ettan vs imposito (3742 views)

ee synce
nl Rezta
nl Flexican
nl Kane

ESL 3on3 Winter League 2011/2012 - Division 2
Playoffs - Grand Final

ee ettan have to win twice.
18.03.12 19:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Winter Leagues 2011 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: Claimax (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 5729
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 18


gl ettan!
I'm not playing :(

eTTan needs to win twice

game won't split
dw GL teile :D
inb4 getting highskilled players
ettan will win easy np
gl etn
gl kane
gl flexican !!
GL imp boys ! and ajit ofc :)
ettan would be in grand final , and had to win once if u fuckers didnt claim forfeit after u sadly lost.

fucking noobs

well u must be werry mad

we got the match because you played with a known hacker so dont complain us but your teammates?

and just for the record that was in the groups so it didn't have effect in the play offs, we cant help it you lost from FreeLance

So much fail in one post

1. ettan would be in grand final ( Ettan is in the grand final! )
2. forfeit ( No surprise playing with known cheater! )
4. We won every game in playoffs that's why we are in final.
4. You can post a link once, pasting it 3 times it not necessary for somebody to click on it.
5. If we are noobs why are you raging? Because if that is the case there is no reason to rage because than ettan would win easy tonight.
he was playing shit and u still lost , means u suck , cry more when you lose and claim forfeit

u are in finals cuz u had shit oppos

u will get raped in final be happy

So much frustation. It's hilarious.
gl synce :)
ettan won first match 4-2 , imposito getting rolled as expected

grush 1-1

b4 decider
easy gaming
You have € 15 on ettan
You won € 22.5
synce 22k, gg :{D
synce well played, ettan needed another sub to be able to win again. Just like vs exitium. Freeze carried them vs exitium and today synce.
I am disappointed about the sportsmanship from ettan. We changed the time because you wanted to play earlier, what do we get in return? Constant whine and flame.

what the fuck, nobody was carried. you started whining about your pings (48-50) from the get go. talk to your flexican or fish or rezta, who started whining like faggots from the start.
Proving my point. It's fact you added synce just before the match to carry you just like you did with freeze against exitium.
Be happy i am unable to post your irc logs.
zenix u won 1 map becouse of refabuse ..:D ur lowskill and face it ..even 2vs3 u would loose
Refabuse? We didn't had ref and it was ettan who paused while being ref on there own server.
And i am lowskill? That is bit understatement i was shit. But that didn't surprise me after not playing for 2 years. Still it was good enough to fullhold ettan on goldrush, that was already a surprise for me. I didn't play the first 3 maps needed to sub.

Are you and rassu friends? Seems to be you both are on the same intellectual level, and that is something you should worry about.