Germany vs United Kingdom (15959 views)

de Bl4d3
de butchji
de s1LENT
de sNoOp
gb Baggiez
gb griim
gb koop
gb R0SS
gb rAzZ
gb sqZz

CB NationsCup XV
Playoffs: Upper Bracket Round 2
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XV » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Shmoe (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 229394
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Radio Commentary
gb #QuadV Stream 2
By: owzo
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Language: English
xx #GameFrog Radio
By: Benjii
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Language: French

Total Slots: 21,294
Listener Peak: 162

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YJZZ' Stream
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 407


Will be an amazing match

Shoutcast download link is in this journal, thanks for listening guys! :)
UK gonna get rolled GL GERMANY de
finnaly match thaht must be watched. gonna be close. small grand final i think
great game inc. gll all 8)
i think it will be one-sided so don't get your hopes up :[
uk gets raped
no shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, maybe sqzz can do some sneaky radar stuff or something but i doubt it
UK pretty much raped us every single time at practise so our only hope is to count on UK's underperformance @ officials.
Well i heard that you rape them pretty easy every pracc from a Insider hahaha :D + some ego guy (from your team) told me its easy 4-0 for ger,
so you are clearly the favorite, in my oppinion you got also the better aimers and individual players.

4-0 ger i am disapointed if uk take a map son.
Wouldn't you call me an insider then? ;)
Enjoy your disappointment son.
did not mean to edit this ;<
these are words of treason against the queen... for shame
nice save mate, knew u guys could do it.. was just flaming to make u try harder :{PP
u prolly dissapointed
04.03 21:30 Germany 1.22 vs. 5.44 United Kingdom 120 € on GER Lost
how am i going to sleep now>!?
that match
s1lent digga
Gl teams, let the best win :D
gonna be a quality game! cmon uk!:>
Going to be nice game, but i think german will take this :d
germany lineup looks fucking sick :D
[flag=uk] sqZz cannot into this?
gl flop fucking noob

and ross ofc.
gonna shoutcast this match =)
why french shoutcaster? :D i want a english or a german one
i speak english und spreche ein bischen deutsch auch
möchtest du über die umweltverschmutzung sprechen?
no good english shoutcasters around nowadays
true that

welsh ones are beast tho :_D
gl flop&kresti
UK gonna get rolled GL GERMANY de
You have € 1200 on gb UK
Possible win: € 8448
Go on uk :)
gl hf gav & flop
gl ger

nu gehts "endlich" richtig los.

haut se wech.
gl GER
You have € 9000 on de GER
Possible win: € 20790

i trust in you
nice match
You have € 1800 on de GER
Possible win: € 3942
Gogogo Ger :D
gl koop, razz, sqzz and bladieboy x
izi for de sNoOp :P
gl silent and sqzz
germany got this
I hope UK is ready, because Butchji is about to take a major shit.
You have € 1 on de GER Cancel bet
Possible win: € 2.08
Really hope this match lives up to the 5on5 version we had before. 100% going to be on to cast this and of course, COME ON UK! :P
You have € 51 on gb UK
Possible win: € 98.94
go koop go
gl krest!!!! :)
gl germans!
gl butchji,snoop and Baggiez

omg butchji omg
griiiiiiiiiiiiim <3333
oh you :$
gonna backrape you today, like i did on lan when you fell asleep :D
gl Baggiez!
ah this should be nice, GL griim :D
Gl Ger
easy win germany
gl Germany :)

This should be final...
gl griim baggiez
gl both
izi for koop&razz!
izi for razz&grim&sqzz&bagzz&r0ss
what u on about mate?
Why you talking to yourself? ;s
gtv atleast HAD the bug if somebody deletes his comment, it wont delete the replies to that comment
Na it's just Kamz being weird ;s
Maybe he forgot to switch accounts like back in the days
sick match!
sqZz will deliver

hoping to see some sick performance. gl both
lol wasnt here over 2 years and still the same pple playing there Oo
lies, and bye again!
You have € 60 on de GER
Possible win: € 138

easy money
You have € 2000 on de GER
Possible win: € 4520

gl ger
Anticipated Final?
butchji skara! gl
all my money on sqzz...

gl UK
GAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gl razz m8!
no 3 stars wtf?!
3 stars incomin.
nice match gl boys und dem s1lent bob
2-0 UK!
ggs wp uk
You have € 1250 on gb UK
You won € 6800

wp i guess
Nächstes mal lieber mit kiwi oder bong anstatt mit dir und dann läuft der rubbel = )

Schäm dich du hässlicher bengel, setzt auf den gegner und freust dich dann noch und postest das auf gtv.
Du bist und bleibst einfach nur ein judenbengel.

Wie kannste dich da noch von grimm der hatte low hp killen lassen, anstatt die medic packs nim mal die waffe in die hand du clown.

wait, coming from you and stray? priceless.. believe it or not, im playing with fever + a half broken PC and we played the shittiest maps when it comes to fps, which my pc cant handle properly. and know fuck you :) i dont give a shit about you

edit: medipacks als fop :DDDDDD OK
digga meinste ihm gehts um die eine szene?
u mad?
is halt nen dummer Polake -,-
You have € 12622 on gb UK
You won € 68663.68

thanks guys
Winnings (30 Days) 118981.00 €

griim saves the day
wp lads
griim saves
close at 10 sec ^^

You have € 1000 on gb UK
You won € 5440
gg UK!
wp UK! Deserved! How is that kamz? faggot.
so ein LIneup und dann das -.-
gg wp
see u at lan kevlar

naya ich blame shmoe dafür dass er sich nur aimer holt und nicht einen einzigen teamplayer^^ nur schade dass es auch welche selber aus seinem team sagen, aber trotzdem nix geändert wird.. schade ehrlich^^

nevertheless.. awesome cast owzo!
You have € 179 on gb UK
You won € 973.76

In akif we trust
wp lads. great game <3
Good viewers peak! :)
dave beastomode
gg wp
You have € 30 on gb UK
You won € 163.2
omg -.-
rly expected
You have € 662 on gb UK
You won € 3601.28

lal xd
expected :P
You have € 10 on UK
You won € 54.4

all in :D
habs dir im ts gesagt haha geil :P
ich dir auch du idiot ^^
ihr hellseher, und ich vertrau euch nicht!
dann halt übers LB np
gg wp
what a game :D
You have € 1200 on gb UK
You won € 6528
Well played lads
You have € 164 on UK
You won € 892.16 thx :D
You have € 5000 on gb UK
You won € 27200

thx! :)
you bet onlyyyyyyy cos I bet
knew my boys could do it
Schade jungs schiesst euch ohne den polnischen z3R0 durch das loserbracket,
ersetzt den mit kiwi gut ist.

Hättet über fake gehen sollen da waren nur noch 2x am leben am truck bei 12 sec restzeit, das ding war schon sogut wie gewonnen.

ggz wp uk
wp UK
R0SS beasting in 6o6, and nice revives at cp razz,

schade JUNGS, am ende war eig. win für euch mit 2 nur noch am leben :(
hätten alle an der flag spawnen sollen = np ...naja aber dann wäre es ja noch immer nur 2:2 und eine decider muss man in der verfassung auch erst ma gewinnen ;D
You have € 50000 on de GER
You lost
got a new pc already dogface?
this week incoming, probably tomorrow/tuesday :)
... everytime i ask, u say its coming the next day?
how the fuck i can know when its coming? they said 7-10 days and monday is gonna be 8th day..

jesus fucking dogface
lol two ugly geeks calling each other dogface, how cute is that :D
probably the ugliest guy in ET scene with walrus+parrotface replying again :DD

haha u mad
seems like i hit a nerve there :_D
haha camping 247 and waiting for reply ;) u should work on ur face not post skills :PP i reallydid thi the nerve, jeez we all know ur ugly but dont be mad XD
wp UK
how the fuck.... GTFO
You have € 51 on gb UK
You won € 277.44
wp koop mate!!!!!!!
woher weißst du es? :)
was meinst?
oder das koop gut gespielt hat?
naja =DDDD
koop ist 24/7 gut ;)))))
You have € 7000 on gb UK
You won € 38080
wp uk, expected
razz playing 24/7 ofc its expected
what's funnier is despite all this playtime, he on losing streak in 3on3 for like 20 matches already :D
You have € 10 on gb UK
You won € 54.4
So my theory is, Germany got it all wrong. I don't know who is captain but he has made a mistake here. Seems to have gone with all the big names and aiming/damage players and forgot about other roles. I would have liked to see stownage play instead of one of the others. You can't just go around picking these players, it's not 5on5 anymore, you need the right mix. The team is also lacking a player like drago, which is why I probably would have put duKe in, or somebody that can motivate others and in game lead. I guess your comms were quiet?

That being said. Congrats to uK. Did not think they would have beat a team like Germany without me ":D". But don't get carried away just yet, you have to beat Finland, else beat Germany again and then also beat either Belgium/Estonia/Poland/NL to get a Top 3.. Should be favourites to do it looking at lineups of especially Belgium, NL and Poland so not being in Top 3 this season will be a disappointment.

And yeah Germany.. sort yourselves out ! :P That was embarrassing.
War schon'n enttäuschendes Spiel, aber wenn se Weltmeister werden wollen, müssen sie jeden schlagen.
Ich hoff mal, da wird jetzt ein wenig was umgestellt.
GL im LB.
Oo ...
krest du machst schon dein ding :D
lets wait for final, at first, lets wait for fin vs. uk ;)