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CB EuroCup XXVI - Enemy Territory
Qualifiers - Seed #2/3
02.10.12 21:45 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Skynet (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 38864
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 33


First gl !
You have € 44 on sticked
Possible win: € 146.96
gl les amis !
GL Peeter
feel free to spam again if you want a ban
Peeter sadly replaced by [flag=ger]sTOWNAGE
omg can't be true!?! how can you replace a true skilled player by some noname low ??
No gege, mida vittu ma nüüd selle kasti Red Bulliga teen? Võtsin töölt ka vabaks, et terve päeva saaks praccida.
see ju lihtsalt näitab kui nerd saab olla ühe surnud pela pärast :D:D
Kui tahad red bulli osta saada PM :S
You have € 94 on sticked
Possible win: € 1126.12
gl anim and aea
aphesia make up your mind, you can't play in 2 teams in one tournament!
He has played yesterday with TAG !
bonne nuit invi
Mdr, je vois que la technique oreiller n'a pas abouti !
j'ai pas dormi, j'attends encore que tu me souhaite une bonne nuit...
On verra ce soir, sinon grosse soirée dans mon four si t es chaud !
flammekueche, choucroute et gewurztraminer à volonté ?
go razz
gl les stickounet
gl sticked!
aea aka aphasia is not allowed to play for IYA as he already play YESTERDAY for TAG
Playing with aea aka aphesia wil lresult on a forfeit.

Pllay already for IYA ( link ) on first game - for TAG vs lost and now back for IYA sorry
Well, he was supposed to play for us - IYA. He played the 1st game as well. I have no idea, why he played for TAG.
You sure he cannot play for us anymore? since he's been in the team for a long time and didn't play for others before... No idea why he did for TAG.
no im sure hes no more allowed to play on any qualifiers game
" ....No idea why he did for TAG. " bad idea
After qualifiers, he's allowed again? Am i correct?
Also, gonna need to add another player now then..... most likely.
depending who - name and tzac guid - and he had to follow the member procedure :

What is the New Member Procedure (NMP)?

1. Add the player to your clan
2. The player must spend or have spent 1 entire matchweek (Mo-Su) during or after the group phase( here qualifiers ) without playing for any clan in the cup.
3. Fill out the APL Form
4. Happy gaming!

So its a bit to late : NO

you add on your team : sept 24 : joshua // sept 26 : Peeter // sept 30 : stownage.
use 1 of them as BU. you already spend your max player added in your team : 3

And most important, following this aphesia WASNT allowed to play for TAG vs lost.
This will be discuss with the crew and a decision will follow about TAG vs lost
So, let me get this right. Joshua/Stownage on lineup. Lets say that Peeter cannot play. And also the other members on teampage are on other teams/away. Now aphesia pulled this shit and played for TAG without saying anything.
Now, if I can't add a player for this match + can't get anyone else, does it mean we'll have to forfeit the match?

If so, then I'm gonna speak my mind and let you decide, if it's even a bit right. No wonder ET is dying. I've checked so many CoD4/CS:S games. When a team is missing 5th, the other team can allow/disallow to get random 5th, even if it's in another clan, since they care about playing/keeping the game alive, not winning the EC/CUP or w/e. EVERY SINGLE TIME, the other team has allowed it. This is the problem with ET community. The other team doesn't allow or the Cup administration puts restrictions on having a merc. AND THIS GOES FOR THE QUALIFIER/GROUP STAGE game, which is even not that important when you think about it. Every one is so desperate to reach high in the ET scene (get a NC/EC/OC/SC win) or they wouldn't be appreciated wouldn't be taken into consideration while forming a new team/mix. It's all about winning, even thogh there's no awards apart from e-Fame.

I'll try to do my best and get a 6th for the game. Hopefully Peeter can play.
Would be nice if you could switch AEA for PEETER int he lineup again.

even the game is dying , rules are made for everyone
Lets get Peeter
If he played the very first game with IYA, shouldn't the game he played for TAG be forfeited as he allready played for IYA
and aphesia should then still be allowed in IYA and he should be hated by TAG. Makes more sense to me tbh.
thats an option, lets see with the crew decision will follow
Make sure to let me know like at least an hour/two before the game. Easiest way to do it - /q Sinnu or SINNU on IRC
Yeah. I get that rules are rules and made for everyone. But bare in mind, that this is a video game. It's not as much a "sport" as many people refer to it. To put video games in a "sport" category, it would have to be a LAN/Big Cup with huge prizes and recognition.
i can uderstand that but following your idea, why did you sign up if its not to follow the rules ?
Sign up if it's not to follow the rules? As I understand, people sign up for cups and whatnot to play and to have fun (to be more competitive against other teams), not to follow the rules (per say). Following the rules would be solid thing to do and every one (including us) should try to give their best to do it. IF there is a screw-up/lack of communitcation, there should be a warning (yellow card/red card) or so, which can result not a forfeit, but a rematch, with the real/allowed lineups.
man im not blamming you dont be angry, just blame aea
be patient plz and ftm aea is not allowed to play thats the most important
I'm not angry nor even a bit disturbed. I'm just trying to make sense of this entire clanbase operating thing, since I spoke my mind earlier.
But ok, thx for the information about aea.
GoldoraK, he should be allowed to play with IYA and the game(s?) he played with TAG should be forfeited. It aint that hard, just my two cents.
I rather don't take the forfeit win against TAG since they were over9000 times better than us. So at the _WORST_ case for them, we should make a rematch but don't punish all the team because of one player
yes thats my first option tbh but the time is running and sticked cant play tomorow and 1 of them is leaving for some days this thursday so we need to sort it out rly fast

best option is :

replay TAG vs lost without > aphesia
and let play aphesia for IYA vs sticked

or we keep both first result as it and aphesia not allowed to play vs sticked i want this fair for everyone
As lango and me arranged the game, We couldn't play on monday cause tomoyo quit ET and you guys were missing 2 players for today.
Told lango we could play on monday but most likely with a merc, he agreed to anyone we would take, we took aphesia as he was only one online in our channel that could play.
Ok decision is made from now :

* TAG vs lost will be canceled and they had to replay the game before thursday 04/10 without aphesia
* aphesia is allowed to play vs sticked
Well, seems like you do follow the rules afterall eventho fanatic and ohurcool only had bad influence on CBs latest actions.
What kinda bs decision is that, both teams agreed to the merc. Just as it happened so many times before in other CB games.
I wasn't aware about your talks with lango to use a merc. Anyway it absolutly wasn't a problem for us that you used a merc ( Aphesia ). There's no problem then, you cleary took the win, rematch shouldn't be necessary. Up to the admins anyway
why do you mention me if i don't make any decisions in CB? i can only suggest something to cb crew, but none of decisions is made only by me.
Been there, done that. Dont act like that ^_^
come on plz all the decision take by me
Maybe in this case, but its quite obvious for everyone that fanatic has his hands in EC. You made the right decision here, tho.
i will just say thx you..
Well, I happen to also know how many times cheat and abuse chiefs have been asked if its possible to delete his c&a profile. So 1+1 = ....
2 times?
its your problem, not community. Rules are rules. To bad you have brainless player in team.
You dear sire, do not put your nose into other ppl's business/discussions.
because what? Many people are talking and i can say my opinion dear sir.
gl sinnu
omg wezor omg!!! Como estas maricona??
jajajaj con el flag de uk :p pues bien tio, tengo tiempo otra ves para a este juego de mierda asi que bueno con estos frenchiiiissss juego :p y tu en uk ? follas mucho o que ^^ pero bueno si las chicas estan como la novia del sqzz pues toca te la polla ehhh :p
inet drama :D
gl sinnu mate!
not good luck sinnu i hope u lose
no Biggie no fun
Nice e-drama on our gtv match :D but rules are rules we will stick to admin decision.
sticked sticking to admins decision since 1996
Comments above shows why ESL > CB
Still, ESL has shit rules about playing for 2 teams in the ladder also the 5 days ban/block when leaving a team.
Simple pm to admin fixes this problem at least
esl is shit they banned me with no reason
They are very fair admins that allow teams to add mercs to their teams if the oppo agrees without any bullshit rules.
that can be , but in other things they arent that fair , they see a random topic on crossfire = harmen busted ? and they ban me , i open ticket , they delete it , nerds
gl in ya ass:)
izi skynet kEEJi AiR
gl les sticked
Lineup finally decided: yEnch instead of sTOWNAGE
nice to see jenka back :)
GL les sticked ! <3
druw1n <3

Gl sticked :)
Peeter instead of aphesia.
rofl nice drama. gogo razz =d
gl brandon
gg, gl
goldrak fucking nerd & fr fucking LOW
this is the best gif I've ever seen :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
peeter carried as usual