DonMatthias :)
gl atDon and atv1ech pwners :)
gl don
gonna be nice to watch!

gl vjto
hope to have stable fps today :D
gl Donyboy!
donito + potter = insta win
gl kids
gl matthias + stevji
this is actually good match, hope will be close

gl all
You have € 1768 on ITA
Possible win: € 11880.96

lets hope
GL VJ7O !!!!
donmatthias = win :DDD
GL jaN scorch <33
no Sir no win
no Sir no win
You have € 200 on ITA
Possible win: € 1206

in xylos i trust GL
Vg Österreich
nP for the eight men kill wonder!
You have € 199 on ITA
Possible win: € 1154.2
HF Don mate
You have € 172700 on at AUT
You won € 212421

thanks boys
Back to business I see :D
tough match, enjoyed ET for the first time in ages
always like this when playin with me :pp
gg guys, was fun to watch
imp3 so low for this level, imp3 better go back to jaymod with firefriendly activated... Only tk and tb

to bad for xylos, one man team
go back to your cave.
gg joey ^^
gg wp !
is a woa
nice edit :D dont go crazy just because some1 is faking you at ettv :D
:) wp
jaN, one of the best aimers <3
Schön gespielt, DonMatthias :)
gg, i though u had us when u rushed through first 2 stages of supply :P
nice match. GL in the next stage
we have to beat Ukraine first :) ! But thx!
I think they are out of the NC since they had a cheater in the team. Am i wrong?
Watching blizzardx is like watching porn <3
it's free
it gives me a boner
maybe he lags like a buffering vid
richtig gut... =)
hab geld gewonnen thx ..
müssen mal wieder zusammen zocken...
add mich auf facebook. hab weder msn/icq/xfire sonstwas.
gg DonMatthias =)
lol @ bugged stats :D