cdap-Black vs dystopia (5825 views)

de 4live
ch crAsh
ru Joke
ru rivz
ru officer
se duNja
il destiny
be Flashy
be rAndori
nl Nonick
hu seNti
de myth6s
nl chin0
nl Fritsie
nl foXy
Premier League Group F
04.05.08 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6v6 OpenCup Spring 2008
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: 4live (Generaladmin)
Maps: Supply

Total Pot: € 7929
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
xx #cdap ettv1 |
By: 4live (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 50


gl Tom :)
lolz ;] will wn.
mtz fo tha win! :D
uhm senti for the win, they are not that good without him
:D all teams without 1 player suck! 5v6 :D gg point useless ( hes main lineup)
Even if he is playing with them they aren't good.
etix toze nada naebat !!!
he dzien przed maturami :D
gl flshy
sadly enough cdap will get out cheated
low + cleaners vs low + ETX users.

he played vs us too :C's sad that his mates still didn't kick him even he got busted few days ago. You know what will happen? ..when will be he finally baned the whole clan should get banned too for supporting a busted cheater.
;) ET full of cheaters imo =) evry1 'med+' is a haxer
you are stupid then
gl crashh <333
go cheater myth6s
gl dystopia
we'll bust them :)
I will bust you :<
lolz you have same hacks so shut the .. :p
gl cheater myth6s
gogo cdap pwns ;P hope this cheater (myst6x) is baned!
gl crashhhh <3332333 (it s me crz<)
gl 4live & cdap

PS All my 5 euros on cdap =D
Flashy crab :D
med+/high vs high

hard to tell
med+/high ? :XDDDDDDDDDD
med+ vs med+
Highest settings win!
tag steal0rz
No Frauwe no win!
lol :D = i have to work at that time.
next ofi on a day i can play and we will win fo sho :D
gl 2o6 and stuff D:
gl dystopia !!!!
gl 4live <3
gl silent and crash
it's supply / karsiah not supply / bremen
karsiah mmmmkay
gl cdap
Lineup eu Dystopia:
be Flashy
nl Foxy
nl Nonick / Arend
hu seNti
be Nickj
be rAndori

nl Fritsie
be Frauwe
eyy WTF myth6s still not baned or wtf???????????????????????
woooo....easy for cdap|
4live out sILENT in
no PaRRa please in your lineup!
gl duNja and mAx, btw sILENT-fCuker own my arms:)
btw, duNz, destiny must play rifle;) whine please:)
GL and HF both teams!
dystopia haxors
gl 4live und silent :)
gl cdap ! :)
will be 2-4 imo, but my bet is on cdap, because me wantz money
Change in lineup: No seNti nor Foxy, Falconneke and fritsie will replace them!
#andyF1 ettv Server 5 ISNT ON GAMESERVER!

this match ucan whatch on this1 8Bits-Gamers.ETTV.3
need ettv server ;(
gg cdap
wp cheaters
flashy owner x[