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ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Upper Bracket Round 1
10.03.13 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 34814
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 101


GL Weslan and my NIGGA TItes ! <3
till u change ur flag dont repy to me
nuggan you fucking piece of shit..... PLAYYYYYYYYY ETTTTTTTT
no nuggan no win
he doesn't want to play nc, it's to easy for him :p
GL Bojs
Sweden got this...
Obama vs Ikea:D
weslann WILL deliver!
Weslann will win with wonderland.
gl end, ppe, matt, you got this
gl tites kardon and tupac :)
GL weslann tites & jonas :)
goodluck wes!! <3
easy for 'murica


gl 'murica
Gl USA , bape , TheEnd, KARDON
gl wes and slaj <3
usa will win because usa #1
The End been training hard throughout his vacation to mexico, usa got this
gl bape xD
gl weslann
Go USA!!!!!!!!!!!!
noo stream : (
Such a bad behaviour
greasy fat nerds tryin to use disqualification to win maps. Kill yourselves
still crumbling
how did this team make playoffs
Ohurcool is admin he's giving USA easy matches enuff said
Lulz mad cuz bad poor kid can't get good inet
Ok go drive ur dads taxi now
tell ur dad he doesnt have to mow my lawn this sunday
gonna deport his ass along with ur entire mexican family living in that one bedroom basement
But I ain't poor brah u can't even afford inet how can u afford a guy to mow ur lawn lmao sad poor paki kid
u fucking inbred piece of shit
i always played on wireless
i had internet
fucking mexican ass beaner
lol @ sweden losing even after taking a forfeit even though usa had 5:30 left, pathetic
my nigga get emmm
when your ugly tryhard fucknerds like sweden its easy. The funny part is we set a better time the 2nd time around lol.
Embarrasing? Yes
Pathetic? No, why?

I know they are young and probably new to the game and that they are americans, which might explain their behaviour a bit, but who the fuck still use that bug?
They also refused to choose their map before the game, even though we were nice to choose a map first because the admin was not on the server so they were waiting until the map was done untill they choose their map.

And I have never experienced such behaviour, or attitude in an ET-game before, not even in public and they are representing USA in nationcup.
They were the better team so I dont really care that we lost but the majority of the team doens't even play ET anymore, except in NC-officials, including me which I see as the only "fun" in ET and I dont want kids like them to ruin it.
According to the rules, they were breaking a few and should result in a bann or something similiar.
I know it might look like we are doing anything to win but we already have problems to get players for today, and the chance for next game is doesn't increase after this game against a team with this lack of sportsmanshit which made pretty much everyone wonder why the hell we waste our time on this game.
I don't really believe that pause was on purpose, why would they need to with 5:30 left, they already set up a good spawn kill and you were all dead and they had truck at the back, no way you would have held it even for another minute, just seems you were clutching at straws just to try get the win, I would have been mad if it was like 1-2 mins left on the clock, but 5:30 with the truck already next to the back of east and every axis dead and every allies alive?
Ye I dont think we would be able to hold them for 5 minutes, but does it make it right to use that famous, discussed bug?

It was pretty obvious that he used that bug on purpose, the others seem to get angry at him and not only 1, but two ppls wrote that they were lagging, right at that second when crane was built, yes sure...
He is probably used to do it on the publicservers he plays on and as new to the competiton-scene it might be hard to know all the rules but he didn't really excuse himself, they just kept spamming and acting like they kids they are.
Well if it was on purpose then I agree it was retarded, and no need for it, still think it's not really fair to claim forfeit for it when there was no chance of holding, but rules are rules I guess.
I wish the crane-bug was the only problem, but they refusing to pick map, their lack of Intelligence and knowledge together with their bad attitude, spamming and behaviour are the issue here.
its a video game LOL usa # 1
This USA kids always been like tht immature, even tho most of them are 20+ sad
what happened exactly? I dont have enough time to watch it, well .. random flame during the game or what? and what was the buggs?
Nice excuse train. Keep em coming. Egos must be hurt after a loss to tupac.
LoL we are definitely not new what-so-ever. If anything you are more new. Never heard of you before. We might be young but we all have been playing ET for quite some time. We also did have trouble grabbing our players today, using almost 3 backups. Yes, our immaturity level is bad but at the same time we are here to have fun. I don't want to go into what happened at the controls but all I can say about that is #THEGUILD. If you guys want to talk about rules, there should be a rule where we are allowed to play on our server. In all the years I've played ET and been in this nation cup team USA or another team like Japan has never had home advantage. We always have been put at a disadvantage from the start and no one seemed to really care. This is a Nations Cup, not a European cup. Might be a little late to do it but that is my rant for the day.
Hit me up when USA beats a team of active players like Poland,NL, GER or UK aight bb
Who are you baddie?
Oh I think I played with him once and called him completely retarded for not knowing goldrush after which he rage quit.
ive also never experienced playing agianst such low- skill trash in my entire life. End your life eurotrash
You have € 1000 on USA
You won € 2340
You have € 250 on us USA
You won € 585
LMFAO @ at the shit talk. get raped sweden, you fucking scrubs. fuckin lost a match to TUPAC

- usa should have given their map before the match starts, not after the first map
- usa couldn't pick same map as sweden. if both teams pick same map, a coin toss + elimination should be done for the 2nd map
- usa's overall behavior like flaming, insulting, using bugs etc

just my 2 cents
this is a discussion for first world countries only fanatic
so what are you doing here monkey?
america #1
hows being the bitch of russia and germany
How is it to be addicted to China?
Poland has a better economy and a brighter future than USA, I can't wait untill the americans start swimming over to cuba for a better life, moving to eastern europe to work and send home money etc
How can you even insult Poland, or europe at all when every seventh(?) american has to get food-stamps to survive.
Are you retarded?
You have a dept that's bigger than your BNP, still you have every 7:th(?) person who has to get food stamp, China "owns" 2/3 of your dept, still USA are acting world-police and killing innocent ppls for oil and gas.
I'm not talking about americans generally, but flaming "3rd world countries" in your situation is just pretty ironic.
USA GDP 15 trillion
Polish GDP 500 billion

you are a retard if you think poland has a brighter future lol
If we just "forget" that the dept is bigger than your BNP so have Poland's economy increased with 13% since 2009 while USA barely increase 2% per year and while USA reached peak-oil 40 years ago and already ruined your water/environment with skiffergas, Poland has big potential and is "rich" with skiffergas which they are talking about to start to extract, so it's just a matter of time until Poland get a visit by USA for some reason :)
So yes, I think Poland has a brighter future than USA.
a 13 percent increase on 500 billion is not as big as a 2 percent increase on 15 trillion you retard. And we have plenty of oil still untapped here
What the fuck, considering a country with a population of 38 Millions as Poland against USA's 311 milions it's not a surprise your economy is bigger, but it doesn't mean it's a better economy.
Obviously a country that is less-developed will be developing at a faster pace than a more-developed country, so that isn't really an argument for Poland's future being brighter than that of the United States'.

As for the debt: It's really not an issue. Foreign governments own about 50% of our debt, with about 30% of that being China, so China owns about 15% of our current debt. The debt should stabilize in relation to GDP growth, and it's not even at its high point in history relative to GDP (which was after WWII).

The United States has one of the highest proven oil reserves in the world, and by 2023(?), we're predicted to be the largest exporter in the world. Our usage is dropping, as our production is increasing, and we will soon overtake our use and be completely self sufficient with just oil, not including the advances we're making in renewable energy such as solar, geothermal, wind, etc., which further reduces our dependence on fossil fuels like oil.

As for being world police... we've went against what, one major UN Security Council decision in the past decade? Maybe we have the most influence, but there's no major opposition to what we do.
It's so typical american not to accept issues in USA, but finally someone who can argument at a proper level and to be honest I'm glad you wont need to import oil, which means happy politicians and probably less WAR in middle-east and other parts in world where they have oil-interests.
but the fact that fracking skiffer oil and gas is gonna ruin the environment even more than it already has in USA doesn't concern anyone as long it's big money in it.
I'm not some kind of environment-activist but I hope the next generations are gonna be able to drink our water compared to USA where you almost can light the water on fire.
So while in Europe we try to lower the exhaustion and oil-addiction and find new techniques USA just keeps thinking short-term as with everything else..

Haha it went from the crane bug all the way to GDP and world economy. WTF!!!!!!!
Well, we're subsidizing alternative energies here and mandating higher efficiency to reduce our usage even more (relevant link:
), while the new oil exploration that we do have is using environmentally-friendly tactics (mainly after a surge of regulations in response to the spill in the Gulf of Mexico), so we're reducing the impact that we have on OUR environment (not to discount the corporations abusing the environment of developing countries...), and that leaves us in a good position at least.

As for the statement that we generally lack concern for the environment, that's true, which is why the government has been imposing tighter regulations every year, and the punishments for environmental degradation are becoming very strict (pollution of drinking water, for example, can lead to a decade in prison...), and overall we're in much better shape than we were in the 1960s-1980s.

"So while in Europe we try to lower the exhaustion and oil-addiction and find new techniques USA just keeps thinking short-term as with everything else.."

Yeah... just going to copy and paste relevant comments from my last reply that you apparently didn't read.

"including the advances we're making in renewable energy such as solar, geothermal, wind, etc., which further reduces our dependence on fossil fuels like oil. "

EDIT: Also, yeah, we haven't been in wars over oil. Proof of that or stop saying it.
Also, yeah, we can light the water on fire.
here you go 'murica:

quoting newbje: It's so typical american not to accept issues in USA"
idd u guys dont even have birds! couse u ate them all LOLnub xD
lol if usa wasnt the world police all of europe would be either praising hitler or praising stalin....any time europe has any sort of problem its up to USA to fix always. Hows that European Union goin for you guys? Italy and Greece are doing REAL well. The only countries in Europe even close to the American standard are Germany and UK
What the fuck happens to my comments, keep disappearing or something.

Yes, I think EU is as corrupt and fuckd up as USA, that's why it's a big debate about EU nowadays and I'm glad we didn't change valuta to euro. But I dont deny it and like every american raising their country to the sky like it was some kind of paradise to live in.

And even though Sweden is a better country (higher standard, less poverty etc) than USA I still want to move away, that's why I'm in 7-8 months have taken a year off from work to travel the world, while you wonder how/if you are gonna get food on the table the next day.
Then u obviously have no idea about european ecomony.
depends what you see as standards. But you are obviously a murica kinda guy so i won't try to start a pointless discussion with you. The only thing i hate about usa are some of their inhabitants like you

edit: the reason why italy & greece have problems in the first place is because of the united states' housing bubble that bursted
hej pac watch out for north korea - the only thing america is #1 is in killing innocent people
im here
I could write an essay on how I feel about all that has taken place here, both during and after this game, but I am instead only posting here to announce the decision that has been made by the ClanBase ET crew regarding this match.

The match is cancelled due to multiple violations of the rules and must be replayed as soon as possible - the deadline is Wednesday.

QuoteAbusive behaviour towards a ClanBase Crew admin or supervisor, cup admin or opponent, at any time during the cup season, can be punished by the supervisor.

QuoteFollowing tactics are to be considered illegal:


pausing the match intentionally during the movement of the crane on supply

QuoteA playoff match is played at least on 2 maps. Both clans select a map from the map list before the start of the match and inform the cup admin at least 30 minutes before the match is set to start. The admin will not announce maps until both teams have confirmed their choices with him/her. In case both teams have chosen the same map, the second map will be selected with the conventional method of map elimination, preceded by a cointoss.

This time we will follow CB rules, which means maps will be decided in advance and there will be no bug abuse or excessive flame from either team.

Both captains must PM one of us tomorrow (Monday) with 1) their team's map choice and 2) the dates/times that their team is available to replay the match.

Any additional rule violations will simply result in a forfeit loss for the offending team.
I don't think Sweden cares enuff bout this game lol
obviously they do newbje is over here furious drooling all over his keyboard as he slams out essays on the indignity he feels he received when united states wiped the floor with his shit team, and crying to CB admins about "rule" following and trying to get this match overturned left and right by pulling out the most obscure of rules
Dude stfu u "the backup" is the only one talkin shit here, go play sum med- wars
At first we were happy to be done with NC, but after reading the rules I just want the immature kids representing USA and taking the bad sportmansship to the next level banned for the rest of the season and I dont really care if they cancel the game or not, I or we are not gonna play anyway.
yo dawg 4-2
Yes, the better team won, now I just hope for the other team's sake that whoever they are who kept flamming and acting retarted are being replaced by the ppls from normal lineup, for what I've heard it's not the first time USA acting this bad.
Are you completely retarded? Seriously now, do you have mental problems or something?
lmfao sweden is gonna get raped even more if kardon and ceres are there
OK, I've already told ohurcool that we are not gonna partipicate in NC if they accept this kind of behaviour and rule-breaking and let USA keep playing this season but I guess Tornis has to confirm it tomorrow.
lol sweden should just take the 4-2 because they can at least say they won a map versus the great nation of USA. hf getting dumpstered 4-0 brah
If nuggan gets involved into this "GREAT NATION OF USA" gonna get pretty bashed hard, very hard
yo you didn't make it out of group stages don't speak on our page
They didn't make it out of their spawn most times we played them, let alone make it out of group stages.
haha omg that was a good one
tupac plays a match and all hell breaks loose
bad luck tupac :DDDDDD
why did i even read all these comments, just wasted 10mins of my life
tupac plays a match and all hell breaks loose
tupac plays a match and all hell breaks loose
fucking retards

every single one of you...

lmfao tupac gettin em mad

Lady Macbeth u5.Intel*alea35 73 kills

team usa needs that alea
so mad internet ihave a guy so mad hes gonna travel the world for a year lol
tupac plays a match and all hell breaks loose
just wanted to say incredible performance by ppe

ohurcooltoday, 03:29
Players are free to say what they want on IRC or even on GamesTV and Crossfire, but there is simply no excuse for the senseless amount of spam and flame that took place in-game tonight. If we see any national teams behaving that poorly during an official ClanBase NC match in the future, then we'll consider just adding the scores as a forfeit win for their opponent.

Lol Yu should start with this kids on team USA
butthurt cuz ur not even in team usa #b?
Sry brah i don't play ET anymore I'm in college, yea college u know that place u can't afford to go yea bb brah
What kind of low standards community college would actually accept you? :D Don't you have to prove you know an adequate amount of English? What are you studying in college?

lol bro u should listen to him on ts3
ud feel so bad u might stop flaming him
Quotemight stop flaming him

Criminal justice at the University of Virginia, I actually don't have down syndrome like towel head said on his previous comments, keep working on ur minimum wage jobs fat boys and btw dont try to act so tough embarrassed we all know Canadians are pussys bb
yo bro i go to vt. uva can blow some FAT dicks but srsly lets hang out no homo

jk ur gay i dont wanna hang out
Pretty sure a prerequisite to get into college is knowing how to spell the word "you".
Thin skinned. Seriously you people must get beat up for your lunch money all the time. If you can't take jokes on the internet god help you when you join the real world. We got 6 players to frag after years of not playing just to have fun. We gave them Supply literally gave them the map. The fact that they want to play again is mind boggling. Is there really not much else to do in Sweden then cry about a 10 year old game and still be terrible. Its not about Europe vs Na or whatever. Stop being pussys and accept the loss. My god, I hope there is a lan in america so I can take your wallets and make you look like bitches. If it wasn't USA and some other team we wouldn't have to play again. All this talk about fair play and sportsmanship while we play with 200 ping. How does that make any sense for a "nationscup." We should play on our server rather than wasting our time like this or one on USA and one on EU, but that will never happen. End rant. Nerds
where the fuck u been? its hard as shit trying to pug when ur not here
Spring Break in Panama City Beach
Ye, I'm sure you are really cool dude.....
What you dont seem to understand is that we dont care that we lost, it's just me who wants the admins to follow the rules and bann you from the atleast, the rest of the season.
Read the rules:

If this case doesn't lead to atleast a red card I dont know what does?

Worth mention again is that we dont even play ET anymore, the last 3-4 years atleast me and a couple of others haven't played ET except for nationcups so I doubt anyone else cares that we lost, but yes, it's sad that ET gets ruined by kids from America who are really cool and "joking on the internet", but that we are crying over a game we barely play is not really true.

I just want to see the admins follow the rules and kick out USA from the cup because I KNOW it's gonna be an even more sad than the fiscal cliff which already made their parents harder to pay for the electricity, new games, the scool they skip to play ET etc.
I think you should have your parents call me so we can sort this out before you get even more upset. Ruining ET clearly by pausing on the crane controls, yes great point. You clearly care, so stop saying you do not its becoming ridiculous. Keep contradicting yourself and ill let you keep your lunch money. Pretty sure talking shit is apart of every competition. Try playing sports or something. No other team has had a problem with us.
I wish the crane-abuse was the only problem which you already was punnishid for by default on that round, it's the bad and childrish behaviour, attitude and the problems to communicate with childrish teenages, like choosing the map before the game starts etc, that is the problems and shouldn't and are NOT tolerated in CB NC, it ruins the "fun" you are talking about.
lol it was fine until you faggots took the easy way out when u clearly lost with 5mins left on the clock and 4 down full
I don't actually think they want to play again... it's more like CB admins want you guys to play again.
The admins want them to play again so they don't have to make the decision to give sweden the forfeit win.
idd, don't want to give any forfeits in... Nations Cup
even though multiple rules have been broken?
what are the rules for then?
game is dead enough, sometimes better when we are trying to use our brains/hearts instead of strictly follow the rules
LOL what the fuck is going on
Sweden in NC Drama again :P
i'm looking at et match swe vs usa , and i'm reading informations about pl economy :O wtf i just read.
Since when insulting people FROM GAME started to be more popular then THE GAME...-_-
euro nerds take the internet too serious, stop treating the game like a sport
so many disgusting swedish slobs in this thread. This is why Europe is a shit hole lol you pussies get angry over the littlest things
So many swedish slobs in this thread? I'm the only one arguing about this conflict, go back to the corner and sell crack you wangsta!
And only because I'm taking this conflict way to serious you judge the entire continent? :D You and your mates are unbelievable.
The only goal I had to see you guys kicked out of the cup, because considering you play computergame online at 13-14 o clock in the middle of the day u must live for ETso I just assumed it would make you pissed off to get kicked out of the cup, but apparently the cb-admins decided not to follow their own rules, so you are still left in this cup, so congratulations.

13-14 oclock on a sunday afternoon lmfao and we have no lives
I dont expect you to know because you are what I've understand just a backup, who probably played his first and last game after doing the worst, most famous and discussed bug in ET but sunday afternoon is not the only gameday USA plays on, Saturday, wednesday etc are also common days, but that was not the point but now had to be proven.
To be honest I was _almost_(if even possible) just like you guys 4-6 years ago and anyone who had knowledge about the scene then can probably confirm it, but I've grown up and when I spend my 1-2 hours a week/every other week during NC which is like 1-2 times a year I dont want to play against retards like you who can't act somehow on an adult level while playing, which ruin the little fun left in the game.

Why do you write so bad and using internet-slangs like "lol" "lmfao" every other sentence?
And Yes, I miss the e-drama, that's why I keep arguing.
slamming out essays like theres no tomorrow. We gave you supply and you still got shit stomped...stop telling us you dont care
looool dat fish makes so much sens :DDDDD
ibra gonna be mad,USA can expect hat-trick...
Yeah well gum drop blows anyway so.