Team Decerto vs rockit.ET (17668 views)

nl Cupra
sk filuS
be Kevin
nl L4mpje
nl saKen
lv Clown
gb koop
ee Night
gb razz
gb R0SS
gb sqzz

ClanBase ET EuroCup XXVII
Grand Final

de Ri has to win twice!

This match will not be split, so 2 games will be played if needed.
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XXVII » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: ohurcool (Highadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 234983
The bets are closed.

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By: DtSje
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Language: English

Viewer Peak: 67

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 128

Overall Viewerpeak: 195


ri got this
R0SS wasnt playing
brain > dmg
just watch the match and talk later
nice to see that damage isn't everything
oh oh
inb4 kamz telling how ross quit
inb4 kamz telling how ross quit
gl decerto
didnt ross quit???
best of luck saKenm8
Why suddenly EC Final games are split? Didnt they always use to be just one entry on GTV (both games, if needed, in one?)
this is an outrage
because unfortunately we cannot force teams to play 2 games in a row if one or both teams do not wish to do so, as I'm sure you noticed in the NC final as well as in the recent CF cup final

I prefer not to split the match myself, but I'm not playing
CF Final was only one game =p but I get you :)
i smell some chickens chickens... refusing to finish this match in one night ooooh saken doublechinns it again !! :D
never thought i'd say this but well done saken

great comment on crossfire and kudos for making chry's midget ass rage
where you see rage? i only see a midget paki with a huge nose... i guess your mom came when you was born cause your nose was bigger then your dads dick
nerds raging and fellow nerds loling, so cute l0l

maybe you should all actually go outside and enjoy the sun instead of sitting in doors whining about offi's
maybe you should go outside instead of sitting behind your pc checking all websites everyday and posting comments everywhere :D
thats not nice ???
gl hf both make it exciting
10€ on decerto
Gl Team Decerto ;)

You have € 50 on nl decerto
Possible win: € 885.5
bad luck all
gl decerto!
gl to everyone I like
just logged in to wish stownage gl ( real friendship here )
gl Simon!
omg Cupra omg
omg Cupra omg
omg Cupra omg
omg Cupra omg
omg Cupra omg
gmo arpuC gmo
Combobreaker, it seems cupra has a large finnish fan base xD
gl cupra ;)
hu j52 Logic u-mat mindig elszerettem volna mondani mekkora lowbob vagy
gl chry :D
Game won't be played tonight, Saken and Lampje are not available.
Steinzeit regelt dat .. :)
gl saken, squid, stownage, cupra & lampje
gl hf both :)

np4 razz and sqzzi
rescheduled to Sunday the 21st @ 21:00 CET
put me out of the lineup i'm not here to play the game
want to believe
i leave the 20th july for 3weeks to albania so yeah not here big nose paki
going with your family to a different country isn't real life, but anyway then you'll come back and play games like league of legends all day like your butt buddy above who lost his virginity at lan (lol) and was so excited about it he had to tell everybody on ts ;d
lol @ nerds getting laid at lan
i no rite

/msg Kamz for full details including pics
He said to deryn that he put his hands behind the head and was just laying there while she did all the work, lmao i call bullshit, bet he freaked out
everybody in almighty knows the true story because of the network that almighty resides within, we all giggle about the whole situation to be fair
tell me
he sucked her toe and then let her finger him :s
she fingered his anus?
ye but that was after he had to get a stepladder because he like 5 foot 3 :\
who? deryn?
so sad
playmate very nice girl to fuck koop :)

i heard many stories back then too, pretty crazy!!!! lanpussy!!
this is actually pretty funny, keep it going pls :D
not as funny as the time you popped your be cherry at lan

oh gawwwwd what would the world be like if kamz ever spoke the truth >:OOOOO
I WANT DETAILS!!! man pls tell troth :s
I didn't I promise :(
wat happend then???
staph hehehheheh
what would world be like if it was full of koop's and there were no lans

oh right, everybody would be a virgin l0l
its better then staying all summer at home pulling on my dick cause everytime you meet a girl she wanna fuckk your nose cause its the biggest thing you got on your body so enjoy your virginity kamz.... and living in the UK instead of india isnt the same of going on vacation you once went to the UK and you never left poor country could never kick u out of there country
didn't even understand what you just said.. stay in school and stop missing ingliish class because of nerding LoL all day ;-D

you, koop, ross, etc have no chance in life to succeed, your entire word is dedicated to gaming and every time I get online you are all always playing and you sit in doors playing games whilst it's 30 degrees outside, one thing all of you have in common is that you all rage on comms hard when you're losing or getting flamed because you have nothing else in life to think about.. take koop for example, he's writing lol and smiley comments on this site, but everybody knows that he is a mega serious guy who sits on ts raging when he loses games and gets flamed on crossfire.. at least ross rages on websites as well as comms so isn't pretending to be a laid back cool guy

damn that was harsh but fuck it.. u mad?
to be honest i would never ever be mad for someone like u :) u pretend to have a life and talking cool and big shot guy... but really you are just an ugly looking nerd that acts like he got a life... someone that is flaming people... but allways online watching all the websites and comments and reacting acting like he got a life but NOOOOO you dont i really feel so sorry for you... just stop talking and go get yourself a life and i mean a life with going out , fuck some girls ( no not nosefucking) , drink some alcohol .....
guys continue please. I love drama (brb popcorn)
viens jouer
jpeux pas chef :s j'suis sur laptop. télécharge viber!
its what i do, i make the lives of thousands of nerds more exciting

i bait suckas in and make them look stupid see above :>>
sure i beat suckas like you in real life ;)
we both know you'd stand no chance :E you're a little boy compared to me lol ;d

it would be embarrassing for me even to hit you
hahahaah :D you make me smile

come at me faggot,

tell me u stand a chance vs me with your fucking 5 foot 7 midget ass, you would have to jump to touch my dick :_DD

i could probably knock out you and koop at the same time with one punch tbh (not even trolling)
one shot from my lefty,and you have pressed smashed apple in ya face
come at me fat nerd
look at yourself again and go to gym
Firstly i was like: hahah cherry looks so turkish, homo and nerdy, then i realised u sent ur own pic...
haha indeed
not even a challenge kamz maybe if your nose pokes my eye out
look at me

now look at you


mm where you see the man i only see a big nose and lips that are as small as your shithole........
surprise surprise, you are online on friday replying within ten mins lol
wtf that shit looks like a french fat faggot :o
surprise surprise you were online on a friday
now you're copying everything i say :s

you and koop have been absolutely destroyed here and people are pming me on irc and ts laughing at both of you :x
you all should relaxe a bit ..
i dont see anything that destroyed me but oke then internet hero.. i guess most of the people are just laughing with your picture
stop embarrassing yourself further ffs
mate if i look like you i would be embarassed also
if i look as you i would put my finger in my ass
hi kamz it is me your best friend harmen , how is your summer doing ? i actualy missed you very much , greezt harmen
whats up mate, summer is good.. enjoying the sun and life in general, now n then i like to make nerds rage (see above) but all good brotha, you??
well i failed @ school again , i dont learn in school because i have to play games u know , summer is so cool 2 months no school and i can play eveery day 24/24 games , sometimes i masterbate 2 its very nice
i am masterbating on his picture , dont tell him plz
its ok mate.. i didn't do great in school neither but in my later years i specialised in something and did a masters :) u will find something you like too
it will suck , now im 2 years behind in school and i will have to be in the class with those litle children
Quotelitle children

lucky u
my penis to big to get into them litle hole's :(
dat is some ugly motherfucker
Ver <3
:D had a good laf
sqzz gonna win another ec
hf lads
21.07.2013 xD why not in 2014:D
avi to replace chry, pretty good gamer too :)
Chry best akali gl
It had been q while since the last time I checked the comments on this website. Amazing as usual. Thanks for the entertainment.
no problem. glad to be of service. always bring the drama and entertainment :)
oh kamz m8 u still crack me up, specially the lan bit, had to catch my breath :D just put that colt45 back into your pocket and stop destroying everyone
dat kamz chry fights :D you both should relax and arent we all nerds?

i mean we have been playing that game for like 7+ years? or spend atleast alot of hours ( i did tho) and dont know why you would be mad if some1 says you are a nerd.. iam a nerd i love gaming yes and iam not ashamed of that :P.. i got a gf.. finished school and going to study and playing games whenever i can so i dont get why some1 would get mad about that when some1 says : play less games and enjoy sun n shit.. i would laugh about it tbh

true story.
gl L4mpje
KAMZ has composed 1 news,2886 comments, 8 threads, 46 forumposts and demanded 20 replays on

cherry has composed 0 news, 152 comments, 0 threads, 0 forumposts and demanded 76 replays on

Numbers say that KAMZ has been bigger and more active nerd.
that ass taste like belgian chocolate?!
tempted to start playing again just to give you proper banter unlike these boring fucks.
nobody plays actively anymore apart from these gimps lol
harmen69 has composed 0 news, 1973 comments, 0 threads, 5 forumposts and demanded 155 replays on
when im old , i want to be like kamz
gl kefinnnn
make me rich saken
what has this game come to? cupra and squid in an ec-final? :O

gl buddies :DDDD

haha you bastard
but you wont win :(

finals are the only thing ross can play!
My thoughts exactly...
squid multiple EC winner :S:S
Good luck Cupra :)
The Shoutcast Collective will be covering all the action tonight from 20:30cet onwards.
Izi for Team Decerto ;-) gl & hf

You have € 100 on nl decerto
Possible win: € 721
GL snakey
today, we can see new gamestv viewers record :)
ye man, 150 viewers of which 30 are probably the same so really about 120.. breaking big records over here
will this actually be played... or w
You have € 132 on nl decerto
Possible win: € 953.04

easy money
gl saken!
- chry + clown
For the ultimate try-hard?
Admin not following own rules, huehue?
both teams are awful

pained me to watch just ten minutes of it, good night
no KAMZ no win
no KAMZ no win
no europe allstars no win
saKen right there mate gg
" rOCKIT: we will win goldrush "
GG and nice cast guys
GG&BB Cupra
lol, rolled?
And they win again, you are lucky im not here to put up a fight against u gav
begone with your hackery
LOL owned. umed saken?
Overall Viewerpeak: 195

breaking RECORDS