Anexis eSports vs Finlantic6 (20395 views)

be mAus
gb sqZz
fi Squall
it XyLoS
ee Night
gb R0SS
fi Iron
fi Jewe
fi Matias
fi walle
fi Salaneuvos
fi twidi

Battle For Berlin II
Lower Bracket Final

BFB II Grand Final will be played right after this match!
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Battle For Berlin II » Matchlink
Hosting: Official GTV Coverage
Manager: SimonKinsler (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 277016
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By: TosspoT
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Language: English

Total Slots: 1,000
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Viewer Peak: 285

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First :D
Go F6 :D
Who the fuck are these nonames?
mAus is known as best aimer in ET, you should know him. imo though on my best day, i can outaim him and he knows it. sqzz they say is the best medic but i think he's rubbish (learn to support radar main plox). Squall is ... small? XyLoS is best rifler all times after eVo and eats pizza while playing offi's but cheats in a game called haxball. Night is Night, mr enemy territory!!! (so gay) but seems like one of the only cool guys in the dignitas nerd club and he flamed razz on comms once and made him rage until razz said he can't wait to fuck him up at lan ":D" mad nerd. R0SS is very loveable huggable bear and always available to listen to your feelings but sometimes take game very serious :( razz-style

twidi got drunk at one of the lans but shortly lost his fame after another et member managed to get drunk the following lan. olbaa looks like casper the ghost but he says he's like that because there is no sun in finland. matias wears hoods in doors (a trend created by emorej) and likes to shake your hand at lan and then flame u online like baggiez. iron was ego nerd last time i remember. i recall jewe very well but only because i remember making a joke about him referring to him as a jew,indeed. salaneidovous is one of those people whose name i can't even be bothered to scroll up and read properly.

i hope this has provided u with enough insight on each of the players.

i timed myself. this post took 1:47 minutes and i have not slept in 3 days.

wow kamz, you're so great
Hahaha. :DDD
who is twidi and matias?

who is kamz?
hahahaha :DDDDD
lmao :D
Xdddddddddddddd NICE
you are awesome
"to shake your hand at lan and then flame u online like baggiez"

so true about bagggayz
That's because Alan is a really nice guy and Baggiez gets fucking mad when people play like retards
Didn't even make eye contact :')
You're a fucking idiot and I hope you die from sleep deprivation. Also, calling bullshit on your 54 hours without sleep story, after that long you wouldn't be able to differentiate reality from dreams and certainly not be able to write a coherent post like yours. Parrot nigger.
i m sorry man,but u wrote your reply to me,and i think it was meant to kamz.btw i have a question:are there still negros in us?
so true kardon, so true..
why exactly is he a parrot?
because he has nose size of a whale

great post tho, reminds me of the one I made about UK-community back in the days :')
u always gonna be wannabe blindi, i was the original, ur style has come from me
I have been awake +60 hours while constantly being under great physical and mental pressure. The delusions were pretty amazing and what i heard i also spoke portugese(?) even thou i dont know a word in that language. Was pretty nice experience. Wouldnt go trough it anymore thou.
You underestimate my abilities young fat yank. I am not like people you may or not may not know in the US who can't even tell you their ABC, I am not like every other community member. I am special kind, in the sense that I am so talented, especially at an academic level, that I can boast about it happily. I have many career aspirations and goals that I will achieve because I am mentally strong. I am the one. This parrot nigger will earn more in one year than your dad does in a life time. You will be stuck here playing ET in the mean time.
Fat yank: I scored an 820 on the navy seal pst. I'd be surprised if you could break 50 pushups and 15 pullups you fat nigger.
Make money: I remember you said your starting salary would be around $35,000. And tbh, I highly doubt you'll ever sniff what my dad makes, but that's an argument that only a parrot bigger would bring up.
Play ET all the time: Think I have all of 5 slac screenshots in the last month.

Conclusion: you're a parrot nigger with parrot nigger attributes.
£35,000 *

Dollars wouldn't be enough, the dollar is weak. Lol that's like £20,000 and you would be surprised if somebody gets that? :DD

Fucking hell, you must be poor if you think that's a high salary. Bet you work in Mcdonalds.
Learn to read you fucking uneducated nigger. I said I'd be surprised if you sniff what my dad makes, not to obtain $35,000. Anything under $100,000 is all the same: shit. Fuck you and get and education so you can follow a fucking forum post. Parrot nigger.
Why would you make reference to me saying I would earn 35,000 dollars if you didn't think it was too much or too little? :s

Clearly you thought it was a lot, now you're just feeling stupid about it..

And come on man, I am a masters student and you are a college dropout. I will be earning more in my 1st year than you will ever do. And based on experience, my salary will keep on increasing over the $100,000 mark.
1) not a college dropout. Going into senior year of accounting/economics double major.
2) my first car purchased new (2006 Acura RL) was more than your salary. Obviously I think your salary is a joke. I'm kardon nigguh, ask around, I'm rich bitch.
That's the great thing about the internet. You can pretend to be extremely fit, clever and rich. But really you are fat, dumb and poor :{

And I don't even know what senior year is. Accounting and Economics is piss easy anyway, got all A's for them. Try doing a masters course in mathematics bro.
gg wp
High quality stuff
Well played bro.
get a life instead of writing this bollocks...
oh man, what a waste of 2 minutes of my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kamz, why you dont post something about yourself? oh wait there isnt enough space to write it all down, sorry
true that mate
95% of all the sentence would be negative things, but somewhere u are a good guy
that's the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me :-(
For once the clown does his job properly, +1
who's kamz !! ftw :)
kamz 4 team india next season !
gl squall :)
gl mAus
fun fun
gl R0SS ;]
gl sqZz, sappenin lad? :p
Sqzz gone roll fins
So potentially Anexis or F6 could end up playing 3 games of et in a row!
3 games in a row is nothing!
I feel bad for TosspoT imagine how many drinks hes gonna need!
And once again when theres a good match and Tosspots casting, i have a prac :S
specing high quality game is way better than random prac? :D
We have our first offi on thursday, we've had trouble finding a stable lu. Now it seems we've found it and i dont want to be a dick and ruin our 1st or 2nd proper prac with the team, especially when the team is awesome!
i m so jelly
Watch the game as a team and see what parts of your game you can improve! :P
first pracc, we dont have any teamplay or such yet :D

TosspoT on 08/05/12, 13:08:38 PM | Report | Reply

your prac has just been cancelled.

zaNc on 08/05/12, 13:23:44 Del | Edit | Reply

Ok, gonna inform others. Thanks for informing!

TosspoT on 08/05/12, 13:36:59 PM | Report | Reply

no problem - if they deny it, let me know who they are and I'll ban them.

let's make a deal and both not pracc for the match! :-)
"salaneidovous is one of those people whose name i can't even be bothered to scroll up and read properly."- so fuckin true:D
I think f6 gona pull through!
you're just hoping for the easier oppo!
All my money on you too, easy win!
Olbaa's inet is down, looking quite bad atm :)))
Hope mAus will be better than against Queens
Gl both
20:15 Helsinki

gl Anexis
Nerds cant watch icehockey
Go go F6 :D 24 beers in a case, 24 hours in a day....coincidence? I think not!!! :)
gl Olbaaa <3!!!!!!!!!!!!
squall wins even if he loose
dont disappoint me gavo
dont disappoint me gavo
dont disappoint me gavo and lose
olba x maus ... looking forward
You have € 142 on fi F6
Possible win: € 542.44

Come on Fin6 need higher odds :)
gl teamkeen
gl mAus,XyLos <333 hf olbaa
2-4 Fin

You have € 1000 on fi F6
Possible win: € 4000

gl & hf i hope i see a great game :)
gl Anexis!
dat game
no olbaa no win :(((((
chmpp will be replacing olbaa
can some1 give ip and server for doesnt show it..
same for us bro
if it doesnt show no one get ip idiot
no ettv tonight
tosspot tryin to get viewers this way? :O
no ip ??
You have € 4000 on F6
Possible win: € 19360

no OLBAA gg
ok ----->
Olbaa better be good reason to stay out of this.
2-0 anexis
nice ;)
mousebungee, yay
Well played F6, you've got a new fan!
adjust the scores ffs :)
put score so nlTimbolinA lose his rank 46th plz
Kinsler stop flying around and adjust the scores so that i can bet agin LOL
siiiiimmooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. ssiiimmmooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. we want our moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Good Game anexis : D
Tiesin että ei olba jättäs jääkiekkopelii väliin :)

Se yllätti että joku walle jätti

oikeet lätkäpelit tulee yöaikaan :)
no olbaa no win :P
wouldn't have changed anything :p anexis just to good...