mikeh's low gamers vs Delinqüentes (4280 views)

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pl mikeh
pl myszal
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CB ET 6on6 OC Fall 2013
Second League
Group A
29.10.13 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: mikehh (Requestee)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 9893
The bets have been cancelled.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 18


where is winghaven dammit
GL magico :)
hf madico and karii vittu<3
gl magico and Gengis!
gl delinQ <3 magicooooo !!

magico gengis zwei I WANT TO BELIEVE

welcome back mates<333
gl magico
none of us have played for the last year or so,will be hard to defeat the one and only mikeh the bike :PP

hf :)
so old school : D
cr0m is legendary :]
gl mlg
aiiiii están cayendo chuzos de punta!!
gl delinquentes! :)
What the fuck :D?
izi for mikeh gl mLG
hehe, GL spaintards <3
GL Delinqüentes!
la gente esta loca
Oo oO
:O buena suerte
gg was fun
forfeit incoming
why cancelled :O

Who won what happened?
delinQ won but GTV says its cancelled :X
apparently they will claim forfeit since we played without uac

We might be cheating :D!
Nah match should just be replayed tbh
we are just playing for freaking fun,didnt know some ppl still take this that syriuszly :P
Playing for "fun" doesn't allow you to get through such basic rules...
amen to that man
UAC is mandatory in all matches in the CB ET EC/OC Fall 2013 season, whether you play for fun or not (is there any other reason to play..?)

the game should be replayed with UAC by Monday, or mLG wins by forfeit
UAC is a piece of shit and none of us will install it,thats for sure.

You can do whatever you want as admin,I dont really care; but yea apparently some ppl take a simple (dead) game TOO seriously, forcing stupid rules in 2014 is really mainstream.

right, having to install and use an anticheat in a cup is a "stupid rule" :D also you're about six or seven weeks late with this anti-UAC nonsense... why did you even ask me to add your team to the signups?

and before you say "lol I didn't know we would have to use UAC lol", it's been posted several times now on both CF and CB
lol i didnt know we would have to use UAC lol
tbh i barely check cf or cb,thought it was only forced for EC,trust me or not.

i asked u to sign us up because we wanted to play some friendly match like once per week,but if that means that we have to install some program which we already used in the past (and had really bad experiences with it), then feel free to give all our opponents forfeit win because we wont use it. The stupid rule isnt using an anti cheat,is using UAC in almost 2014 :D
you don't have to check CF often to see the stickied journal titled "UAC & CB ET Reminder"

which anticheat should we be using instead of UAC? TZAC is dead, so there is literally no other option
useful and smart comment :]
All my opinion in one word, simple and short.
and who cares about a 16 yo kid from 4th world country opinion? :|

I surely dont. Dont try to act clever when you are not,go play hirnlos 24/7 instead :_D
It's ironic if u are talking about 4th world country, while urs is in such a big crisis that u shouldn't even be talking about it, rather check some newspapers and TV before u try to act smart cus ur doing it badly. It's not my foult that education isn't strong side of urs, let apart some reading knowledge of stuffs like rules, i mean hell, who would have though if reading rules would be useful before entering a cup, but hey im sure there's tons of 6on6 IRC games waiting for u right now so u can have fun with ur buddies.

Indeed, i understand, too complicated for u.
Go get em tyger
Arent mLg a bit late, first they play the game, then they lose and they quickly accuse delinQ AFTER losing the match, to still get the win..

*just saying im pretty sure they noticed they were playing without UACat first map, so why play first?*
Oct 29 16:42:59 <Decerto|mikEHhh> the oppo dont want to join UAC, what shall we do
Oct 29 16:43:38 <[CB]ohurcool> it is mandatory for EC/OC this season, so they have to use it

this was before the game had actually started

delinQ was offered a rematch rather than a forfeit loss anyway, so I don't think mLG are the ones to blame here
It's not like its their foult, every game has to be played with UAC, regardless if team one warns team two, the match will get replayed or given forfeit to the team that used UAC.
accepti že enkrat jeben offi sm reku
:o winghaven
omg winghaven omg