girls.rawrr vs bromates (8719 views)

ca crono
ro nebu
gb deryn
fr TeSLa
pl stokkie
pt punky
pl chickita
ru fapgod
cz Sklamak
fr pacifier
cz Klobby
pl szczurek
fr Faks
nl jeewee
20.11.13 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: deact_36695 (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 8781
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 28


gl girls (yes palemki, u 2) and bobiiiiiik!
fucking nerds xd
hahah nerds xd

stop trying so hard bobicwel

pourkoi :[
pcke je joue
EDIT: et toi aussi! dream-team!
et moi alors bande de pute negros? jvous brisent les chevilles
bros before hoes tu nous laches pr des gonz :(
Surtout lorsque je dit que pour séduire les grands fortuné, deux belles femmes jumellée avec la poudre pour le nez, j'comprend s'que j'veut dire.
Raconte leur ce qui s'passe ici, car ils croient que c'est de la gaminerie!
BROFFECT copys??? get creative homos
Are you ret... why would do I even ask...
Am i retro? would do i? 14?
Why are you still typing it if apparently you know there is no point in asking?:X
oh you
avi to roll sum nubs
gl girls :)
gl girls
gl derynn and rawrr
izi deryn
Gl TeSLa et deryyn ! :)
gl deryn and chickita <3
gl därin
tak me tam napis uz bobe :DD .. :)
gl bromates
yeah easy bash :XD
helping deryn out greatly gav, that support
fucking nerds
gl hf ola, deryn :D
omg gl girls :P
push it back to 20:30 CET
I told her to push back too.
she's 47 and has a missing leg
I twill be delayed cause chicki cant play or smth
go punky carry your team to victory
u should shoutcast this! xD
elle a raison la zouz, shoutcast ce match, j'aurai des actions de batard
ah mais parce que toi aussi tu joues renoi? Laisse moi appeler jean michel larqué et on s'ramene sur l'internet
ouais ramene thierry roland aussi, mais on va pas jouer demain
hf ladies.
Gl Sklamča a Klobby :)
gl klobby ;-) sklame taky taky :)
+ super aktiv blup blup
fokin dreamteam, shoutout to my real brother from another mother martijN♥
gl stokkie, punky, nebu and deryn!!
gl jarek i jeweee!
come on girls u can do it!!
Gl Deryn :)
gl deryyn, pm me if u need some help ;))
gl deryyn, pm me if u need some help ;))

gl neb :)
gl crono ^^
No chickita no win, even if crono plays soldier smg
awwwww thanks :D he will play rifle instead of me so watch out for backstab :D
better stab him 1st before he does now that i know hes polak
there goes my spot on the team :p
real tryhards xdd
gl klobby and sklamak kurwa wygrajcie
lol @ people thinking crono can beat faks.
nice vagina crono lol
crono cwel
Robert pédéraste
GL marta <3
Ola robi za menedzera :D
gl girls xD
akurat grac jutro nie moge, tak wyszlo :<
when i saw faks in lineup I just got eyeballs blured and coudn't see anything anymore. I think I have got an eyeball cancer in 3rd stage

gl jeewee :D


will see
lol this guy
go back to sleep man
what you talking about, i just got back from the gym :<
same here
btw. inb4 bb team :D
hahaah! bb forever!
bb on sum drunken monkey kong fu shit confusin the enemy n then smashin them in the next round
bb undefeated best pub team 2k13 we da best
BigBalls PUB TEAM FTW <3

Rolling tryhards like aNGER since 1992
I asked you 5days ago and you said you couldnt make it.. phun kurwa big mac ja pierdole b1GB4LLs!!!!!!!
i still cant make it so np
shut up
chickita ten crono podkreci jak ostatnio bo nie wiem jak postawic
GL szczurek
gl klobby
avi to roll some tryhards
gl dezz nebu
gl deryn izi win4u
klobby :* :D
bash me hard nebu <3
might be the rifle tonight. so tks incoming :D
gg :)
spec me on replay i was trying so hard
[22:29] <punky> no stats on gtv? :O

tryhard speaking
You have € 10 on eu brom8
You won € 18.9
14k dmg i kill you all my girls :*** :-)))))))) CZECH POWER!!! :D:))
You have € 951 on eu rawrr
You lost
yes crono cwel, yes loss
oops, it was tonight? xD
not funnyh ;x
we will replay it just for you
My hearts are now available only for nebu, tatínku :(
hey, jo sem twoj tatínek!