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United Cup III - 3on3
UB - Final

#ET:U - United Cup III - Facebook
08.09.15 22:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: United Cup III - 3on3 » Matchlink
Manager: Sebhes (Highadmin)
Maps: Sp_delivery_te
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Total Pot: € 32030
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Enemy Territory TV

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Make me rijk TV, ty.
GL guys!
hf both
Thx mates
gl stray
hf malakas and soon-belguim-fans
Are you referring to Euro Cup biatch :P?
yes :D i heard on the radio that within one day (?) over 40k dutch people joined a facebook group or something where they teach them how to sing the belguim national anthem + they can swap their jerseys
Welcome to Belgium. Where our team doesn't fail us.
RIP Holland :s

Kinda sad actually, I almost feel bad joking about it :s
Well Belgium didn´t perform in ages, so it´s a good thing that this generation finally lives up to the hype.
? :D
You probably meant: Belgium wasn't performing when I was born, untill now?
If not, google the history.

And yes, yes.. Holland was most of the time the better. There is even one game, I guess it was EU Qualifications, where Holland won from us
=> we couln't go to EK :'(
Belgium has the same selection for 5 years already and they didn't really perform what they should with all this PL stars.
But but, did you watch the World Cup?
Did you see how 'unlucky' they lost from Argentina?

On the other hand they are absolutely playing rubbish football now in the qualifiers. So maybe you're right.
Most expensive team (main LU) in the world. So maybe yes, they have to do better than what they are doing now.

But but.. they are doing what they need to do: win.
Sadly, the football they are showing us, is sometimes a bit rubbish :(
Ofc I did watch the World Cup and they have had some good games. NL also lost to Argentina with penalties. Teams like Argentina play like that and you got to deal with that :/ Nevertheless, I think Belgium will do good this year, finally :P
You really can't drive, teamkiller
:o, zelfs als die me naam ziet op ettv wordt hij aan zijn nachtmerrie herinnerd. Het was een donkere dag, vergeef me, ik zag geen hand voor ogen toen we de sprong van de berg maakte :D Mjn voet slipte over het gaspendaal en toen was het al te laat..
gl outlaw
DUCKS would've won if they had FiREBALL.
Outlaw recking this game
Finally, after 6 bans :D!
Why is he retard? You are the current scene's most busted player. It's a fact.
Still mad?
No. I don't think you cheat. But what I said above is a fact, isn't it. Embrace it.
Sure but saying the same thing over and over again is a bit sad
Some may say getting busted like 6 times is even more sad.
people saying such things as "thats what she said" or "kappa" over and over and its not called sad. I think ur amound of bans is still funny point to joke, especially in different contexts, no offense.
Its fine. I like this interraction between us (K)
alter seid ihr schlecht gewordn :D
so ET is finally dead, wp
yup you can quit aswell cu
oioioi you two retards fit with each other perfectly <3
toi aussi nerd :D
:D tg mauvais capitaine :s
meilleur classement obtenu :D
Hi haters