colt 45 and two zig Zags vs miNd's Pro Gamers club (12800 views)

gb Kamz
gb sqzz
fi lettu
ca bN
be Kevin
it XyLoS
fi miNd
nl perfo
gb Baggiez
gb razz
se NuggaN
nl SQuid
ee mant
Evolution Challenge
Upper Bracket Round 3
22.07.12 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Evolution Challenge » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: KAMZ (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 35693
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 115


gl both
Don't let me down KAMz! <3
mPG/birthdayBaggiez<3C. [7:34]: why did you take anim as a merc
mPG/birthdayBaggiez<3C. [7:34]: when he has downs syndrome
mpg/perfo [7:34]:OH
IT'S FREAKING bNNNNNNNNNN [7:34]:better question why is baggiez playing on his birthday
mPG/miNd [7:34]: :--------------D
mpg/perfo [7:34]: :DDDDDDDD
^DIT'S FREAKING mAussssss [7:34]: :D
mPG/birthdayBaggiez<3C. [7:34]: cause
^DIT'S FREAKING mAussssss [7:34]: :D
^DIT'S FREAKING mAussssss [7:34]: :D
^DIT'S FREAKING mAussssss [7:34]: :D
^DIT'S FREAKING mAussssss [7:34]: :D
mpg/perfo [7:34]: :D
mpg/perfo [7:34]: :D
mpg/perfo [7:34]: :D
mpg/perfo [7:34]: :D
IT'S FREAKING MANTYO [7:34]:hahaha
IT'S FREAKING MANTYO [7:34]: burn lmfao
anim > baggiez
anim > baggiez
anim > baggiez
biggie > baggiez
anim > baggiez
Nerds always get burnt
i bet he felt like a right idiot after that :D
insider source says that after winning the offi, he stated that it was the best birthday he ever had :\
anim > baggiez
anim > baggiez
lettu out R00S in
bn? hahaha out phyzic in

colt win
ross on holiday
lettu out karnaj, emorej, twidi in ^^

kamz plz out bn low.
kk ill let the others know
Better bN low but teamplay than high++ playing alone ;)
gl lettu :)
will try and catch this game :D
I have missed speccing your crouching without moving ways!
Gl NgN!
kamz > baggiez what?
Baggiez > kamz*
colt45 praccing hard for there big lose allready.

you missed one
razz Thursday, 19th July 2012 21:01
Everybody clap, Jetro finnaly managed to concur his dream and beat me. Pitty it was without no sound for me

Could you solve this sentence also?
haha so dumb
What's up with his English, I thought this was basic knowledge for everyone in the UK :XD
he's an exception, he dropped out of school when he was like 12 and just played et the whole day
You sure it was at that age? Thought it was under the year of 10..
razz: who is winston churchill? is it the dog on the adverts?
please tell me this is fake :D
what? he's not?
why u laughin for, u don't even know what dog he talkin about
Good luck colt45, it will be an interesting game :)
gl perfo
Gl bN, flop and razz !
baggiez=win remember <3
why isn't sunday already? zzz
gl floppi
this needs some tosspot/owzo/pansy !!!

You mean a threesome?
it could work if tosspot and pansy were sheep.
all you need is kamz and brandon, scratch out the rest of the players.
Lätt nuggan
No need to watch the game, reading the players chat monday morning will be more entertaining
gav will deliver! brandon will deliver! flop will deliver! know why? there lean keen beans if you know what the fuck it means
Gl baggiez and Happy Bd ;/
hf razz (:
GL colt45 :)
Havent been to sleep yet im out my head took to many drugs hopefully i wake up but i doiubt it not been to sleeep yet and im in a mess
Gl colt :)
You have € 46 on colt45
Possible win: € 267.72
Kamz= the best,awesome,fantastic

as a movie maker.
stay as spec please.
thanks for complementing my moviemaking skills
Kamz why are you playing this offi? trying your best to look bad? last time I saw you playing you were worse than me :D
now now let's not be silly
And I thought you quitted ET?

Oh, wait...
apparently you have heard wrong
funny how they all hate u :d
haters gon hate, i love it
me to :p
just let em hate and roll nerds so they hate more
Kamz is just a fuckin geek he shouldnt take ET that seriously...
sitting in suit and tie atm, serious gaming
omfg stop changing server
2-0 for colt
You have € 170 on colt45
Possible win: € 569.5
gg, gl in loser bracket
anim too good
oh baggiez soon as you turned around ;x
anim obj player lol
Quote by miNdExpect us to take 4-0 versus colt45 and JB to take theirs game 4-0, anything other than that would be suprising
I'm suprised, dont know how we were able to throw this game this bad, and even without u having sqzz&ross, anyway deserved victory and stuff, gl versus overload
"think its gonna be really easy
win for us based on the teams playing. Would be a
big disappointment if we aint winning this!"
Point of this reply?

Ps. I still think that we should win this competion, easy? Well, have to play maybe couple more games.
My point is to stir shit up, twist the knife in the wound. I know that karma is a bitch and it hurts being the only even semi-active all-star team and dropping to the loser bracket this early in the tournament.

I'm not saying you won't win but just wanna emphasize that it's not gonna be as easy as you thought.
you are a wise man
You have € 95 on colt45
You won € 318.25

You have € 250 on colt45
You won € 837.5
anim > baggiez
anim > baggiez
izi lugerz

izi for brownieboy kamzZ
GEGE expected!
such a low viewerpeak, et is death
no polaks = no viewers
baggiez LOW
gg kamz
superstar bN ;)
kill urselves mpg
You have € 100 on gb colt45
You won € 335

thx. ;)
You have € 46 on colt45
You won € 154.1

that's what happens when u flame me guys, i end up rollin :(
Lets be honest, u went only for dmg and still didnt get highest damage. gege
ma fuckin man brandon