Effectus vs Loca (6095 views)

ch Aquila
pl Kirej
nl MOTiF
fr sMiRZz
fr tomoyo
be aieuh
fr Bowler
fr didi
fr emorej
fr KareN
fr mouss

ClanBase ET EuroCup XXVII
Qualifiers - Round 1
14.04.13 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXVII » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: PHOTOSYNTHESIS (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 40937
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 15


izi loca
izi loca
nerd as u can see we gotta play our ladderoffi on another day, can u maybe play today (tuesday)?
we dont play tuesdays, ty for forfeit m8
fu nerd : D ill talk with esse tomorrow
The first round qualifier games must be played by Friday 12th. Unscheduled matches will be forced on Tuesday for Thursday.

So umm... Why is this scheduled for 14th, maybe play it Tue/Thu and our offi will remain on Sunday
loca couldnt play tomorrow, and we can only play sundays/tuesdays. so we talked to ohurcool and he agreed on sunday.
oki, we'll see if we can play tonight then
gl loca
no xperia no win
stop using proxy! :D
avec mouss et emo en + c'est tout simplement magnifique
gl karen, essaye d'être meilleur qu'a FM :DDD
mouss EC winner.
réunion de noob, gl jau
jpeux pas les carry tu peux bet effectus
team france tomoyo & smirzz against team france bowler karen & emorej :SSSSSSS
guess who'll win :D
no talG, no win :D.

gl didi, spliteuh !
clair ! ya du boulo aieuh :)
o ui gl arrow & mouss!
tomoyo will do the job !:D
bonne chance pour cette eurocoupe
J'espère que les gens dans les tribunes de l'ettv seront chauds !!
ça sera sans moi, ce soir c'est losc - om!!!
je serais présent !
non je déconne
si encore tu jouais oui mais la ...
gl photo friend
heyyyyyyyy friend :) thanks!

hows it going with flightschool?
Gl emO,mouss diouf,didi le sniper et aieuh.
Jérome ya l'om se soir ,quoique tu devrais pas rater grand chose mdr
haha thx kiki, tkt j'ai la télé à côté :D
doe maar forfeitten
ah durchfall Aquila m8
no shit...
Not rly, didnt mind effectus can win a map, just sick surpries
idd but theyre the better team and we had a shit atmosphere on the ts, due to smirzz and his screaming ;d
its not like i didnt told you:D
thats normal, i know that too ;P
Arrow comment va mon ptit suisse !