Poland vs Belgium (21705 views)

pl doktor
pl wiesiek
pl dialer
pl kot
pl Wrobel
pl krein
be zeto
be xAv
be mesq
be jetro
be lio
be vila
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Nationscup XI
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: mUnduS (Generaladmin)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 37095
The bets are closed.

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fr GAMERS ZONE radio s3
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You have € 40 on pl POL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 78.4
GL Poland :D
You have € 15 on be BEL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 111.3 XDDD
Oczywiscie zycze Polsce wygranej ;D
You have € 5 on BEL
Possible win: € 39.1

I lold
eZ bash for pl
gl mAX ofc doktor
You have € 90 on pl POL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 125.1

gogogo proland!!!
izi for Poland =]]
You have € 716 on be BEL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1446.32

izi money
Patriota :D
easy for Proland pl
easy money
pl pl pl pl pl pl pl pl pl pl pl pl pl pl pl pl pl pl [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl]
Gl Bel
gl be
[flag=be] izi
You have € 50 on be BEL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 356

GL Bel
gl proland
polish are unhitable, so 30€ on PL
will be a good match, gl both
bot vs bot ?
GL poland :D
POL pl 1.38 - 3.64 be BEL

lineup ?
line up =°)
depends on lineups :e
w/ maus and mesq belgium will win easily :<
gl dialer, i hope that you ll play
no mAus no win :)
BE doesnt stand a chance, sadly :P
You have € 81 on pl POL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 123.93

Wszystko na nich postawilem :D

GL Poland C:
gl lio
izi bash 4 xAv <3
POLAND FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An ETTV to watch ! Bet on Belgium, Good Luck :)
gl kot
gl kot
You have € 100 on pl POL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 158

Go Poland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
go be :p the odds are positive for poland because all these polak laggers are spamming the bets 0.o

be will bash polak imo
proland ofc...
xDDD bogurodzica >all
line up ? plz
gl Poland :))
[flag=pl]Proland 4 siur !
You have € 60 on pl POL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 101.4

Wiesiek bij kot karaj
proland > be
this will be a nice match
Izi Polska
izi money
Wiesiek na koniec mapy bedzie mial 30/1
go go go P(r)oland!
bel ftw
to many polish retards :x
BEL , U really need maus to have a chance vs guys with bimbots
I have nothing against Poland, but u really don't need to be surprised, if everyone hates you, with your stupid exorbitant spamming national pride. ;)
names and address pls :X
we love our country thats all :DDDD go poland bash bash bash
national pride is something for tards.
ok so i hate all germans because of hitler and himmler!
nono you didn't get my point =)
Did I say that's correct to hate your country or that I do so? I only said that I could understand them...
still they are wrong and its not okay.
Same about Polak's behaviour... :)
yes thats true, i really cant get those guys posting those things :D
gl Poland - go Wroblem go !
depends on be's lineup
I hope Poland wins.
POLAND OFC ! easy for wiadro
maus > proland
btw about. mAus raczej nie bedzie gral;)
polish think that 1 ET game is their nations 1st priority , go sing your anthem in your capital during that game!
teams ?
Irish government asked a question to its citizens:
Is the Polish immigration a serious problem?
- 35% respondents said: yes, it is a serious problem!
- 65% respondents said: absolutnie kurwa zaden!

gl BEL
gl wiesiek
POland imo >:D GL :) Wiesiek !!!!
JAPA =X gl pl ^^
kot > all
You have € 246 on pl POL
Possible win: € 425.58
polsko wygraj to ;]
go POL

btw why all those polish poetic songs?
eazy for proland maderfakers !
go be
go [flag=be] ...
Polish people sure can spam
gl wrobel wiesiek :D nice war.. looking forward to watch that match.. any1 knows smth about the maps which they choosed
gl both, better team will win
easy for poland
You have € 220 on pl POL
Possible win: € 404.8

Gogo Power Rangers! =P
ale spam :P GO go Poland!!!
gl guys!
zeto , xAv, mesq, lio, jetro, vila
GL 4 Proland :P
xAv will lead it to the victory.
s4rna na RIFLE !!!!!!
wtf, why lio is allow to play:XD
go Poland!
Polish spam > all xD Poland' FTW!
wtf..gl be
POLSKA!!!!POLSKA!!! ocf win
easy for POL, no maus no win , sorry
doktor :)
hell do i love delay :o
do you think before you do anything? do you know, that posting images like that you show everyone your own opinion about your own country? i understand, that you dont like these guys or your friends ordered you to say this, cause you have no your own opinion, but you dont have to show it all world. i mean, our own problems for our own country, nowhere more.

and sometimes think about politics, its not so hard. dont post every where opinion, created by stupid TV and newspapers, try to watch it and think by yourself, try to create your own opinion, dont suggest anything.
a tu nastepny przypadek dauna niepospolitego... zal mi ciebie przeczytaj moze to co pasiu dostal w odpowiedzi ale na ciebie to i tak za pozno tylko zaklad zamkniety i resocjalizacja przez odbyt bo na glowe juz za pozno (omg Good G*D why do u create this kind of ppl)
Is this match (Today 20:00 GMT ) cancelled or what ?
Is this match (Today 20:00 GMT ) cancelled or what ?
they are playing atm :)
wtf is with this match, omg :/ some info maybe?
donex ...
Status: Cancelled :|
lol, they already played 1 half on goldrush..
=o someone used wildcard or wtf ?
so what happened?
polacks are whining about lio
Please hurry up and play this match, this Polish spam hurts my head.
fucking CB...
2nd that ...
people want to play and they cant, becouse admin without any smart explanation says to play another, bad server...
krein & dialer whining.. unexpected!
I heard they're playing again. What ETTV is showing the match?
why does it say it?

You have € 5 on [flag=pl] POL
Bet was cancelled, you were reimbursed.
Possibly because match started, then was forfeit win Poland then match back on again on another server at later time blah blah ect ect :)
2:0 for pol, radar now
the same
LOOL bel won goldrush but then admins decided to replay the map, OMFG gg xD
tis plezant zenneeeej
pls win radar ... anders gaak echt freake ... <3
Match paused, resuming in 180 secs :D

Edit: resuming in one sec.

Edit: Match paused by Allies.
epic game, funnies match in ET history :D
score 4:0 for pol i bet, then ill definitly whine at chiefs ...

is score 4:0 ?
Its still paused @ ettv ... Poland only have 5 on server atm.

Shoutcasting via gamestv :)
ROFL keep me updated pls :D
playing again , wiesiek out, frag stealer in
i just cant believe admins decided to reset goldrush match after bel clearly won ... but ok ...
Lots of randoms joining as specs lol, omg what a game :/
Keep on informating us. No way to see it.
Pol set a time of 11.50 on radar
Getting a bit silly now, still people joining the server mid match :/

mUnDuS got his finger on the /kick button ...
Would have never happened if admins werent so fucked up to mess up server agreement in the first place ...
Strange to say, but i finally get to whine on the admins for a change xD
True :)

2-2 3rd map, this is going to take all night...

Why dosnt Admin change the server pass :s theres still retards joining the server.

Haha your message from irc was just spammed in the console by someone named *gaan_gasten_vnBE* about the 2-2 score :)
to co polacy zrobili, to jest zenada.... pelno fakeow i "pozdrawiam mame" ! naprawde wstyd !!!!
This is just ridiculous...
wtf, match finished ?!
server went to grush again.
vila cant control himself
vila cant control himself
mundus = potm
fucking shit match,
can the match admin get yellow card for being completely fucking inept?
3rd map now, waiting on 6 to rtfu :)
some of the most retarded whiners united
Oh please, their whine is justified after this fuck up from mundus. Don't tell me you wouldn't whine cos everybody would.
the way they acted on grush was retarded

i understand the polish site whing but the belgiums are acting retarded once more
everytime something like this happens vila is involved...
Why the fuck should the polish whine? They won grush thanks to retarded admin.
cause they played a 3hour match ?

i still dont get why belgium didnt wanna switch servers at the beginning
if the match is supposed to be on a server you play it on the server or whole ettv is fucked
mundus acted retarded though i have to agree on that
stupid polish ppl :X
Password changed and still the retards have it !

Maybe someone has it in there vent comment ....
they're leaking it all over ettv
It would be too cool, if someone could summarise all the things, which happened. Too bad I can't watch it.
To much to type but you can read some of it here - http://www.xfire.be/?x=journal&mode=item&id=52803 -

Thu 13 Mar 08, 20:45 GMT BEL vs POL
written by vila.
2h czekania na baty .. n/c 4:2 belgium
2:4 nazywasz batami?
sd nie nazywasz batami?
tak, oceniaj mecz po jednej mapie. bylo 4:2, i gold bynajmniej nie byl fartowny. a ty madralo idz i siedz na vencie i serwerze 3 godziny, wiecej wkurzajac sie niz grajac.
Well its game over anyway, 4-2 Belgium :)
rofl shit game rly.....
gg 4:2 belgium
Wrobel fucking high ego star! ;<
new record on sd wp bel
be stronger than ever :)
low poland :<

nice cfg :D:D skad wiesz ze to Polak?
ja pierdole...
widzisz kolesia o nicku belgium hax? jakb7ys sie przyjzal to bys wiedzial o co mi chodzi, a cfg nie jest moje bo tego screena szrobil qmpel ktory zaczyna przygote z et :|
omg wchodzilo tam ze stu ludzi w tym 90 % obrazalo Polske... ale Ty jako detektyw wiesz ze bobby to Polak
MI nie chodzi o to...chodzi o to ze po prostu ktos wypuscil ip i pw no i proste, wchodzili na serwer glownie polacy bo padalo kilka razy "pozdrawiam equilibium" or smth kazdy wie ze to polski klan no i "pozdrawiam mame" no to jest naprawde poziom dzieci z piaskownicy. A skoro Ty tak sie bulwersujesz to moze masz cos na sumieniu...bo zaloze sie ze wszyscy by mnie poparli, jezeli chodzi o zachowanie ludzi z ettv
popieram Cie ofc, wg mnie ten mundus czy jak mu tam powinien przed kickiem zrobic screena guidow i cos potem z nimi dzialac, ale nie obarczam wina samych Polakow... zreszta wina lezy glownie po stronie admina ktory sam wypuscil haslo na ircu nie dajac pw na kanal meczu
dokladnie... admini mieli rowniez duzy wplyw na caloksztalt tego spotkania...pierwszy problem to zmiana serwera...dlaczego ? tego nikt nie wiem
nastepnie zmiana pw poniewaz osoby z ettv zaczely wchodzic na serwer, no i juz przegrana polakow. Jest sporo problemow organizacyjnych.
Zwracam tu uwage na brak serwerow ettv oraz nieudzielenia tzw. Shoutcastera dla Radia oraz TV, nawet doszlo d otego ze sypnal sie kick dla HSTV, za to ze chcial dostac shoutcastera :| dla mnie jest to co najmniej smieszne :|
zmieniali server bo lio mial tam bana od donexa, zreszta przeczytaj wypowiedz kota na etowned
wiadomo bylo na kogo stawiac ;>
mundus really kicked ass tonight :D
nice belgian "pause" and nice admin NC !
dobra gra
a zas podsumowal, ale spoko kazdy ma swoje zdanie :D
kazdy ma oczy i widzial co sie dzialo
wstyd mi polakow ktorzy zachowawywali sie jak 12 latkowie... zero szacunku dla tych, ktorzy grali.

please, for further Nationscup matches put the password at least a LITTLE more harder to guess...
if the password really was "polNCbel" as someone says at ETTV on that screenshot posted above, you should really try to figure out some new passwords for next games so not everyone can guess them so easily
100% right
they always give so easy passwords for gamestv warservers
I have played alot of matches on the gtv servers and most of the passwords have been really hard to guess, but I think it kinda depends on the admin.
hmm you must be right - it depends of an admin. i didnt play so many times at ettv as you but when i did few times, warserver had very easy password, like a mixture of clantags etc.
yes but when they get pass admins should do something with this... imo change date of match
Also that is hard to guess. The password wasn't guessed, but the official match channel, which you can find on clanbase, wasn't password protected, so everyone could join and read the pw in the topic.
still passwords are stupid, for our last 2 matches it was finNCcro and estNCcro, now for this match polNCbel, very imaginative...

expect nedNCger on sunday ;)
PSSSSTT! Damn, now you have fucked up my masterplan.
it was that pw
lio: "i don't need to explain again that because of donex his fault ( not locking the cb channel on irc ) everybody got the password from the server by joining it" maybe here is the reason?
Wstyd mi że jeszcze istniejecie z tym swoim "klanem" na scenie et.
Chłopaki, gold mistrzostwo, radar gorzej a na supply chyba odpuściliście co ?? ;p
Imo własnie pokazujesz swoje pro zachowanie xD
who can write for me lineups?
wp pl
moze i przegralismy ale co to byla za gra! jakie atrakcje! coz za organizacja! nowi zawodnicy, duzo paus...
ale juz tak nie krytykujac, mecz sam w sobie byl ciekawy=]
aaaa no i bylbym zapomnial... specialne pozdro dla tego scierwa, ktory wbijal na serwery i probowal zablysnac tymsamym tworzac negatywny obraz polskiego gracza...
"dzieci neostrady"
You have € 800 on pl POL
You lost

kurwa :(
stats plz
gamehack|lio > pl
sadly, even BE has cheaters now...
rofl u say it like they never do...
Every country has cheaters...

EVEN MALTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every country ...

Only 1 exeception: THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
polish whiner! Gl Poland (niezle daliscie dupy):)
ehhh ale i tak dobrze bylo doktor ping 150 ; x
trudno :) bylo dobrze :) nastepnym razem bedzie lepiej! pozdro
hahaha bel vs fin now or bel vs ned/ger...
Ger & Fin in Final imo
man, you are SO STUPID, that i cant stand it. do you REALLY dont know ANYTHING about your country and about patriotism? do you know, what you did?
tak ich finlandia zniszczy w polfinale
hehe and lio is "suspended and currently NOT allowed to play on ClanBase.14-03-2009 12:00" hehe everything is good? o.0
gg bel :)

agree with rEtard - Ger vs Fin in final. will be great
Potrzeba zmiany selekcjonera naszej kadry mysle ze juz podziekujemy duce teraz pora na kogos z zagranicy
apollo problem nie tkwi w kapitanie tylko w graczach którzy nie grają na poziomie TP
jak dla mnie to poziom raczej jest, ale jakie ego!:o
jak dla mnie care
polska rulez :D jeszcze bedzie okazja do rewanżu pozdro
Ale przeciez zawsze jest tak ze jak ktos ma slaba forme to obwinia sie trenera wiec
duce out !
Nie udalo ci sie wytrenowac tych panow do poziomu high a szkoda :>
nie ma to jak polskie rozumowanie...
wezcie na trenera aPolla :D
dialer z takim sprzetem domowym powinien grac w klanie z 1 polki europejskiej :P
Do zobaczenia za rok w NC ;see u next year at NC:) btw the content of the game was quite good but there was too many pauses some ppl dont get it that Pl has one hour later every match so if BEl has 20 00 Pol have 21 it just took to much time...;/ Imo dont blame the cheats but the system protecting the game. ITs HIGHT time to think about it... otherwise there is no point in it...;/one day you are a cheater nex day they apologise u for insulting (but the other day it seems that yes you cheated.... yourself by having aimbots wallhacks speedhacks and so on... ) NVM bb see u:)
thx for money
gg be , thx for zhe money ^^
nie ma to jak mieć z banią nie?? z Własnej matki się śmiejesz idioto ciekaw jestem co bys zrobil jakbys nie mial ojczyzny do czego bys wracal. bys byl jak ten kurwa zebrak idioto nic nie ma ani wlasnego miejsca na swiecie ani nic... tego chcesz?? idz do psychologa lub porozmawiaj ze swojimi rodzicami o patriotyzmie bo widocznie gowno wiesz... zal mi ciebie i wstyd mi za ciebie idz sie kurwa schowaj. jestem ciekaw czy bys dal takie cos prezydentowi do reki a nie kurwa przed komputerem dzieciatko usiadlo.... Ego cie pewnie zzarlo wklejajac te gowna... myslisz ze to smieszne a tak nie jest przemysl lepiej swoje dzialania a nie wyjebujesz z takim czyms na pub forum. zal mi ciebie naprawde...
Soz for usuing motherlanguage but this asshole is rly an idoiot.. N/c ///
Yes, yes! GW BE. Thx for money :D
rumcajs w tmy meczu team poland nie whinowal : O! tylko belgia ale nie wspomne juz tych co ogladali ETTV najlepiej zamontowac sobie fejka i kogos jechac >all i pozdro dla "pipki" najwiekszy whiner ktory potrafi tylko na fejku byc : X Get Brain & stfu lowbie

Screenshot as a proof?
I don't care that lio was playing with hax or not. Poland lost the war and we should accept it.
and now let's whine
Lol gj belgians , surprised me :P
Serrano czy ty przypadkiem nie chodzisz do zawodowki? :>
nie a bo co?? zacznijmy od tego ze ja juz do szkoly nie chodze,,, LoL
erm, lol?
ja pierdole przegrali kurwa;/
wiecie przez kogo przegralismy przez tych jebanych adminow co na tym meczu byli kutasy jebane
dobra kosiarz wyjdz na dwor
własnie wrociłem ;] z dworu
nice bash :D