Czech Republic vs Belgium (14090 views)

cz cpu
cz Green_Clon
cz malfoy
cz milhAus
cz mnew
cz teente
be Boss
be Buzzer
be chry
be Kevin
be PlAyer
be siL

ClanBase ET NationsCup XVI
Lower Bracket Round 2
31.03.13 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup XVI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 227586
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 101

Overall Viewerpeak: 202


gl viko, easy team Cze
where did jalo go to?
He die In car accident GG
he got kicked because he carrys them to hard
ET almost extinct
no xae no win
be need maus.
no jalo no need for mice :D
Lower Bracket Round 3?
need some xAeee :)
needs player and chry!
cz can beat be - et dead :X
To co tu jeszcze robisz, wracaj do swojej tibji panie miodek. A jak nie to nadal kucaj przy podnoszeniu.
- Boss
- ViKO
gL mnew, beast rifle!
and gL Pieter, beast belgian
- Sinnu
HF Boss <3 Jere <3 Dooppi <3 milhAus <3 malfoy <3 green_Clon <3
when the producer english saw this comment is probably hanged himself. english die
When the pope saw ur hate, tried to hang himself and abdicated, peace die.
at first I wanted to mock your sentence too, but then I realized I just cant, because I have not a slightest clue what you tried to say :D
/hater out
Serte na ne a nakopejte jim prdel.
its funny you say 'old team', and you mention players like: gifted player al1 jere chry - i have nothing against you but still.

ganon shewie max mesq zeto acid vila xionn etc must be rolling in their 'grave'
gl siL
oVERRATED' Dooppi :)) GL
gl viko, dooppi.
easy f0r doopistar
gl cze
easy win belgium
no maus_ no win ^^^^
gl cze :) doufam ze povodite ty low+ max.
- Jere
going out
euhm actually plans changed and i cant even make 20.00 or any other time.. :P sorry mate :(
Waar gade heen? Ik loop vnvd ook ergens op de oude markt rond
voordrink bij ene op kot, daarna pauscollege en daarna fakbars in tiense (wrs dulci fzo)
seems legit
Daar kom ik wel nooit :D allee, den buzzer heeft 2 spelers ofwadan?:D
kheb geen idee, khad gezegd dak 20.00u nog wel zou halen, maar da is dus ook nie, kweet nie wie der wel of nie kan :P
gl boss
gl milfoy, gayduo,milfhAus,zelenej_klon
napises mi taky pak tutorial? potreboval bych vedet kde mam na supply plantit miny ... <3
ani me nezkousej tedka trollovat vole
Ja bych ho ale opravdicky potreboval... posles mi bind na selfkill prosim? <3
kokot vole ne vole
chce se mi z tebe brecet clovek te o neco pozada a ty mu zacnes nadavat....fakt smutny...krvaci me z toho srdicko a to sem ho dneska cely chtel dat do tohodle zapasu
tenhle hate je trapnej uz
[18:05] m1tja:
[18:05] m1tja: are you playing this match?
[18:07] anim >>: ya
[18:07] anim >>: im jere
[18:07] m1tja: ok man wtf


gl denton milhaus green_clon jalo malfoy
-doopi can't play
super team be !! OH WAITTTTT

jetro vila zeto maus kevin acid pls come back
Jetro still plays
not even belgians want to play with arrogant, (ex)cheating fags
they are still so strong without cheat m8 ! prefer this team than the current one, now they lost against CZ sad story.
and is fucking shit at 6o6
Il y a 5 ans.
Bah oui mais la on venait spec du skill pas comme aujourd'hui, rien qu'à regarder la cote vous êtes donnez perdant c'est quand même halucinant la regression de ce jeux où plus de cet team !!!
Cest pas comme si il y pouvait grand chose que les joueurs d'il y a 5 ans ne jouent plus
Certe mais faut pas prendre n'importe qui, c'est un peux le même principe que la team fra ! puis il me sembe que certains ne sont pas totalement inactif
go faire comprendre ça a buzzer :)
C'est lui le captain genre ?
Attendre l'avis de quelqu'un comme hOstill me rassure sur le fait de ne pas t'avoir choisi perso...
J'aurais voulu savoir pk tu tes mis dans la LU ?
Par nécessité, les joueurs que je voulais dans la LU n'étant pas la. :)
et il a largement sa place dans la team
Je n'est pas dit le contraire hein ^^
Et sinon le 6eme ?
bah écoute j'suis désolé buzzer?

where is the point?
3v3 5v5 6v6 this old team pwn everybody ! now thy lost against CZ what a shame
we were talking about jetro being shit at 6o6..

so again where is the point?
also @ 3on3 :p
still achieved more than you (without cheats)
All in on CZE
Low ping, very fps, no lag, gl a hf
No Supna No Win !!
- boss
- jere
- viko
- player
- dooppi

+ azur
+ supna
+ harmen
doopi XD
gl dooper!
No shoutcast? ;(
gl hf kluci
No Shewie & Ganon no win
gl doop & sil
gl BE
eden in for BE xD
one of our Team is enough for them.. if 2 they'll win nc... :DDD
lol :p will see on sunday
Who's the 6th?? if jere can't play... GL Belgium, yoooou got it ;)
Gl be
gl chry bomb, player and siL ;)
Voice and myself are casting this game. Tune in when the show starts guys! =)
sinnub! <3
Is there audio stream available? Guess this video stream can't be synced with ettv, right?
No audio stream + cannot sync streams :( Just watch it on stream! =)
Why can't I see the stream added up there?
Voice not online :<
Nice empty promise :'(
+ be aieuh
You have € 5000 on BEL
Possible win: € 6000

hf chry & xaee
im so sad
Easy for Buzzer.
Gl mannen.
No mAus, chry, Sup3r,Dav1d,lio = no win

This new belgium team suxx so bad...
true story bro
You can't force skill.. and atleast they are trying.. its not their fault the others quitted playing, so whats wrong with mad ppl lately.. shouting at everyone that is less skilled then the best there was?
why no dAv1d Buzzer Azur fostrum spiROZE eden aieuh
ça va être chaud pour la belgique imo ..
be team is photoshopped right ? come on stop using this and put the real one it isn't funny anymore.
new be team too good for this cup
lol team belgium so bad, buzzer fucking noob capitane! were maus david jetro velo acid ganon shewie mika critik max lio??
j'ai trouvé l'intru :!!!!!
lol Belgium so bad where hazard,kompany and co?
ehm may i ask who they r? :D
they are chillin in da hood with mr dembele why?
+ Marouane Fellaini
gl Green_Clon
tu nous rajoute dAvid , Jere et c'est good !
Gl Kevin.V
there's an NC going on?
GL kluci, urcite to zvladnete ;)
tak urcite...podle toho jak belgie meni sestavu do toho budeme muset dat cely srdicko a cpu bude muset obetovat minimalne jednoho kohouta na svem pekelnem oltari
be eden in!!
<+Buzzer`> We don't need another damage dealing medic with no brain. i dont have a brain for be in BE :D, im low :(
triste histoire frere !
gl mAus
2 / 0 CZECH !
belgia sucks
gg wp
yo timbolina, how are you?
hows life timbo
well played m1tja
jammer dat je genen panzer of strike hadden aan de forward hut :O
You have € 150 on BEL
You lost

Thx Buzzer
You have € 37000 on BEL
You lost

Thx Buzzer
You have € 150 on BEL
Possible win: € 330

Thx Buzzer
You have € 109 on cz CZE
You won € 199.47

NP Buzzer
You have € 99999 on cz CZE
You won € 182998.17

man im serious, you are sick
gbooky boss no doubt
i c dat, copying my betstyle helps u much.
You have € 15 on BEL
You lost

thx mnewcko
np pro tebe udelam cokoliv klidne i s nejmensi dmg :D
hlavně jak si se mu tam cpal do prdele u trucku :d
klasicky ranni nastupovani do saliny :P
You have € 10 on CZE
You won € 18.3

aieuhh azur xae auraient fais mieux !

You have € 600 on CZE
You won € 1098

team vs mix ggbb
ggbb buzzer
team usa would've raped both these scrubs of countries

no offence to anyone, but it's a bit funny to see teams like Portugal, Sweden, Czech & Belgium (with a very bad lineup) in the one side of the Lower Bracket whereas there are Estonia, France, Finland and Slovenia in the other one (+ also Poland very soon). Why the hell teams have to play versus each other twice (FRA vs EE for example) instead of coming to the other side of the bracket :E
that is mostly due to USA "winning" vs Estonia and ending up in 1st place in their group, which one could argue wouldn't have normally happened and therefore caused the brackets to look a bit different than expected
you're such a fucking nerd.
what an irony lol :D
yeah maybe + the fact that NC double elimination bracket =/= EC double elimination bracket and teams in NC sometimes have to play vs each other twice.
ye I'm not sure why it is like that (it's an automated script that creates the LB, not us), will look into changing it for future seasons

has it been like that before in past NCs or just this season?
was the same previous seasons aswell
Well ok, but why the loosers from upper brackets arent put to the other side of lower brackets to make acrossbrackets fights? This match is perfect example. CZE put BEL off the tournament just in two following matches. In other tourneys they could possibly meet at lower brackets final, in your system at second round. It seems unfair to me.

[url[/url] LB is totally different than in played this(and last NC seasons)
Swedens lineup overall is good, - me tho but its just that we are not that active unlike the rest of nc teams
well the main reason is that they dont use elimination bracket from "rules".
check it :) LB is totally different than in played this(and last NC seasons)
buzz ta pensé que a ta guelle sur se coup
bien quoi buzzer a ça place en team BE :o 907 dmg en rifle axis sur radar, c'est du lourd pour la team BE
CZE 4 - 0 Belgium

Welcome to 2013.
- buzzer + supna
ET is dead.
al een jaar of 3, oud nieuws
wp cze, u should have say that i can bet on u