Team PDEG vs bSTURZ (10120 views)

de stRay
de kReSti
de humM3L
de Bl4d3
se fuchS
be player
si sLy
fi Swanidius
fi vokki
ESL Storm Assault
Upper Bracket Round 1


30.09.12 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Storm Assault 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: humM3L187 (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 87361
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 65


1st match after dead ;)
u stupid ? he means that there were no matches on further schedule
ni te enthousiast worden keithhiboy /!\
u stupid ? he means that there were no matches on further schedule
Goodluck all
Gl &hf
Wont be played today
I allready talked to specula, we cant play under the next week (fireball got work from 16-24 every day) thats why we play every 2nd week.
And today is default date, they got a strict schedule. I mean the admins wont allow it that we play in 8 days.
We allowed a merc for your team aswell (doesnt matter who is it), and we dont want a default win or anything else , we hope that you fix it with fuchs internet , if not get a decent merc.
since when do turks work
well guess what hummelpummel, we allow merc aswell for u. you can use it monday tuesday wednesday thursday pick a date. Dont see the reason here why US should use the merc since we can play more often
Well if both teams didnt aggre , you had to play on the default date. Why we should play with a merc under the week if we got the chance to play with main team on the default date ? : ) simple there is a schedule bro just face it, we are ready and you cant play so simple.

Specula said they try to get 6 :) discuss off
its nice plan to join cups when u cant play.

I think admins let us play this next sunday :) would be nice start to cup by noshow :)
Dont even try to say that u cant play on next sunday :)
The first round is today, the game is open check ESL. Next week sunday its not possible to play there , 2nd round starting next sunday 20cet.
And loserbrackets starts under the week, tomorow / tuesday like i said fireball isnt here. So we had to play on default if we cant find any date.

Status: Open
default date is Wednesday since this is the last day the match can be played ;o
how can these two play in first round lol ;/
we r seeded with 12 :/
earlier or later u meet everybody who wants to get under the top6^^
gl specula bro
You have € 50 on bSTURZ
Possible win: € 277.5
gogo mates!!
gl Flop, Kresti & Blade :)
talked with main admin baq, the option was to take a forfeit win or to play next sunday, our team decide to play the game next sunday.

Someone is going to get humM3Liated this game
gl nazis
FuchS lowbob! gl :P gl sPECULA
gl sali
no razz no win
gl stray blade fuchs specula sly <3
eyeyeyeyeyey, kommste zur lan?
ich bin dann leider im Urlaub sonst würd ich vorbei kommen ^^

viel Erfolg wünsch ich euch aber!

hf kresti :D
Im epicily drunk i doubt i paly
u will otherwise i gona force u
gl Specula !!!
fireball maybe not here.. :(

wp guys<3

too much wow and too few sleeping HC gamer Swanidius

never ever important offis after 24hours wow gaming
gg wp
Are these pliers sharp? ^Gb^PSTURZ^G.^Pjrkko 17 deaths without fragging