Poland vs Austria (5543 views)

pl stexx
pl Lukey
pl Lesti
at v1ech
at kALLI
at ICD-10 Kapitel

ESL 3on3 Country Championship
Group D - Matchweek 2
13.05.12 23:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL 3on3 Country Championship » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: Kwiz (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Et_ice
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Total Pot: € 22214
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 31


lu: ICD-10 Kapitel V alias scorch (write scorch pls), v1ech and kALLI + the 2nd map is decided by a vote, isn't it?
ICD-10 Kapitel V alias scorch (write scorch pls)
rulesbook -> • Nicks: In game nicknames must comply with the nicknames entered at the ESL
and there is still possibility to change nickname on ESL

Map vote was on ESL site and people voted for braundorf_b4
my nick is "ICD-10 Kapitel V" on ESL...
made that weeks ago
yes, i know that allready kalli wrote.
sry, i read it wrong
scorch ,jan + day :P
where is elviss,ska ?
dostali w dupoe od stexow luckeow itd
gl pl latajacy
gl pl leniwiec
chuj ci w dupe dialer hehe
Line up: lesti, Lukey, stexx
izi pl
Gl Don
gl Austria
gl polaczki
hf dean - gl don ;)
hf Aut! ;-)
for the record: noone of us ever agreed on 23 cet, but as bl1zzardx and scorch aren't online yet I guess they were misled by the time set on gamestv by kwizlord
i m avi :D
na dann, ip hast ja oder?
ich wart nur bis 23 Uhr oO
gl & hf!
no win for austria without potter and darky :(
are u living in 2005?

btw there is exactly not a single austrian etplayer left who gives the slightest shit about et :P
None of us is playing et anymore
wie du übel am 3n3 nerden bist oDoDoDoDoD und im übrigen das letztemal wo der et gespielt hat, könnte gut 2005 gewesen sein oD
i am playing
thx for being nothing D:
go play nc for me then :D I did play like 3 et games in the past half year which have been the offis and i obviously sucked really bad :D
where is blizzardx
4:0 GG Poland