kingz vs Team Decerto (9674 views)

gb koop
fi Squall
fi olBaa
fi Salaneuvos
gb sqzz
gb R0SS
fi twidi
nl joshua
nl Cupra
nl L4mpje
de stownage
gb razz
ESL Storm Assault
Grand Final


Team Decerto has to win twice

Decerto won the first match 5-3 (Supply 2-0, Goldrush 2-2, Radar 3-3, Adlernest 3-5)
Kingz won the second match 4-2 (Supply 0-2, Goldrush 2-2, Adlernest 4-2)
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Storm Assault 2012 » Matchlink
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: Gabri22 (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 67846
The bets are closed.

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By: Kenzi
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Language: English

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Enemy Territory TV

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Viewer Peak: 126


izi kingz (?)
When you click STATEMENTS: "Error occured: no news."
snake will fix it asap
lineup tba
change this match to 8:30pm so i can tune in XD
kingz gl ; )
wypierdalaj :d nie liz dupy
id like to stream this on twitch, is this okay ? :)
gl Decerto :]
so excited
Kind of surprising anim is not on both teams :o
gl decerto
gg gl hf guys
Gl both ! :)
i would like to see decerto bring in the dutch milky bar kid power house CUPRAAAAA!!
they got razz instead, they look alike anyway
he will be playing, lineup here is not correct
oh you :D
Good Luck sqzz !! :)
hf razz :)
finally some interesting 2 watch
Good Luck Team Decerto ;)
Cupra got this
Gl Cupra!
gl decerto
gl decerto
gl decerto
gl decerto
izi 4 cupra
win it for me cherry bomb!
I wont be playing tonight, olbaa has messed with the lineup too many times telling chry he is backup and getting squall to play for him in EC games but he wants to play ESL. So just minus me and add squall. I have no desire to play with someone like that.
I am curious: Why is obla the leader and not you? No offence to olba, but from what I know and have seen you are more suitable to do a clanleader. I have wondered about this since I have seen your team
I just wanted to play and do the in game leading and not have to worry about scheduling games etc. for once. Surprisingly olbaa hasn't done a very good job of this; he has cancelled offis to play RTCW and decided he doesnt want to play EC but wants to play this at the expense of either chry or squall not playing...
So i got popcorn for nothing?

however you have ruined Weslan's highlight of the month and for a 16 year old boy with no life, this is harsh
ill smash his face
Well chry hasnt shown up and seeing as its a final i will play for him - ppl gone to efforts to set up stream and watch etc. Plus i dont wana let the others down with having to forfeit
dont do this ross
i dont wanna have to smash your face
gl cupi
You have € 250 on decerto
Possible win: € 2477.5
oh there's a final today :x:d:x:/D:x::D/D/d::d
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ET is saved :x:d:x:/D/d::x:D/
cant even watch this stream^^
Decerto won first game 5:3
Second match 2-0 Decerto atm: Supply(0-2) & Goldrush

you have € 55 on decerto
Possible win: € 545.05
You have € 400 on decerto
Possible win: € 3964
3:2 for Kingz, playing adler.
nice game, ggwp
had to make it interesting for the stream
well it wasnt really worth as the stream was down the whole time :p
stream didnt work btw
Ross' inspirational speeches work again and my lucky chocomel lan winning hat. GG's boys nice game unlucky.
yeah I almost got scared after that speech, that deadly silence :DDD
Great game thanks!
WHat was the overall score?
7-6 or whut?
it's 7-7, so I entered 4:2 for kingz as they won whole game + edited infotext.
If he entered as 7-7, everyone who bet using gbooky would get reimbursed, which would be incorrect.
7-7 is score
I guess just not want to lose gbooky money

10,000 € on kingz


yes because gtv money so precious. i wouldn't lose them anyway, because you get them back when it's a draw.
was a wicked game! enjoyed it :) wp lads
gg wp! thanks to ESL & Spire & Team Decerto for yet another succesful tournament!
epic match
boysboysboys such a rough game i see WAZZUUUUUUUUUUUP :DDD