Team Decerto vs colt 45 and two zig Zags (9740 views)

nl saKen
nl L4mpje
fr An7ho
ca bN
fr karnaj
gb Kamz
gb sqzz
gb R0SS
fi olBaa
be Kevin
Evolution Challenge
Grand Final
colt45 have to win twice

14.08.12 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Evolution Challenge » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: saKen (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 70846
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 177


gl colt45 :DDD
bN traitor?
all bet on colt gl kamz
Team Decerto with overload logo :D fuck yeah
think saken & co got great chance to win this, gl both
You have € 250 on colt45
Possible win: € 595
kamz gonna suck karnaj !
You have € 94 on gb colt45
Possible win: € 112.8

dont fuck with my money anim
gl decerto
You have € 200 on decerto
Possible win: € 1180

will the match be split?
gl An7ho
Kamz will go for lowest dmg again
gl An7ho & karnaj <3
You have € 213 on decerto
Possible win: € 1009.62

GL decerto
GL both!
bN gonna lose as always
gl an7ho, bN and flop!
gl brandon, kamz and karnaj!
gl c45 and overload
gl guys
Ail ail ail, toute la téci dé pyramides vou soutien ant7ho et karnaje tmtc drrrrrrrah
oula t'enflammes pas ^^
retour aux pyramides, nique les clones
match will not be played tonight
ffs, was looking forward to this one
Ok, so I can tell my friends I'll go with them tonight?
Quote by saKenwe take forfeit

oh no

this will surely look good on team decerto !!
k4RN4j :D
lol @ forfeit, serious business
hope colt can win this.
gonna play the match now :)

pretty lame for saken for wanting the forfeit for the final like this, giving decerto a bad name for all the good things they do for the game
who wants a forfeit? wut?
you have made your team look bad here
not really I just gave you a little of your own attitude :)
You are forgetting that I can behave in that way since colt45 is not representing any org :]
not sure what you're on about
I guess I will have to make some pms now
gl An7ho et karnaj !
gl decerto
real gamers vs bunch of nolifes, gl saken and co
hf flop/gav/ross/jaska/brandon/kevin
antho on lady macbeth
kevin on pliers
You have € 1423 on gb colt45
Possible win: € 1921.05
Come on !
gl kamz bro and antho bro
merc avi /q
merc avi /q
merc avi /q
merc avi /q
lol kurwa
gl brandon <3
gl manz
You have € 100 on decerto
Possible win: € 346
Gl Decerto !
funz ladz :)
You have € 1000 on nl decerto
Possible win: € 3550

GL ovreloaded decerto :D
150+ viewerpeak

Looks like we got the entire small ET community watching
gg wp, great tournament
gg wp
I did everything, well played karnaj even with your fps lag !
ur covie blowing cp won u goldrush :P

but our attacks were bad, all ur praccing paid off
Well it was the only thing I could do with those shit fps :(
sqzz looks like he is cheating he is that sick :D
cheater and still cant carry whole team to win :(
You have € 100 on nl decerto
You won € 206

You have € 250 on decerto
You won € 515

bN 11k given 17k rcv'd

good job :D
excuse you
anim deserves all the shit talk he gets
You're either clueless of the role brandon plays or just a complete ass. My money's on the latter.
I'm really surprised people still don't get this stuff. Damage means everything to people it seems.
you guys obviously dont understand that this isnt serious, im on vent with him all the time its just shit talk to a nigga, i know the role he plays so calm down
You have € 250 on decerto
You won € 515
Les sacs à dos fab !! :D
tkt bobby, j'allais pas laisser passer l'occasion de retourner à l'école
overlold watching replay already, what a nerds d:
kamz watching who's watching replay? nerd much? :D
heard it from sources :s
lol :$
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gg decerto
You have € 250 on nl decerto
You won € 515

You have € 62 on decerto
You won € 127.72

easy money aighttttttt

thx An7ho!!! the policeman!
You have € 3000 on nl decerto
You won € 6180
nobody flaming? fuck is wrong u people.. :s
you lost. you suck. you're a parrot nigger. you're small. you're a parrot nigger. you smell. you're a waste of life.
i would have rolled you all my little french cock suckers :D
gratz boys
this game is so fucking dead :P
sqzz noob :D
11790 17329
watch out man! don't talk shit about anim....... or his buddies (kamz espacially) gonna come and take his back like he did on the posts above by me :D
Well... for me they know I'm not talking shit :)
the damage comment was a general comment tbh

imo, quality > quantity.. killing and gibbing eng is more important than runnin out and killing 3 guys on short spawn :]
every team needs their role player and every team needs their maus
gratz boys