Brotherhood of Wolf vs NiggaZ in PariZ (4556 views)

pl boski
pl Blender
pl Czarnuszek
pl dolar
pl NoobyGirl
de BleiB_ReChTs
de Dreckig
de Klapperschlange
de Schrei
de Spur
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CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2013
Second League
UB Round 1
15.07.13 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 SummerCup 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: TheNoobyGirl (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 20882
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 11


gl NoobyGirl!
gl edo, Kevji und scatman. hf Dolar

Phil ist cwel!
niggers in pants
gl Noooby ;)
dziekowac ekranie :)
Tym razem wylacze tym szwabom te monitory! Wygracie easy :D
thx 4 adding this... you guys better bet on BoW since NiP is a CS GO Team only... Flop Kev and Me just played 3-4 Times ET and Im gonna play rifle :D ... and we play with 3 CSGO player who never played ET BEFORE! Edosan Hydraliskk and Premonition .

HF guys betting on us :D 4:0 BoW inc!
Dear Scatman .. i dont agree with u ;P STILL u have kevji, blade , flopZzz etc. :P and we also have breaks in prac cuz of vacation (for example in 15 days we played 3 times ,and in every case with mercs ) so.. dont give chance to those poor ppl to lose their money :PP [ bet on NiP ]
excuses excuses! [EC]Spur will carry!
wenn ich vorher cs.go spiel is mein aim besser in et :D
aim ja, movement/gamesense voellig im arsch
das geht nach einer runde wieder aber aim bleibt !! hoho
welche gamesense willst zu verlieren?

sry bro der musste, die steilvorlage :D
jo, waer sogar nen guter gewesen, waer er nich tvon dir gekommen^^
der wäre nich nur nen guter gewesen der war ein guter, gerade weil er von mir gekommen ist!
nice friend
gl alicja : D
GL&HF Bl4d3
gl bow!
germans be carefull on goldrush
tak postraszymy ich pelzajacym proskillem ;p
sokol marysia starosta " ja tez przesiedzialem czesc swego zycia gdzies na lawce wiec wiem ze powstanie z niej wcale nie jest latwe"
gl :D
gl blade! -1
guys dnno why my name is there but im not going to play
NiP on fire^^
gg ;p
GJ NiP guys :) Epic Truck Ride at Supply :)
awesome game , was fun 2 play :)
while nip was put into 2nd league i remember scatman or kevji saying they gonna play with 3-4 csgo players and according to damage 5/6 was et players, cheers
their rating was 2 aka low+ at Clanbase and were trying to go for last leagues
since we saw we play 2nd div we reacted and get stray&blade.... nothing false?
you reacted and got stray for 2nd? cmon, stray is maximum 5th division worthy 8D
we wanted to play with 2-3 cs go players but after we got put into 2nd league we did get blade etc. into the team, because the cs players didnt even want to play anymore because we did get put into 2nd league and we didnt want to get totally facerolled

EDiT: + we are all inactiv and havent touched et for like month, and if we did for just one game so still not able to compete in 2nd league without pracc, and we wont pracc.
you right :) but wouldn't have played with that lineup if we weren't 2nd league^^

normally they wanted to play with 3 cs player but well in that league they wouldnt have a single chance.. even 5v6 is alrdy hard there^^

PLUS it was our first game since a pretty long time (as u can see when u spec us...)
Ja bym tu zrobił fuzje nickow - boski blender.
You have € 200 on pl bow
You lost

kto mi wisi? czy zrzutka klanowa idzie?
no ja , przyznaje sie :<
szkoda szkoda :(
ladnie bow gralo, ale no stanowczo za silni dla mnie :< , obiecalabym poprawe, ale watpie zebym miala skoczyc troche wyzej ze skillem :P no najbardziej szkoda tego radara, nie wiem nawet ile zabraklo czy 0,5 sec , czy jedna sec bah :PPP Ale chlopaki grali swietnie :P