one.soldier vs overPowered (9905 views)

gb MerlinatoR
nl juncie
gb crumbs
gb owzo
nl abort
lv Clown
nl bully
no Kris
ee mata
fi mystic
fi Sipperi
fi Sirkka
RtCW Fall Cup 2012

Streamed at
overPowered has to win twice

Good game, one.soldier wins!
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: RtCW Fall Cup 2012
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: (Highadmin)
Maps: Frostbite

Total Pot: € 161644
The bets are closed.

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Video Streams
WarWitchTV HD
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 255


goodluck both gonna be epic! merl gona smash people with airstrikes
gl both. one will take it thought. proof me wrong op!
gl both <3
You have € 760 on eu oP
Possible win: € 1558
all in
Op has 2 win twice.

Thx for the money.
nice final hf both
Gl merli and abort!!!
Cant wait!
hf both, sharky not playing ?
8am monday my time. looking forward to it!
HF :)
GL both, no village pls x)
gl owzo m8
You have € 125 on one
Possible win: € 1135

Make me rich owzo and merl!

gL merlin, owain, kris and things :)))

regards #1 mascot.
lol 6 to 1 and op has to win twice, time to make some serious e moniez
maybe someone should add that to the infotext :P
hf both teams hoping for great cast by WW&crew :)
You have € 100 on one
Possible win: € 618

You have € 1000 on gb one
Possible win: € 1850

np for one! have fun both tho!
You have € 726 on gb one
Possible win: € 1314.06

You have € 726 on eu oP
Possible win: € 1604.46

hmmm..lets go for .one
gl both
fucking shit warwitch tv,i hate ,
why dont ettv,pls....:*(
maybe because this is RTCW.
it's not et =p
ne legyél már ennyire kis egyszerű véglény ha kérhetném.
too laggy to watch :( have some issues, too bad :S
We'll that wasnt even watchable wp one!
255 viewer peak :))
wp owzooooooooooooo
Are there any streams I can watch/download as I missed this :(

gratz o.s! Knew you'd win :)))
VOD's match link and scroll down, click videos enjoy more matches ;)
ghh missed it
ggs =)
ez bash! :(
Finnish players fail (:
there can only be onesoldier