Forward Momentum vs Controlled Gaming (6942 views)

ca Tomun
us vein
us hobbit
us godfather
ca crono
be SupNa
gb Gnome
ca CrimZon
nl stib
gb elvz
gb Prod
fr kazim

CB ET 6on6 OC Fall 2013
Second League
UB Round 1
08.12.13 20:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2013 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: foreigner (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
On Demand Watch this Match now.

Total Pot: € 19785
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 31


three best canadian players, low rifle and a legend, easy game for North America :D crono <3
ca CrimZon nl Stib gb elvz at Bl1zzardx be fishbotx
lol gnome stop trolling lineups you faggot
my dreams have come true
hf forward and gnome:)
gl slntm
New lu for controlled gaming :
fi Xpaz
fi mystic
fi Raveneye
fi Tiigeri
nl teKoa
nl m1lk
don't understand brohammed
avi ^^
avi pour qui toi le gros batard backstabbeur de mon cul
Nice one :D
backstabbeur de qu oi de qui ? lol only BIG PING
Gl gnome
Would be nice to see the full lineup from ctrl
I approve of this lineup. as captain of #CTRLd foreigner add de g4mma and us bape

can team dean break the losing spree? lets find out!
bl1zzardx confirmed as playing
forfeit if he doesn't show up.
yeah :D
omg omg
legendary blizzardx gonna play :o

gonna watch for sure !
Can't believe you still here refreshing when you are visiting your girlfriend in germany, ffs
Can't believe you're still here refreshing when you are not even playing this game anymore ffs
how's your gf doing?
g4mma!!! :D
glenn ! :D where were u last offi !!!!?!
izi crono ":D"
gl darki, supna, crono
gl bobika
thx, means a lot xoxxox
bape HAHAHAHHAHA HAHhahaahahh ha ha a h ha
can we play video games together some time?
gl ctrld
you weak hearted, wet noodle ass, captn crunch eaten mutha fuckas bouta get spanked
wtf forward momentum kill urself foreigner lol
you know you like them tags
<hobbit_> controlled about to get cuntrolled

<hobbit_> easy )>>( and their annoying ass rifle :)
Silentium?! oh in that case

You have € 40 on us )>>(
Possible win: € 92.4
You have € 71 on us )>>( Cancel bet
Possible win: € 162.59

all my money gnome show me what silentium can do :))
stop trolling man wtf
this match is lacking flame from #CTRL.d
Talks cheap :DD
it's the most fun part though :<
OmG Parker OmG
OmG Parker OmG
OmG Parker OmG
OmG Parker OmG
OmG Parker OmG
OmG Parker OmG
Sorry to disappoint you, Parker won't be making an appearance on Sunday. But he might play in a ladder match tomorrow!
<Darki> still gon rape them with my e-peni
You have € 136 on eu #CTRL.d
Possible win: € 252.96

GL Blizz & Gnome.
[16:05] Foreigner: that wasn't CrimZon.
[16:05] ~ E Q U A N I M I T Y ~: lol
[16:05] Foreigner: who was it?
[16:05] ~ E Q U A N I M I T Y ~: it was crimzon
[16:05] ~ E Q U A N I M I T Y ~: who else
[16:06] Foreigner: crimzon doesn't play like that
if u think some random from germany knows better about how NA players play than NA player lolderpherp man
if u think some random from germany knows better about how NA players play than NA player lolderpherp man
how do i play? :(
I've never seen you play as aggressive as you were on goldrush. I thought you were always a passive medic.
He used to play like that all the time
never saw, I only watched him in the matches he played with Unfaithful.
that just means he knows how to play both aggressive and passive.
that makes a good player. I just never saw him play aggressive before.
darki&oli got this XD
gl m8s and crono
cant play this tonight, cause no internet :'DDD no joke btw, i rly got no inet on my pc, gl ctrl, hf stib
avi to play if anybody needs :)
too low
I said im aviiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
too uselsss
Fucking hell, I would carry the shit out of you today
i'm not sober, rolling americans is even more fun while not being sober :)
dont even dare to come and play again darki, cyu
2-4 CTRL
well done team
did parker even play?
where was blizzardx??? :((
he came on like 30 mins late
niggers destroyed anally, TWICE

You have € 50 on eu #CTRL.d
You won € 68.5

gj ctrl
unfortunately we're going to have to prepare our anuses for a 3rd time, because not all of your players were on UAC.
Won't help you at all, prod is shit and kazim is a random merc, try with bape and ipod/me for example, the real team

btw ctrl not on uac, damn cheaters :S
I'm not saying you're cheaters, I'm saying I was given the choice of taking a forfeit win or rematching you, so quit your bitching.

edit: and we had a merc that doesn't even play ET, and crono, who's shit.
First of all I didn't even play, so there's nothing to bitch about wannabe NA star. I simply stated some facts about you wasting your time rematching us when you will just get raped a 3rd time

2nd, us foreigner Friday, 6th December 2013 11:19
this match is lacking flame from #CTRL.d

3rd, get raped
Would you rather I take the forfeit? Those are my only two options. And we didn't get raped on any map, they were all close.
2nd, us foreigner Friday, 6th December 2013 11:19
this match is lacking flame from #CTRL.d

Can't take the heat then get the fuck out

Oh okay. Well kazim, being a random merc, was kind of carrying your team by getting fulls.

Stib did much better than you would have as rifle, so your absence was definitely helping the team anyway. You should take a lesson from me and bench yourself more often. I'm done replying here, I hope you can make it to the next one!

try winning something in a 6on6 before you give me lessons about benching :(

lol I will never admit being better than stib, if you know who he is then you would expect the stats in that game. what if I told you I'm not even the rifle in ctrld I picked it up because I was bored and gnome was tired of playing rifle :/

Thanks! maybe next year you win something, until then cu!
thought you were done replying :X
u wanted him to talk shit
he is
I thought he was visiting his online girlfriend, not spending time on his PC.
rematch w.o UAC? Nah they don't want it lol
i had 45 fps with uac on supply......................never again lol
how's your gf doing?
She's doing fine, thanks for asking. How's yours?

And, for the record, I'm not flaming you about that. It shouldn't make any difference how you met her as long as she makes you happy
[03:19] <Foreigner> ONLY 6ON6 I EVER PLAYED
Hey Mccloud.

I just wanna say this is not cTRL, this is Silentium, which is a better team than cTRL, gnomez and stib are just too good togheter, they deserved the win i guess even tho they were all close, so please dont say things like niggers destroyed anally cuz they aint niggers and they weren't destroyed anally. You probbably didnt watch the match yourself because u were probbably spending time with your gf, so thats the second point why you cant say they were destoryed anally and if someone from your friends told u they were, he/she is lying. (btw if u did watch the match then idk why the fuck doesnt she dump u lol)

thanks for giving me a hardon, teamleader bro
QuoteAnd we didn't get raped on any map, they were all close.

Yes. We, the team Forward Momentum. The team that I run.
relax sonn
that was pretty cute
cwel lost, gg controlled