Anexis eSports vs STAR.ET (11566 views)

gb R0SS
gb sqZz
be mAus
it XyLoS
ee Night
fi Squall
de Kevji
de humM3L
de criatura
de woDka
de violy
de draqii
Time might change.
08.04.12 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Battle For Berlin II » Matchlink
Hosting: Official GTV Coverage
Manager: SimonKinsler (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 693170
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 237

Overall Viewerpeak: 272


1st gl Gracie
Gl mAus and Anexis <3
go go anexis
You have € 1000 on de Anexis
Possible win: € 1010 :C
all on star et... " :D "
hahah hav addicted moron...-.- stfu
gl Anexis
hf hunta,kevji,criatura and night
izi for anexis ! best LU
if this was woII: anexis = nazi's & star = ... :D
gl squall , Kevji , mAus , Xylos

de humM3L
de criatura
de Kevji
de boNg
de kiwi
de draqqi
de violy
de huNta_

dunno which 6 will play ! But add this Roster Simon Kinsler. boNg ist fröhlich.
rofl den noob hunta nimmst du ins lineup X:DDDDDDDDDDD
raff dich halt und lass bu posis rocken
bong spielt? sicher?
heute noch net da, er brauch paste für seinen cpu der wird zu heiss und dadurch FPS drops ab dienstag/mittwoch ist er fest dabei wieder.
was haben alle immer mit dem qq bei draqii :D
easy for anexis
Gl R0SS :]
Shame that tournaments can only gather good teams when there are prizes involved. Just tells you everything about ET and its state.
no, it actually doesnt.
imo one might say that ET is finished
Imo might say that your finished so get your bags and get the fuck out!
i am finished alright

with your momz

he really couldnt think of something usefull
never attempt to flame kamz, u always lose :<

hope u learned lesson for future. cya later.
hello. I'm a parrot nigger. I comment at 5am. Good day.
i've embarrassed you and all your fat team us mates on here so many times that im bored of it -> too easy :\
if your bored, why dont you quit it?
because every now and again, some idiots try to be heroes like yourself and stand up as if to say I WILL TAKE ON KAMZ and then i find it fun to embarrass them, however when they keep doing it, i get bored (e.g. hardon) because it's same shit again and again and people don't find it funny anymore because they've seen me take the piss out of them loads of times.
part nigger, part parrot. Nigger parrot.

commenting your weekends away at 2am
alright alright, no need to get a hardon kardon.

now sit down and be quiet, fat boy.
Try me, you still didnt say something usefull
useful is spelt with one l

originality kamz's 2nd name ;)
You really are one pathetic cunt :D
sqZz ^^
let's rock mAus :D
omg Anexis - nice lineup
gl draqii!
hmm... izi 4 Anexis... But gl STAR.ET
allin *et
gl maus and night
i tough rOss left anexis or somthing?
Dont think if your isnt so big
Dont think if your isnt so big
Dont think if your isnt so big
gl XyLoS,mAus League of Legends !
Good luck R0SS & Squall

You have € 520 on de Anexis
Possible win: € 525.2
GL gav ross and night
gl cria
omg mAus
Cant cast this sorry, PSG-OM.
nooby :-(
Jsuis trop pauvre jai pas canal+ jsuis obligé de chercher un bar pour ce soir :SSS
hf squall & sqzz
since when can the schedule be changed?
The wildcard will allow for the team to move the scheduled game 2 days either side of the fixture
GL draqi :D
gl violy!
gl kevji<3, violy (kiwi, bong)
sad to see bfb admins rejecting teams who cant play on the scheduled dates and do allow it afterwards
how hypocrite....
The wildcard will allow for the team to move the scheduled game 2 days either side of the fixture
you can use only one wildcard @ playoffs right?
guess so
doesn't matter as there isn't a groupstage :b
However, we will be offering team 1 wildcard for use during the tournament. The wildcard will allow for the team to move the scheduled game 2 days either side of the fixture. This means that if for example the scheduled game was on a Tuesday, then the wildcard would allow them to play the game Sunday or Monday (before the scheduled game) and Wednesday and Thursday (after – but before the next scheduled game to ensure that no delays are introduced to the schedule).
have fun gav
izi for humm3l
You have € 30 on de Anexis
Possible win: € 30.3

Anexis : What a LU !!! seems perfect
You have € 10 on de Anexis
Possible win: € 10.1
gonna be rich
hf kiwi & sqzz
squall noob
You have € 60 on STAR.ET
Possible win: € 6000
begin maar beter te spelen mAuske!!
weeral die kut hollandse vlag :X
gl, sqZz , mAus , XyLoS , Night, Squall
gl anexis roll em uk boys
why u copying the name of the guy above you?
good luck wodka!!!!!!!
You have € 5 on de STAR.ET
Possible win: € 500
gl star^^
gl wdka 8D
You have € 5 on STAR.ET
Possible win: € 500
wtf genshi? :o) gl!
genshi real star! :) gl
Total Pot: € 693170
Anexis 1.01
100.00 STAR.ET

You have € 400000 on de Anexis
You won € 404000

luukku had 50k on anexis as well
RaPeD, nice damage humm3L :,-D
war ein gutes spiel :P
wenigstens hast n award
hm ? :D

ja den besten, wollte meine jungs zu oft reviven :D