France vs Estonia (13920 views)

fr An7ho
fr Bowler
fr emorej
fr KareN
fr maxuh
fr yokoo
ee freeze
ee Night
ee Sinnu
ee subbi
ee yEnch

ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Upper Bracket Round 1
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: GoldoraK (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 278700
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By: Kenzi
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 103

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 191

Overall Viewerpeak: 294


Can't wait ! =)
kutsuge reload NC'ks kohale.
Nice to see RELOAd back even if he has a new nick :))))))
Ok i admit it last time it was me who made people believe you were playing for team NL on ettv butthis time i'm not kidding :sss
I know, i helped u spread the rumour even though you didn't notice it was me.
nice to see RELOAd back
nice to see RELOAd back yes
Most likely going to be shoutcasted by Voice and DtS. Thanks to them =)
Let's us know brah I wanna see this match but I'm not goin home till april
Yeah, they are casting it! =)
GL MCLEOd and Sinnub <33 izi An7ho avec ton tf2 skill
gl mcleod and NO GAY LIKE SINNU
hF catin <3 :)
RELOAd back
u cunt! Just saw that comment and my heart stopped beating :D
lol francis tryin to be funny
my gf always says im very funny for my young age which isnt very true because i turned 13 last week
how come your hand can speak?
izi an7ho <3
tu va perdre enculé de francais
GL An7ho
hf all
gl & hf
gl Estonia
gl france xD
subbi the pianoman and nait the latenightRTCWwarrior beat their asses i will haz money on you'z
and sinnu bad panzer at rtcw offc also and nademachine antho gl also
You have € 601 on FRA
Possible win: € 763.27
all in !
GL Antho & Night.
Might be played @ 21cet instead of 22cet.
haha an7ho!
add smirz :D
nice joke :)
averagely way better than half of the french team...
better than who ? give me names, I want to know :)
some braindamaged and egoboosted ones :)
u speak about one guy now, in your previous comment u were speaking about half of french team, no sens in your comment :) and smirzz got a fucking ego dude ( I've already played with all guys in this LU, except maxuh, I don't think that one of them got better ego than smirzz). and anyway, this french lu is well balanced with newschool and oldschool players
tg toi tu pues la merde
Putain je me reco à GTV je vois ça merci Riva.
Sinon le "We are now and you is low" c'est loin maintenant ton anglais est better! :D
Where can u find me talking about only one of them ?
bowler, Karen not to list some
karen yokoo & bowler !
Where is Snatix?
they dont take snatix cuz hes the most obvious cheater ever
gl fr aller gogogogogogo
Fab pracc hard sur le Life, gg
gl EST !
easy for france
You have € 10000 on EST
Possible win: € 18800

I love the ambitiousness

Fkn get me the money'z EE blackpuddingeaters!
You have € 33000 on FRA
Possible win: € 58080

Someone's talking about ambitious bet?

Kart's pending gbooky: 80454 €

Il est ou Daniel ?? :D
trop à l'ouest le mec :D


You have € 100 on FRA
Possible win: € 188
You have € 16000 on fr FRA
Possible win: € 30080

get dat small money outa here

its all i have :(
bitch please.

You have € 33000 on FRA
Possible win: € 66000
You have € 16000 on fr FRA
You lost
Come watch myself, Voice and special guest Potty cast tonight's game at!
POTTY! DON*T you dare say smth about me :D
Add it up!
gogo nait !
gl FRA
where is snatix omg? anyway gl frogeaters :P
Gl all! :)
Cocky neighbours gonna take it
All in !!!!

You have € 800 on EST
Possible win: € 1432
All in
You have € 13 on fr FRA
Possible win: € 28.73
this game is answer to our 2-2 draw!
yEnch get ur ass back to Estonia before the match :b
All- in sur toi An7ho rend moi riche s'il te plait :'( <3
hf anthooo
"Zapraszam osobiście Włodzimierz OZ!o$K1 Medyk"

lol? :O co to jest!?
gl karnaj & night
gl nait sinnu and the duo french frogs ;) 4-2 ESTONIA I CALLED IT
gl both 8)
np maxuh il pracc hard sur nbs
salut andrééééééééééééééé <33333333
salut adriiiiiiiii !! <3
ériiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccc <333
IZI for winners.
warmog OP joris
You have € 1000 on ? EST
Possible win: € 2030

Score ? :D
2:0 Estonia
This shoutcast is so nice to watch with the funny guys talking :D gj shoutcasters!
Voice could u shut the fuck up and stop spamming teamchat already, i came to watch match, not read ur nonsense.
maybe watch then instead of reading :P
be unfair paid :X gl in next round
gg wp ee
what a game
nice SC once again!
fake lineup, no karnaj
money back plz
Vacance Faaaaaabbbb
wp great match
Overall Viewerpeak:294
i want my money back karnaj wasnt playing fake advertising
kurwa yoko chuj
snatix à la place de bowler :)
Brilliant play by karnaj!!!
@ettv nerds : thx its been a long time i havent laughed so hard whilechatting on ettv
especially that .... guy you're fuckin brainfucked bro xd::x:D:x::D/:x:/:d!!!
Dommaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage !!!!! GG à vous quand même =) c'était un beau match !
You have € 20000 on EST
You won € 40600

always bet on most active gamers!
cs go gamers u meant?
I teach them noobs!
You have € 1813 on ee EST
You won € 3680.39
You have € 9278 on ee EST
You won € 18834.34
Dommage !! C'etait beau a regarder, bien jouer quand même !!
You have € 44444 on ee EST
You won € 90221.32

libo sucks
You have € 10941 on EST
You won € 22210.23

we got this
You have € 8000 on EST
You won € 16240

so basicly i had 10 K on EE but ..... fatty told me to put i on our own match vs polaks GOOD JOB FATTY
no karnaj no win :(
héhé no karnaj, trolled hard everybody ^_^
et non ! You have € 510 on EST
You won € 1035.3 moi je sais tout loulou
Thanks for watching guys, 105 viewers - amazing!
Thanks for casting!
-.-' i've lost all my money..
Take bowler out for Snatix that nigga is bad
You have € 3399 on FRA
You lost

gg noobs
hmmm changing lineup ffs
wp sinnu
You have € 33000 on FRA
You lost
You have € 998350 on FRA
You lost
You have € 500 on fr FRA
You lost
Putain j'en reviens pas vous etes vraiment des putains d'enculés d'brêles de suceuses de queues sales bordel de merde, suffit que j'parte 2 jours et rien n'va plus bordel va falloir qu'on revoit la tactique générale