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CF ET Spring Cup 2013: Division 1
Winners Bracket Round 1
16.04.13 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CF ET Spring Cup 2013: Division 1
Manager: MerlinatoR (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 12447
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Enemy Territory TV

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Viewer Peak: 59


tmoe can only play on sundays and mondays, and we effectus can only play sundays and tuesdays. and since we already have 2 offis this sunday, it would be best if we could play it next sunday the 21st of april, if thats ok with the admins?
so you cant play on thursday? gg forfeit

i said that i had my players this week only on sunday and monday, so we would prefer to play this on sunday or monday with normal lineup but if its a must i might get some backups. and we most likely play our nc offi on next sunday, so its not okay.
2 offis on 1 sunday is more than enough for us, we have one against erase and straight after that we have an ec quali.. so if you want to play this tuesday then ok, if u dont then take forfeit
good guy photo
tells oppo to take forfeit
i dont want a forfeit win.
ok then tuesday it is? 21:00?
i dont want to play with mercs either.
u dont wanna play with backups either then or?
same question goes to you? no one likes to play with random lineup aka backups
i wanna get raped with normal lu, not with backups ;p
ok tomorrow 21.00 CEST
nice :) tomorrownight it is

i can't promise we will have a full lineup, probably few mercs, but ec qualis are forced for tomorrow so anyway we have to play ET tomorrow :{
ok ok! ye idd. on that ec quali note, can we maybe put this match a little earlier? like 20:45 or 20:30 perhaps? cause we dont really like to play after 22:00 and we also have our ec quali after this match so yea..
we can move it 15min earlier I guess to 20:45
alright, thanks!
Leuk om te zien dat je gaming zo serieus neemt nowadaags, vind ik zeer gein van je ^^ keep uppen zo! Fotoooo :))
- smirzz
+ pl kirej
+ hr rimi
+ is rNzy
kirej: i quit ET for real life :XD
i guess he didnt find real life
et is life
respawn is all you can find while searching a real life
write the definite 6 please. =P
he is afk but I guess it's the same as in
everyone in that match is allowed to play for Effectus for sure =)
ye I wasn't aware of any rules regarding rosters, oops :P
I thought its not allowed to add new players after this - ? :P
oh, didn't think he was listing players not in his roster (since he added so many backups ;_;).

they can use is rNz but only one of Kirej/rimi can be used as a merc, everyone else must be picked from their roster (huge).
wtf? theyre both on cb i thought its about cb
can we player later than 20:45 if you dont play ec tonight?
just checked on CB, since you added them on deadline day (sunday) they'll both be allowed to play. :) please pmme on IRC later with your full roster to be used in the EC & CFCup so your lineup is a little more clear.
g motif photo and Aq :) <3
easyyy photo :)
Dogface to the victory!
gl photo :D
gl Chlopaki :)
gl #et.mercs
hf dialer
4-0 effectus

hahaha nerds got rolled :dpx;d-X;d;dxd
i wasnt playing (except OC 2k12 final) for 5 years. go call me nerd :<
forfeit because xperia was not allowed to play
why wouldnt he be, he isnt playing oc/ec with another team and has been on our cb page for ages, he was even member of our team till he decided to "quit"
[22:19:39] <@Artstar> i didn't allow xperia to play for them
[22:19:47] <@Artstar> i said they can take one merc
thats so sad then, just about a misunderstanding giving forfeit. we won the 1st map too, WITH cannonize. xperia didnt change the game if u look at his damage, but ok. if they want forfeit then gg ;)
Rules are rules. It's sad you have to take mercs to carry you!
MERCS TO CARRY XD.................

come on man dont talk if u dont know shit.. motif didnt show up, tomoyo neither. so we had to use backups, rnzy and bltzz. then we still needed 2 who were on cb, and that were CNZ and rezhni, who showed up right in time for the match. then xperia joined ts and asked CNZ if he could play 2nd map, cause he wanted to play. and same for xperia, hes been on our cb page for ages, and not playing for an oc/ec team. so i thought it would be allowed, just a big misunderstanding. so next time please dont say things like i need people to carry cause i played pretty decent and so did everyone else
[22:38:12] <@Artstar> i already said they win by forfeit

btw didn't know this is CB cup
Mister Robert! Why they started the game and not talked to admin about the problem xperia played for us? flyxx said: lets just play. Otherwise we played with Canonize again. Its lame by playing the game and when u lose it start crying with admins.
admin replied while game was going
Why are you even speaking for tmoe? you didn't play or have anything to do with this match at all.
[tMoe] fanatic [Warmup]: xperia not in the roster
eff. K3ViN [Warmup]: ask artstar, he was fine with it

nice lies

deserved forfeit then

cya im off celebrating
i honestly thought that at that moment u were talking about cb roster. as i said, miscommunication. bye
speced the game
u guys played very well
however xperia is a fucking faggot and u should have stuck with cnz
just checked on CB, since you added them on deadline day (sunday) they'll both be allowed to play. :

he was on CB for ages, so why wouldnt he be allowed to play for them
this is CF cup
so why is artstar talking about the CB line up
because it was clear he added rimi & Kirej _last minute_ to the cb page (confused Merlin's request for last minute lineup changes).

however I didn't say they can utilise every player from their CB roster to automatically be part of their CFCup team.
MerlinatoR pmming me at CF on the 2nd of april:
Quotecould you add the backups that you have for this season, just so we know! ;] only have to list names

"just so we know"

so i thought it wasnt a big deal.... so fucking sad tbh
dialer shit
gg easy win
There is only one RNZ you miring him ? i know you are get face get aim kthxbye
dar be a shitstorm
a brewin'
please take us out of this tournament, we will no longer play this. thanks
April is the forfeit month dont you know that already? ":D"
hahah polakz losing to a team with 2 mercs and then claiming a forfeit :DDDDDDDDD

people are so fucking retarded cunts..

cant even accept the fucking score..

forfeiting like pussies..

gg community retarded full shit pieces cunts
unstable teams are just as bad as the people using the rules against them :)
this game is about playing, what the fuck is the point of this game then, when some retarded polaks just wanna e-fame although they cant get it through perfomance?

you know tmoe have actually achieved quite a lot in the last 3 years? who can say this match is them hunting for e-fame.
the last 3 years yeah. and parodia did it in 2005. Now its 2013 and they have lost the match.
they asked me to play but i was 10 minutes too late with reading my irc.

If i had played, would everything have been okay then? i too am on the cb roster
tMoe reminds me on team Sweden but i dont know why, can you tell me guys?
revipod Saturday, 13th April 2013 12:26
good guy photo
tells oppo to take forfeit

they got it XD
polaks praccing 24/7 and still low ;X-0d;xd;-d
I think xperia is cursed
hi foSt =)
Hhaahhhaaha dat joke, see it first time, sick shit brah rly
calm yourself, everyone talks shit from time to time =)
lol tmoe are so bad
Getting excuses to receive a forfeit win, Welcome to ET. If u can't handle this game why u play it? The almighty shitfaces tMoe killing the game
Rules ? Yeah let's be rule nazi and place the loser forward in the competition, makes so much sense. Taking the worst team further (Y)
Should have carried till the end
8 : ]
They took yu out and all hell breaks lose lol
Thanks Jem!
never forget