bacardi team vs meet your masters (6270 views)

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si m1tja
pl upload
fr kazim
ca monkey
fr kazuki
fr sMiRZz
15.01.14 22:45 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CG EU ET 3on3 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: CyberGamer EU
Manager: upload<3 (Requestee)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 27336
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gl kazu
schämen sie sich mr. gleum
m1tja vs kazuki

{sweating intensifies}
nl mafia
admins spec this one , I heard m1tja is going to cheat
Why busted cheaters are allowed to play dead game? Nothing to do here.
Why busted cheaters are allowed to comment this site? Nothing to do here.
i havent been busted anywhere, instead of mr ban m1tja. Fortunately, Im playing LoL and I dont have to see low cheaters, cya.
The game isn't dead, and we aren't allowing cheaters to play. We are simply not enforcing bans from ClanBase on CyberGamer since it is impossible to properly do so without access to the CB database. If a player is caught cheating, he will of course be banned on CG. We've already banned two cheaters and are happy to look into other cases if you'd like to send us proof with timestamps.
no need to reply to dumb shits like sebson, hes a waste of human flesh.
You or aniky still have arma timestamps :) do something with that , thx
dont defend him pls, he was fking obv :)

or idk what you mean with ':)'
Like your buttbuddies defend u when u wallhack
old story :) come with something new pls
kanker hypocriet, beetje huilen over anderen terwijl je het zelf ook doet
vanwaar plots zo'n aanval? heb je mij al eens goed zien spelen laatste weken? :) wat jank jij plots, wtf... ik gebruik nie eens iets
Het scrotum (ook wel balzak) is, bij mannelijke, niet-testiconde zoogdieren, een buiten het lichaam hangende huidplooi (zakje) waarin de twee teelballen (testikels) hun plaats hebben.
Omdat jij als n hypocriet zit te huilen als andere mensen cheaters verdedigen, terwijl die niks anders bij jou doen en base
ik jank toch nie da ze hem defenden. Jij bent nu aan het janken hoor, wtf val jij me plots zo aan, ik doe nie eens iets. ik zeg gewoon dat arma(arms) opvallend was, samen met kauby, maar kauby is te weinig bewijs voor. En khad nike ook aangegeven :) zie je dat ik niet zomaar iedereen aangeef he, enkel degene die hacken :) Mensen willen ET tot levn brengen, geven busted spelers een nieuwe kans. En wat doen al die polen en nog anderen, hacken.. jezus... zo gaan er zeker nog veel willen spelen.
Quote Mensen willen ET tot levn brengen, geven busted spelers een nieuwe kans. En wat doen al die polen en nog anderen, hacken.. jezus... zo gaan er zeker nog veel willen spelen.

Maar toch zelf efkes cheate & een maand aan een stuk ontkenne met je vriendjes 10/10

ben ondertussen 4 maand gleden gebust, maar goed. Nog een nerdje die komt zagen over mij :) & een maand ontkennen met vriendjes, ik denk dat dit er nog vele maandjes gaan bijkomen om te ontkennen, ik was nie bezig :) stfu nu. Suc6 nog in je examens, en op ET :)
Zo lang zitte liege da ge uw eige leugens gelooft
dat heeft een naam he denkik. Hmm, misschien ben ik wel psychisch gestoord. Komaan plss, doe niet zo. Laat mij en m'n groepje nu toch eens fun hebben op ET en offi's en gewone wars spelen zonder beschuldigd te worden voor hacks terwijl we niet eens aan het hacken zijn. We zullen het tegendeel wel bewijzen met anticheat
Wat ViKO zegt

triest mannetje
Amaj, moetk nu in hoekje gaan huilen omdat ze me op een internetspelletje een triest mannetje noemen?
moet jij weten, zal mij vrij weinig interesseren
Top! bemoei je nu maar weer met je lol potjes
da zat ik ook te denken :)
ja idd, jij(ik ook) spelen enkel 1 spelletje. En wat is 3 offi's op een dag. Da is misschien 2 uur gamen ofzo. Wauww, wij houden ons ook niet bezig om een spel levend te houden. Neemt ook tijd in beslag, en spelen ook gene LOL. (btw timbo, ik aprecieer wel wat je doet om spel levend te houden daar niet van) maar je moet niet over base beginnen dat hij 3 offis op een dag soms speelt.. Dat is gewoon iets zeggen omdat je nie weet wa te zeggen.
:DDDDDD ik toon toch begrip :ooooo xd
nah mate would never defend him or the other guys.. nowadays :)
ow oke :) but he was just shooting @ door on some1 head . And he couldn see him :) and tracking and weird aim and tracking through box and many more :D if he's not busted. Idk what they need more to bust some1
Ye where is the anticheat.. pfff
24.12.2014 Kerstman will bring
1 year with clean offi's :D
versus you always :)
Kitt in Democrew
Kitt in democrew
s1lent raping faces
il a joué contre 3 kazims
[00:27] <sMiRZz> no just mad cause played vs vyji whing
[00:27] <sMiRZz> so i was pissed
[00:27] <sMiRZz> and launched the wh
01[00:27] <SkyLinee> wh + aimbot
[00:27] <sMiRZz> not aimbot
01[00:27] <SkyLinee> u shoot 65 headhots on 5000 dmg
01[00:27] <SkyLinee> its amzing
01[00:27] <SkyLinee> amazing
[00:27] <sMiRZz> ok when you see everyone
01[00:27] <SkyLinee> u shoot all the time 3 hs
[00:27] <sMiRZz> easy to shoot hs
[00:28] <sMiRZz> hitbox are better
[00:28] <sMiRZz> duno why
[00:28] <sMiRZz> i tell you that i was whing
[00:28] <sMiRZz> i dont care to tell you
[00:28] <sMiRZz> if i was aimboting
[00:28] <sMiRZz> i wwas not

easy for admins !
u should take screenshot, moron
every1 can fake that :)
easy for admin plz stop it its sad trying to bust smirzz he is clean he just got big ego and mad when one is cheating if he say i reconnect with hack he lie and smirzz its 10 years on ET never bust , playing LAN . FO
[21:47] <SkyLinee> hey remember when i cheated vs you noob?
[21:47] <monkeyy> yes
[21:48] <SkyLinee> haha my wh > ur skill
[21:48] <SkyLinee> fucking pwned u
[21:48] <SkyLinee> aimvalues was high and hs u all time
[21:49] <monkeyy> ok ty for the info
plz stop it its sad trying to bust skyline he is clean he just got big ego and mad when one is cheating if he say i reconnect with hack he lie and skyline its 10 years on ET never bust , playing LAN . FO
AS if lan means anything. :s
you obv didnt get the troll
it's nejm.
Never know for sure if he is trolling.
Pretty sure he looks like a troll though...
sal nerd de merde vas te faire foutre gros enculer de petit rageux a la con j'vous niques vous et vos petites merdes de polonais tarés avec vos vieux cheveux gras d'itinérant handicapé bande de pd d'autiste de mon cul
crono <3 xD les batard de polonais
[1:26:21] <[CG]szczurek> hey boss, are we gonna roll those all mad nerds with our hacks tonight? just like we did many times before? ^^
[1:27:14] <ohurcool> :D
[1:27:31] <ohurcool> dunno, tired after my work
[1:28:53] <ohurcool> + have to ban some cheaters ;/
[1:29:47] <[CG]szczurek> c'mon, one game
[1:30:09] <[CG]szczurek> i like to make them mad ^^
[1:32:02] <ohurcool> ok, but fast pls
[1:32:54] <[CG]szczurek> love ya <3
dunno why are u pretending that ur innocent, if all ur teammates said the same about u. Besides ur moments in the past, you were so obvious :) for now i cant say only your teammate said to me ur still the same old guy.
was easy for m1tja <3
only aimbot smz no wh
smz reconnecting with aimbot + wh cus he getting owned by me and my "wh" mad fils de pute u are
[22:58] <VYJIII> sMiRZz_
[22:58] <VYJIII> can play offi /
[22:58] <VYJIII> ?
01[22:58] <sMiRZz_> no you wh
[22:59] <VYJIII> roffl
01[22:59] <sMiRZz_> if you admit it
01[22:59] <sMiRZz_> i play
[22:59] <VYJIII> wtf ROFL
[22:59] <VYJIII> aimbot + wh
01[22:59] <sMiRZz_> humanized so
01[22:59] <sMiRZz_> cause you still suck
[22:59] <VYJIII> ye himanized
[23:00] <VYJIII> and wh
[23:00] <VYJIII> its private
[23:00] <VYJIII> bimbot
01[23:00] <sMiRZz_> k


Enjoyed reading this 10/10
Enjoyed reading this 10/10

Legit players (like VikoDick) are an extinct specie in this game.
Everyone these days has a cheat on his pc, not necessary using it.
But can put it on, when he wants to.
bullshit, stop being so dramatic
Perhaps I'm dramatic, but you're the blind to see some of the truth mate.
Watch more demo's.
For example bobika on crossfire. Watched it, and (sadly) have to agree with that annoying cunt.
Yeah, yeah, another public server admin hero who thinks I'm blind / dumb / lazy because I don't instantly ban every single reported "cheater"...

You said "Everyone these days has a cheat on his pc, not necessary using it. But can put it on, when he wants to." That is bullshit, and you know it. Or if you truly feel that way, then maybe you should just leave and quit posting such dramatic and depressing comments all the time. It doesn't make you look cool or intelligent to constantly be calling ET dead or talking about how easy it is to cheat without an AC, especially when you haven't even been around that long.
I know more as you in some ways.
I knew before you how to easily it was to cheat with Tzac, back when you feeled so safe with it.
And I've been to long in ET, so don't go saying "especially when you haven't even been around that long".

And about those admins, I knew it's a pain for you guys. I did the same, but we see more cheaters than anyone of clanbase (or cybergamer) sees...
We warn you, we can even sent you demo's. But for some dark reason, nobody of you guys ever care.
It gets even better! You ignore us. Partly I understand (i do), but partly it should be an community admin-job, to investigate.
It would mean to much work for you guys, which none of you is actually willing to do.

Server Admins always have to go to crossfire, hope some guy with a bit of influence watch it (or alot of people comment on it/watch it) and THEN, almost THEN ONLY you guys start to watch it and ban.

Sad that clanbase is down, in the COD community they did an awesome job in watching demo's and banning them.
On the other hand, those admins were with alot AND were good in it (being a trusty admin) too.

And yes, you're right. I don't want to fight you anymore. You'll always ignore what I say, tell me I know nothing about it, while I was screaming, buttering your ass about what was going to happen with this game, and what was happening.
It's like for some reason, you don't want to see cheaters, unless they are way to obvious as Chillax/arnold were.
And history have proven, they always admit it after they denied it for so long. You just have to nag about it to them. Pathetic, but sadly the truth.

The only thing you want, so it seems, that everyone just be quiet about this game relating to cheaters.
Open your eyes (by teamviewing fanatic pc for example, you gonna be amazed. But yeah, why listen to me.. I've just predicted all of this shit months ago, that's all.)
Haha, I knew you were gonna mention chaplja and TZAC. You didn't "predict" anything, and I doubt that you even know the full story of what happened. But yeah, keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.

You are a prime example of why I can't stand public server admins. Where is this ego coming from? What have you done to contribute to ET that justifies being so quick to criticize me and other actual admins who actually contribute on a daily basis?

Would you like to know the difference between me as an admin and you as an "admin"?

Your entire job is to protect one public ET server from cheaters and retards. You can mute, kick, and ban anyone you want without needing to back it up with proof or defend or explain yourself. They have no chance to appeal or complain to anyone, because it's just a game server. They can move on to the next one, and all is well. The vast majority of cheaters are very obvious, since there is no need to use bots with low settings or private cheats on a public server. Most players are not on comms with each other, so you don't have to worry about the possibility that he was simply told where the enemy was going to be. With RCON, it's as easy as typing one command and you have the full IP address of every player on the server at all times.

Just one of my many responsibilities is to keep cheaters from playing ET. Not just on one server, but in an entire league. There were 145 ladder matches played on 15+ different servers in the first week of CG ET. And not every match was played on ETTV. I'm expected to keep every single one of these games clean and ban anyone who cheats the instant that they do. I get PM'd every day with nothing more than links to matches on GamesTV and am told to watch the entire replay because player A thinks player B was cheating. I am expected to spend an hour watching a match because of a hunch. If I don't, then I am flamed for allowing cheaters to play.

And it doesn't stop there. When I actually do ban a cheater, I have to provide solid evidence that he was cheating. If he was wallhacking, I have to prove that the action wasn't caused by comms, sound, game sense, or pure luck, but rather by cheating. If he was using some sort of humanized aimbot, it is nearly impossible to prove that he was cheating. I also have to provide proof that the player in the demo matches 100% with the player's account on the league website. If I don't have this proof, he can simply appeal and get unbanned by people with more authority than me.

Once I successfully ban a cheater, my job is now to keep him from creating new accounts to play or simply continuing to play under a new nickname which is incredibly difficult since there is no way I can be present on every single server for every single match.

Other things I have to deal with? I have to keep the ladders running smoothly. I have to run cups and cup seasons on a regular basis. I have to sit on IRC and answer stupid questions from players who are too lazy to read the FAQ. I have to constantly be thinking of new things to help keep this game and community alive. I have to endure flame and whine daily.

What accomplishments have you made? I re-wrote all of the ET cup and ladder rules and updated the maplists. I created and ran something called a "Ladder Activity Challenge" which had never been done before. I ran an entire NationsCup season pretty much by myself. I brought 2on2 back. I helped keep TZAC alive along with Marcus, despite the fact that its developer not only abandoned the project and left us alone but also ended up returning to sabotage it all. I started the first real ET democrew. I introduced a new anticheat called UAC to ET. I have written 70+ newsposts, banned hundreds of accounts, and processed thousands of tickets. I helped convince CyberGamer EU to support ET and am currently running its ET section along with a few others. I just finished up plans for the first CG EU ET cup season.

So yeah, my duties as an admin are a bit more demanding than yours. I could go on, but it really isn't worth it. I am terrible sorry that I have disappointed you so much in my quest to keep ET clean, but you're just gonna have to deal with it.

You mentioned the ClanBase CoD2 admins and democrew. Yes, they did a good job. Why? The democrew had 10+ active players in it with 5+ active admins. They had a demo server and private forums. Players were always submitting demos with timestamps, so all they had to do was simply watch a demo at certain times and determine if the player was cheating. They also had PB on their side. I have 30% of their resources, no PB, and hardly ever receive timestamps.

There is a difference between being blind and staying positive. The reason I don't constantly discuss cheaters in public is everyone knows there are cheaters. Talking about it all of the time just adds to the paranoia and results in accusations being thrown around every time someone loses a war. I know what I am talking about because I see it as both an admin and a player. My job is to keep this game alive by keeping people happy and interested, yet here you are trying your best to make everyone else as paranoid and delusional as you.

I don't want everyone to be quiet, just you.
xd nice wall of text :D
That's why you need more admins. Since apparently you have to much on your hands.
Edit: and to be clear, not doubting your hard work for et.
Hands up for that, that's what you want to hear right?
Since obviously all of this is getting to your head (to much for you).

also: Marcus blocked chapja, so don't go saying developeprs left and all of that shit.
I would do a payback too if I was chap.
You knew a shit about Tzac untill Marcus came.

np. You did great.
I'm not asking you to thank me or tell me I'm doing a good job. If you think you can do better, go for it. Until then, it's probably best to just keep your silly comments to yourself.

Oh, and thanks for proving my point that you don't know what you're talking about in regards to chaplja and TZAC.
I wish GTV/CF would work like reddit: you could just downvote every idiot's opinions. It would be a lot easier. Every stupid troll would just get ignored.
If you base yourself on Marcus, yes you'll think that I'm wrong.
damn son antichrsit would be proud of all this adminings
lol you think somebody is going to read this?
that's not bullshit :D we all have cheats on PCs
schrijf anders ne hele boek erover. En als je da echt zegt da iedereen hacks eeft, dan moet jij er toch zeker zelf hebben staan. Stop met je bulshit man. Die admin's doen ook hun best maar.
1 ) ja
2) nee
3) en nu ga jij het plots openemen voor admins? Wat?? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
4) Ik heb nooit problemen met je gehad. Dus ik ga er niets vuil aan maken
Hasnt ViKO told you about his aimbot yet
If he cheats (again? wasn't he banned back in the old days? or was that undead?), this game is dead.
ViKO is from kazim's and kApot's generation
What? Kapot was on jaymod when he was 11 or so?
Then was viko playing etpro already.

so are you :S
True story, tell that to Ohurcool
Then leave it already, never come back and spare us with ur comments.
mad cuz bad
All the drama xD
dafuq did i just read
2014 ET drama