wnbpro vs Exorcists (4794 views)

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21.03.12 22:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: #et.tourney » Matchlink
Hosting: #et.tourney
Manager: fREAK[rAMOS] (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 29725
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 21


gl wnbpro!

btw. Ist das DER senti?
ja du kacknoob :DD
der schweizer <3<3
viel glück <3

senti ist besser als ich, gut so dass ich nicht mehr da bin :)
hm ka. aber das schweizerisch fehlt im ts :/ odRRR :D
Gl exo..

Sklamco :p
wie ich einfach aussortiert werd
du wolltest doch garnicht spielen, du nuss :D "mittwoch abend bin ich net da - dfbpokal unso" :D
ja gibt wichtigeres !
ich seh schon wir sind auf einer linie.
so isses :D
wir sind die einzigen in der community die ein geregeltes reallife und und zocken auf die reihe kriegen.
schau andre an ! sieht seine perle 2x im monat und zockt dafür 15 abende.
du laberst so ein shit... :D
wieso hat er nicht recht? :D
Perle sehe ich jedes je 3 Tage und er labert:D
ymmd :D
good luck fendah und timo
Good luck kluci, budu se koukat :-)
GL sklamaku .)
gl caybro m8
gl caybro
nice guys, thank for accepting delay, you are gonna roll us anyway ;-)
gl exorcists!
go go flr <3 all my precious e-money on u! ;p
gl fendah m8
You have € 1000 on cz exo
You won € 3550

really nice match...epic radar and missile
congrats exos...pops xDDDDDD
Congra Exo treti mapa moc hezka :-)
You have € 128 on de wnbpro
You lost
You have € 17 on cz exo
You won € 60.35
You have € 5 on exo
You won € 17.75
thx again :))
You have € 2500 on de wnbpro
You lost

thx flower :) didn't know you were that low
told u, and waiting/WASTING 50 mins for oppo is just exhausting and actually utterly retarded. bottom line.. never be a nice guy again.
well sorry for that, but the previous offi was against polish enemy and you know, how can they delay everything. :-/ Tbh exo werent any fresher :-(
i dont know when u started ur previous offi but (guess it was at 21?) its your job to create enough space for deciders. since ur game wasnt on gtv we didnt know shit till some1 of you told "oh hey we are now playing our decider" - after 10cet! next time we reset a date or forfeit after 15 mins of set matchtime, but i aint gonna accept waiting 50 mins again until you/anybody else finishes his decider. you at least played we just didnt do anything. just sitting and wasting time, we couldnt even search another game since u just played one decider. neither u shared any info about what map or standings. just bs. besides that ggs
when you decide to be those nice guys, at least dont whine what happend prior to the match after its played. You had your chances to claim forfeit, you decide to act as so called good guys and "forgave" them, so dont be a tard afterwards... Besides that, nobody forbade you from searching for a game while waiting on them, you would just quit when they finish their decider (ok, not so cool but you wouldnt be the first nor the last).
im not a tard, just saying the delay was massive and not really predictable for us that it would take so long to finish a decider, so sharing info about how it stands would have helped a lot. its not that the game was utter shit, really close on all maps with the luckier end for them :)
I didnt say you are tard per se, just that you acted like one. I agree that you could have not predicted the delay, but you clearly knew what you are getting into when you started your match. As I stated before, you could have easily taken forfeit, instead you have chosen to play it after all (as you said, to be nice). I am pretty sure if you have won you wouldnt even write a comment on this matter, maybe you just thought its easy bash for you, but it turned out pretty unlucky for you, so you just felt like blaming late start for your loss. Dont be sad/mad, I am sure you will have your chance for revenge sometime soon (in case you are both playing ladders) :)
not rly, i bet on them :-) i knew the game wont be that easy afterall, in the end we lost both maps rather unlucky.
As you can see in the chat at the statistics, that exo came late and then also made fun out of it.
People who don't show respect, do not earn to be treated respectfully themselves.
I cant see us making fun of the delay...we were grateful that they waited and wanted to play instead of a forfeit.

I think it was a good, close and most of all entertaining game for both sides. I havent seen a close match like this in a while. Just the end was lucky for us.
I have read that chat, I dont see any sings of disrespect there (they hardly said anything).
from my pov, calling people to rup with being late themselves feels not fair.

but I guess you are right, they didn't mean it that way
it is a bind... /bind f4 "ready; say ready" or something like that.
yes, that came to my mind with my last post. so pardon me for my wrong judgment

didn't watch it yet, but it was sure a good game
wNb! ROFLR ext3 [Intermission]: waiting 1 h for this random shit
You have € 25 on exo
You won € 88.75
I can not believe what I just did....
how much did you lose? :p

Bet Result
21.03 22:45 wnbpro 1.39 vs. 3.55 Exorcists 441 € on wnbpro Lost
You have € 1750 on exo
You won € 6212.5

You have € 188 on cz exo
You won € 667.4

hmm you played missile_b3 but missile_b4 is in the mappool, so remember to play b4 version next time :)
You have € 1000 on exo
You won € 3550
You have € 323 on cz exo
You won € 1146.65

Thx again :)
ihr kacknooobs..
23:31:01 fanatic • hf vs wnbpro^^
23:31:16 c4p • mates already lost i am afraid
23:35:06 fanatic • You have € 200 on exo
23:35:06 fanatic • Possible win: € 710
23:35:08 fanatic • too bad :{D
23:35:54 c4p • a bad bet idd, (...), it was certain the gonna roll us ;-)

haha rofl :D
You have € 250 on cz exo
You won € 887.5

You have € 266 on de wnbpro
You lost

srsly, ramoz eh...
soll keine ausrede sein, aber wie flr sagte , 50 min delay, wollten kein forfeit, haben dann ncihts mehr gezockt, weil es hieß sind in 15min fertig.. dann bayern vs bmg geguckt. rausgewesen und zu spät/müde. mein gott passiert.
ja aber net wenn ich geld auf euch hab ;(
stop cry stop cry :-D u mad? :))