Overdose-Gaming vs Team Dignitas (13452 views)

pl uf0l
pl naga
pl dvk3
pl craken
pl zMk
pl endarked
de urtier
de senji
ee reload
si jakazc
pl kot
fi jauhis
#ET-Cup - Quarter-finals
09.09.07 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET-Cup
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: SPU9 (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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By: bandiT
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Language: Polish

Total Slots: 500
Listener Peak: unknown

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Viewer Peak: 369


Go Dignitas gl ovs ur gonna need it
gl Dignitas
GOGOGO zMk :)) :*
match of the week ;p
hmmm kogo by obstawić?! :P
gl Dignitas, you'll need it =)
buahaha nice match xD GL PL!! GOGOGO!
Your bet: 57€ on dignitas
Possible Win: 4,526.37 € (+4,469.37 €

doubt gbooky has ever seen odds like this dignitas before.

Overdose-Gaming 1.01 vs 79.26 team-dignitas Total pot: 1267326 €
Your bet: 30€ on dignitas
Possible Win: 2,377.80 € (+2,347.80 €) <3
haha lol@odds
Your bet: 181€ on dignitas
Possible Win: 14,132.48 € (+13,951.48 €)
Bound to change . :/

gl digni
Your bet: 168€ on dignitas
Possible Win: 12,559.68 € (+12,391.68 €)

lol ?
if odds stay like this i will eat my hat
Overdose-Gaming 1.01 vs 67.94 team-dignitas

nice odds 1.01 vs 67.94
Overdose-Gaming 1.02 vs 66.95 team-dignitas Total pot: 1270317 €
Your bet: 50€ on dignitas Possible Win: 3,347.50 € (+3,297.50 €)

i lol'd
lets stop complaining about that :P
if it stays like this , im gonne win much money :D
dignitas Line-up ?
gogo dvk3 go go Jaworzno ! =D
omfg ovs 4-0 dignitas
yeah match is 2morrow so didnt work..
wtf @ odds?
plz stop that fucking shit: "omg the odds"
polish are playing with the odds like always
izi for overdose ...
see odds are the way they should be now
overdose easy match ...
dignitas lineup?
lineups plz
Overdose Gaming ofc
urtier isn't from belgium -.-
serious bussines? :DDD
sherlock :O
but at least he didnt fake the other flags
and jauhis aint from germany :D
et kot?
pl Reload?

pl uf0l
pl naga
pl dvk3
pl craken
pl zMk
pl endarked

hf dignitas !
n1 flags xd
n1 lesbian odds. fuckin aye!

reset gbooky.
Your bet: 500€ on dignitas Possible Win: 12,635.00 € (+12,135.00 €)

hope the f*cker who is f*cking with the odds forgets to change his bet :>>>

Your bet: 11000€ on dignitas Possible Win: 188,870.00 € (+177,870.00 €)
manipulating odds? why its so big trouble for u?
<3 Trev & uf0l gl
pl ENDARKED!!!!!!!!
I smell some odds manipulating..
ye coz normally dignitas never have so low odds against ovs...they r must be over 50!
oooo pogrom !!!!
dignitas pogromi !!!
eazy bash for ovs
For those who don't know real dignitas nationality :D
i know the flags xD
huj wam wszystkim w dupe zule
Reload from poland LOL
last time we saw dignitas playing they seemed like a complete bunch of headless rambos, I hope they've picked up their game again and will bash overdose to proof us they still got the skill to perform.
dignitas lineup?
Dignitas will be f*cked badly by ovs :)
HAHA are you crazy lmfao, Overdose will be raped and raped hard. If
Gl ovs . Pozdro Craken <3
i bet 150$ that odds will be 1.01 for dignitas
all my money on ovs
Overdose-Gaming 1.67 vs 2.49 team-dignitas Total pot: 2087601 € lol...
ovs will win this
its not funny anymore..
R0FL (owned)
u wish!
you didn't own him then?
no cuz he has still fun...but we got right flags so score is tied.
what the fuck ...
The odds are fucked up loal?
[flag=ie] sol ? :[
az egy kibaszott fasz :D egybknt is szar a többihez képest :D
sol is gay
akkó' jóvanakkó' :) mondjuk sztem nem lő rosszul, és a dmg-t is osztja
de ettől még mindkét része a mondatomnak igaz volt :D mert a többihez képest télleg szarabb :D és a viselkedése meg egy kötekedös faszhoz hasonlithato :D
retard, it's [flag=il] kot.
nice pot
No challenge, easy bash for d.
Jauhis id d. ?
ye he joined them :(
izi bash for ovs
not rly
Do you want earn some money or not? Cooperate ffs.
endarked vs dignitas
so, how is [flag=fi] He doing in d.?
hope hes not like saintt in impact:D:DD:d
go dignitas go :)
Your bet: 200€ on dignitas Possible Win: 300.00 € (+100.00 €)
GO DIGNITAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best wishes to Dignitas!
Easy bash for dignitas...
izi 4 d.
GL pl ! dignitas ofc ;)
all on poltards
Don't mess with da odds biatches.
GL ovs show Dignitas your best, you will need to :)
Overdose-Gaming 3.97 vs 1.34 team-dignitas Total pot: 4972571 €
Your bet: 694€ on dignitas
Possible Win: 929.96 € (+235.96 €)

gl zMk
zMk ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
what about impact the still alive?
i guess no. no tekoa, no m1lk...
they are inactive, tekoa and milk are only in vae for the lan, vae will probly die after lan.
vae aka K, i dont know, maybe they will play? they got Bull, snoop and gifty aswell...
no night no game
2:0 dignitas
4-0 d.
lmao n1 odds changes in 01 secs...
full hold at flag on supply ;P
Demos of [flag=pl] kot
update pls :)
update it omg.. i want to bet
4-0 update