rockit.ET vs Serious Incident Called Karma (9130 views)

be chry
gb koop
ee Night
gb razz
gb R0SS
gb sqzz
fr An7ho
fi Matias
fi olBaa
de Oxy
ee subbi

ClanBase ET EuroCup XXVII
Lower Bracket Final
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXVII » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 314102
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By: DtSje
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 61

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 106

Overall Viewerpeak: 167


gl all
noobs versus noobs (except oksi and tweedy)
ur not winning anything with oxy playing
Gl subbi !
-oxy +squall beast lu
- is phyzic

+ ro Stary
gl Stary
easy 4 stary
gl ri stary
une blague d'An7hologie !
Toujours en train de faire le con ce pacifier!!! :{D
u are so mean :o
olbaa will get mad trust me, warming up on nbs allreaDy
haha razz smash him mate :DDDDD
GL&HF kresti and an7ho
thx =) will need it
gl sick6!
gl Ri Stary
Why no clown?
clown busy praccing his rtcw panzer :S
gl kresti !
izi for olBaa,subbi,kResti best aimer ever!,An7ho best rifle:)))

It's 50/50 whether we will be able to cover this game or not, but we will try our best. Keep an eye on #ShoutcastCollective and
Cast it otherwise we come to your house and shoot everywhere with a MP40.
I'm around but Voice is currently unsure whether he will be available. If he isn't, I'll try and find someone else to help me out.
ask adetoo?
He did in the past too?
I hope you guys can cover it!
I did have adeto in mind if Voice is unavailable. Will keep everyone updated on the IRC channel when I return from the office this evening.
What's the IRC channel you're talking about?
happy to help if someone else can stream
Thanks for the offer mate! Have spoken to Voice and we are good to go, might not be much pre-show but it's definitely happening.
cool, looking forward to it, gl!
I hope this time, it won't be lagy as it is lately :(
I'll get Voice to turn the stream on for me to check before we begin the broadcast, I know there have been a few problems recently.
np 4 krest
sick6 needs frEeze
gl both
ross inactive l0l
open gbooky bets!
omg matias omg
that kresti and an7ho <333

gl lads!
nobody gives a shit about ross comeback? he hasn't played for weeks ffs
i do. been waiting for him since the journal

oh wait, seems like he deleted it
Nah ross to much talk, writes more about quitting et than playing
rematch should be played, pause more.
You learn a lot in one day.

Kamz studied a masters in statistics or some analysis crap. He based his thesis/dissertation on the probability of growing up and reaching your "manhood" and realising that your nose is indeed greater in length than your penis. Kamz realised that he was one of few in the world (the only one to undertake the survey). They felt so sorry for him that they awarded him with a masters.

Also half of the dribblers that posted above me have names that resemble a LoL character and are therefore deemed misfits in society.

Why do you feel the need to post something after _ALMOST_ every game you play man?
156 comments in 7 years. Most of them weren't after a game.
and about 15666 games in 7 months lol
Nah but the few games you played the last couple of months you had to explain yourself or say something after each game
Ross has composed 157 comments in 7 years

Weslann has composed 666 comments in 3 years

KAMZ has composed 2847 comments in 6 years

Spot the nerd >.<
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Weslann -> 0,6 per day
Kamz -> 1,3 per day

Spot the nerd
1900 comments in 2years here :< 90% of my comments were "gl wouter" :D
90% of mine were:

- mad
- trolled hard
- deal with it
only 2847? wtf
Robert has composed 4724 comments in 5 years.

shit :D
the nerd force is too strong with this one
4726 comments made in 1796 days, which gives 2,63 comments/day average. If we take some periods of ban on site, I have been VERY busy.
kresti has composed 0 news, 801 comments / 28th may 2008 :$
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guess I'm an oldschooler after all.
Helloo mr. english titschor!


Was laberst du? :'D
how fatter u are how smaller ure dick. so hahahahahahahaahaha what are u laughing with someone else, prolly u dont see ure own wiener when looking to ure feets.
is that why you're bulking up for orly
this gave me cancer