rockit.ET vs turbot (17632 views)

be chry
gb koop
ee Night
gb razz
gb R0SS
gb sqzz
fi crittie
fi Stuka
fi Swanidius
fi twidi
fi vokki
fi walle

CF ET Spring Cup 2013: Division 1

turbot have to win twice
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CF ET Spring Cup 2013: Division 1 » Matchlink
Manager: Aniky (Highadmin)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 703037
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twidi everywhere
twidi l0L
gl Nait
Nait plsssssss respond i big fAn :(
Night is so famous he could stick his dick on peoples shoulders at lan and they would be happy about it.
yes i was very happy when it happened
sorry to tell u this son... but it wasn't Night's dick
Je vais tenter de streamer et de commenter ce match ( stickkkky pour les intimes ) rendez vous le 6 juin 20h50 sur

ici mon actualité facebook

Sympa ça fait longtemps que j'ai pas vu un un stream fr! :)
gl twidi
gl Ri
go rockit!
ET is still alive?
wwwwwwwwwwttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff bbz talk to me on bbm xoxo
Go dad.
omg night look at his lans
gl boys, if you lose the first game then reschedule and ill replace razz r something for the 2nd match
if turbot wins this all the players on Ri shall quit ET
Ei teistä oo mihinkään
Easy for Winghaven
Is the match going to be split or both games played under the same event?
There will be nothing to split
Have faith man :p
and gl
You seem very optimistic about this hahaha
You have € 10 on Ri
Possible win: € 10.1
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fuking homo rockit.
i heard rockit pussys and afraid playing with merc :DDDDDD
i heard turbot pussy's... with arms like a little lady that got anorexia
nice life, very nice.
bcak form klub sori if u only 15yo xd
PROVOK AT LAN, with that face in the club its izi to pick up bitchies
nope, twidis not avi
haha so pathetic
Quote19/05/2013 - Grand Final Division 1

yet still unscheduled :D

imo forfeit for turbot, turbot winnermans
Slowly but steady ahead!
this on or off?
since we aint got players, we can't play and turbot taking a forfeit for the first match :D

guess the second match may be played on sunday, anything for an easy win eh?
OMG you have done it to me again. The pop corns going in the bin, the beer back in the fridge. our relationship is over.twice ive been stood up!! i feel cheap...brb going to put coldplay on run a cold bath and leave it at that :(
We are taking it only because we want this finished on sunday with one game as we might have 1 or 2 offis before anyway.
lol..Why are you so desperate to have this finished on sunday?
Some players saying they wont play anymore after that. :l
Right.. so what are you planning on doing in EC then?
Gonna use backups if needed.
Secret weapon steps in
Look forward to you using the same lineup in EC next week
wont happen sorry
or not?
i dont see kapaa there?
one person? you made out like half ur team was quitting..
the lineup is exactly the same apart from one person, you guys said players were quitting, like half the team was going to quit, one person is replaceable.
and where we might say that?:D only kapaa said so
Well done vokki!
Bad work vokki!

Rockit used their wildcard on Thursday
cannot be rescheduled, no wildcards left
turbot have to win twice, coming from lower bracket
This match will decide the winner of the tournament!

If we manage to win 1st match we wont play the 2nd. This game starts too late to play 2 games if needed
We also might forfeit this coz we dont give a fuck. fucking "high"skillers with their delays :l

rockit.ET vs 05.05 21:00 wb semifinal
rockit.ET vs to Make odds even 27.05 23:00 wb final

over free weeks to schedule enough to use wildcard by both teams + admin = D
lazy players are lazy. We managed to play our games so fucking fast as it was possible. GG vittu
boycott it! magic wildcard by admins suddenly appears!
bad team leading you have there
fucking highskillers with their delays :D i hope your ready to play this my bitch :D
I used to be highskiller once, it was awful
so excited about this one, been following the whole tournament and finally we are blessed with this brilliant final with two of the best sides in et history
i love the way u lie

awwwwwwwwwwwwww ye :D
gbKAMZ missing in LU for my bless
dont play with nerds :s only sqzz and razz are the ones in ri who have lives outside of ET
I saw already few on webcam drinking alone behind pc and talk with friends on TS etc. so I guess that aint counting to have life
woow, that hurt bruv
gl guys !
ale masz kaape : D
viel glück ihr lieben menschen :) <3
why do you even try to suck dick in german when they are .uk and .fi god i hate stupid faggots
wasnt even me, was a mate. and i guess he wasnt even watching where he was posting anything
fresh tits?
Gl swani vokki chry
still no data ? ADMINS REACT ?
Basically turbot didn't had players on Sunday, so we decided to try rescheduling game instead of giving forfeit win towards team Rockit, so the game might be played this or next Sunday.
It's all up to the teams when they can schedule date so both teams are avi to play, it might be tomorrow, might be during next week, or might be next Sunday, but nothing is set up for now.
And if it's still not played by next sunday?
I don't know what then, for now i only know that the decision is to get this game played without giving any team forfeit win.
so turbot should go deep, like rescheduling till 2k14 or someth
Another week, what now admin? :D
Like i said, we don't want to give out forfeit win to any of the teams, as after all its just finals and not some random game, guess we will all just have to wait and be patient until both teams agree on a date.
will it be played in june ? :}D
I think we going to play it after summer is over... you know man its too hot to play computer games inside its just better drink bears with friends outside...
ahh this real life thing
other matches get forced ...
double forfeit imo for this and tmoe wining the cup, gg
Only way you could actually win something big
still you can only dream about taking part in something big :DDDDDDD

why you keep embarrassing yourself? isn't it enough that everyone already laughs at you all the time
dat burn

holy shit

romanian pokemon went deep
Quoteeveryone already laughs at you

Everyone aka poor random polakszszs, get some education inbred peasant.
Haha +1:)
we #devastation are laughing at you aswell, and taking serious such a disgrace to our fellow comrade fanatic, on top of that u're talkin about education, while your people are known to be uneducated chicken stealers. HUHEUHAUHEUHUHAUHEUH

You are farting higher than your ass son.

What do you call polaks then
You are always getting in other people's fights seeking for attention. Go kill some frogs and eat their legs, buy some baguettes or do something french people do.
french people do what i am doing right now, pissing you off. and also make you realize you are going too big compared to what you rly are.

btw what fight ? it's close to a nomatch for fana


one step lower plz son
lowskiller mad

something french people do.

-> seeking attention

thats what they do everyday man what do you expect this is francetArd
Actually I know nice french people such as mouss kavinsky an7ho snatix rapk pupa etc but also retards like kartez tomoyo so sorry if I have offended you.
snatix is retard :DDD
no you dont :)

95% of them are retarded as fuck just live here for 24 hours and u will know why
I've been in Paris but there were more Asians than french haha :D I remember asking a midaged women on the street some directions in english and she was quite rude by saying something like "I don't have to understand english"
dude .. Paris is Paris :C you only see black and asians guys there. ye we allready have some trouble in french dont even ask your direction in english lol
I will go to Vielle-Saint-Girons, Aquitaine in september, Im lucky that I wont meet french people there haha :D
aquitaine is ok :)

I will just go there to surf with some friends in a camp, I hope its nice there i never have been there
come to my ghetto North Paris Clichy-la-Garenne 92i morray and get JUMPED khaaaiie tmtc
flaming noobs doesnt mean we are retarded

:D french frog got rolled
I laugh at you because you are pathetic
tuesday or wednesday?
try to pm koop and arrange date fitting to both of u, if possible.
he is ignoring our captain Swanidius
Well any of u would be good to talk to them, i will try to see if i can reach contact with koop and hopefully set a date that both teams will be fine with it.
Well that doesn't surprise me at all :D
2k14 i see you :{D
avi ;)
cat fight above 8D
when will this shit be played?
you tell me
I asked for yesterday or today but didnt seem to be ok for you guys. :S
Why aren't you playing?
Whenever u guys are bothered to schedule it :p

Make it this Sunday and i will be happy.
We talked about tuesday, not confirmed by rockit yet.
man fuck them serious... take the forfeit this is just bullshit
I think admins want this to be played no matter what. :l
but i see only u guys trying to find a date to play it :<
Quote19/05/2013 - Grand Final Division 1

QuoteBasic Rules
Each round the games must be played within the schedule, First round (WB R1) games are to be played by the 18th April 2013, the games will be put on GamesTV on a random weeknight between the on one of the dates in that round, it is up to the teams to contact an admin with an AGREED date and time in that period - if a date cannot be agreed, the match will be forced, not necessarily to the date originally put on GamesTV. We suggest you try your best to organise games

and now we got the 20th june 2013..
No can do if admins dont force anything. :p
Why are you so upset like you have anything to do with it?
1st match after a long time i want to spec :< especially my idol rifler xDDDDD
? You want to spec it yet you're telling turbot to take the forfeit?
I do believe
but serious it takes already so long to arrange a date.. and turbot trying it atleast, so they shall take the forfeit instead of waiting 10 years till this game will be played
And where do you get that they're the only one trying? Since hes posting on a gtv game?
First of all if anyone gets the forfeit its us, but the admins want this game to be played, so it will.
I suggest u to not talk about things u have no clue about.
Rofl just take wo fins ez

soz just couldent stop myself
learn how to use reply button

soz just couldent stop myself
Created 15 Sep 2009 22:16

did ya even have CB account back then?
u hacked? :(
Let's face the reality are there any polish players with no cheating record?:D
gl Ri stary
gl boys, sadly i prolly wont be here to carry you :/
our team will not be losing much, teamplay wise
headshots drop by 50%
who cares man, you have clown the headshot machine
ow hey phyzic i guess this went 1000000000 better... when you are not here to carry us mate :D
Shoutcast Collective will be covering this tonight, hop on and have a look!
Thank you.
Massive thanks for this :)
swani playing a final? ok ET is dead :(
chry got it :)
aż tak aktywny się zrobiłeś, że aż komenciki sypiesz? :D
twidi everywhere
GL ross
I wanna bet on Rockit and wish them gl, but as R0SS knows if I bet on the opposing team then his team will win.
Good luck Swanidius, as you know I often do 1on3 it's hard as fock but 1on6 dude ... it's like impossible.

Good luck bro. ;D!
boring final was boring, gg UK nerds "omg I quit ET, not playing and shit"
Just another butthurt polak that dedicates 10 years to the game and cant reach higher than medskill.

I have "quit the game" - but that doesnt mean i wont come back to play the odd official if someone asks me.

First game i have played in weeks. Then again, i dont have to explain myself to someone that sits on team poland teamspeak asslicking hoping that some decent players will play with him.
You sir, are an arrogant prick.
And you "sir" float around dribbling.

What i said is the truth - there is a difference. Nowhere in that comment does it imply how great i am as a player, just that Robaciek is a freak.

You clearly implied that you reached a highskilled level and Robaciek did not, insinuating that you are some what superior than him

Man you are stupid as hell and also delusional
The fact that you believe your opinion is the truth only proves my point. Even if you dont imply you're a great player - which I wasnt referring to.

Apparently you feel you have to talk back to him with an attitude, instead of simply being the bigger man and ignoring his comment. I figured being the bigger man couldn't be any easier for you. My bad.
Same applies to you then, why feel the need to comment on something that has nothing to do with you. Go dribble elsewhere
Reading comprehension is difficult.
ure trying acting smart but ure just a big pimple on a wheelchair.
hahaha that's such a harsh insult made me laugh hard!
:D its original, I'll give you that...
Not hoping, just playing csgo :x
QuoteJust another butthurt polak that dedicates 10 years to the game and cant reach higher than medskill.
Words of wisdom!
Wait R0SS define quit for me?
apply water to burned area
+1 .. some people can't seem to stay away tbh

i mean he said first game in weeks, like that was a kind of achievement xD
razz carried
Killing Spree Ri raZz 10 frags without being killed
Are these pliers sharp? oulaa 9 deaths without fragging