sublime vs 8Bits/FiF*Green* (10799 views)

in Hype
pt sexyhot
pl wiadro
at beAsty
fi lettu
gb miXer
de FaKy
nl Barbon
nl Jo0f
nl Freedune
nl vanQuish
be Jere
be siL
be Worm
Winner takes 1st place of Group G in Premier League
20.07.08 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Summer Cup 2008
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: essAh (Generaladmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 69916
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de #andyF1 ettv Server 1
By: andyF1 (ettvd)
de #fayntic ETTV 2
By: h3ll (ettvd)
de OldMans - ETTV 1
By: 8Bits|Skydriver (ettvd)
By: GLH-Candyman (ettvd)
By: Mahjong (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 112


Total Pot: € 2
So easy for nl Jo0f.
nl Barbon
nl Jo0f
nl Freedune
nl vanquish
be Jere
be siL
be Worm
gij zit wel me een probleem e, wij moeten straks (19.00h) naar de voetbal!
gl wiaderko:D
izi for wiaderko and hype LoL
gl lettu
hopefully the server has an anti-crash thingy
sublime has very skilled players for example Hype
easy for them
hf Hype & wiadro :)
You have € 64 on be 8B|FiFg Cancel bet
Possible win: € 261.12
gl hype and mixer
FaKy playing ?:O
money on Friends in force! New talent ftw!
faky <3
FiF imo
gl hype
think FiF will take this one :)
we played vs both and in my opinion FiF is better but i played better vs sublime so it's just an opinion
Yeah. And u make the difference between the teams for sure :D
afaik they played with statti then :p
gl sublime
Will eat my hat if we lose this.
make a vid of that :D
i wanna see it ^^
I smell to much ego in this post
I smell too* much ego in this post
I smell to much ego in this post
I smell to much ego in this post
I smell totoototototoo* much ego in this post
i smell bad.
I smell he will crank up his bot
Ofcourse, we can't win any match without any bot. On CDC IV we sucked so extremely hard and now we are like 1 out of the 4 best teams in ET at the moment. That's just fucking ridicilious
die ziff is nen dikke kluutzak
en je bent een kanker mooie moffe 8>
resheduled to sunday 20.00
dejere Wednesday, 16th July 2008 22:23
resheduled to sunday 20.00
cancel bets pls, i wanna bet something :<
gl FiF
gl sublime
gl hype,mixer,worm

munies on sub <3
gl beAsty and Hype
go FiF!!
gl Worm :-)
Win fif
Gl wiadroooo!
Wiadro > all
Np for hype
You have € 40 on sub
Possible win: € 57.2

gl all :x
GL beasty
gl lettu
izi for lettu :)
GL wiaderko
You have € 121 on gb sub Cancel bet
Possible win: € 173.03
easy for hype ;) gl sub
You have € 250 on be 8B|FiFg Cancel bet
Possible win: € 732.5

go go go..
gl kibel !!!
You have € 67 on be 8B|FiFg Cancel bet
Possible win: € 202.34
gl widro
You have € 318 on sub
all money :]
I heard hype is better than 95% of the community, so easy for sublime!
only 90%, wouldnt be surprised if 95% by now, I mean, its been a while and he just gets better and better, It's really a shame we havent had the chance to see him play with the best in EC, NC or any of the Crossfire lans :((((
hype played ec?
atleast qualifiers
one qualifier match (afaik), clearly not enough for all the fans out there.
First time I actually agree with you lol
GL FiF hf worm
gL broertje
good luck beastyboy :>
gl fif u can do it
np for lettu
gl Hype & FaKy
gl hype
if 8bits was able to take a map from MPG, they will win this match ofc.

<3gl worm
well at that time mpg was in really bad shape.. other clans could steal a map too from them
2 eZ 4 FaKy and his touchpad!
You have € 7000 on gb sub Cancel bet
Possible win: € 10780

wasnt mixer the whining 'BOB' guy? :>

gl fif!
possible, he's British of course
almost 3-0 8bits, more cheetah's plz
kinderachtig; jaloezie
4-0 8bits xD
duke_ <3
4-0 fif, gg
Hype better as 90% of the community, but not better than Joof :(
4-0 fif <3
ye nice joof, some random just knowing where everyone is + 10k dmg and like 70 headshots, dutch anyway so expected =OD
sup hype?
He had twice 8k damage, worm had 10k (almost) on Supply.

worm is the cheater here !!
fuu!!! :((
You know it's true :>
well joof is more random :_D
den hype kan het nie aan
true, they probably bought a group account for cheats, wallhacks are so convenient
ramstein; kinderachtig. jaloezie
waarom zou ik jaloers zijn op gasten die zich met cheats proberen in de highskilled scene te mengen, das even waardeloos als doping
kerel ... ga naar cdc en ga daar ff specce bij joof of ne ander dan zie je dat de pure skill is .. fock man echt ga eerst wat bewijzen voordat je da gaat zegge
You need to update this match :D
You have € 7 on be 8B|FiFg
You won € 20.44
You have € 64 on be 8B|FiFg
You won € 186.88
You have € 100 on 8B|FiFg
You won € 292

Seriously fuck you sublime supposed to be med+ lose against med euro...
u obviously now nothing about anything :<
I obviously "K"now nothing yes.
you don't idd :<
So you think your squad is med+ euro ? let me say lol please...
no med+ usa, where do you think we live
FiFgreen is really good...
Although I lost 10k, nice on FiF!
lol gij meent da XDD
Het feit dat jij nog steeds ET speelt, zegt wel iets over je gemeend-heidsfactor :)
mja ge moet iets doen eh :P
en ik moet toch stoppe na de zomer, vanwege men studies dusja :(
dus ik geniet der nog wa van !
You have € 121 on gb sub
You lost

kruwa mac:/ nie mam juz hajsu
0-4 öö wtf?
i ty placzesz pAJAK? Ja 7000 wtopilem wiec smile;)
You have € 148 on be 8B|FiFg
You won € 432.16

nice worm clochard!
sublime is just a mix of good players.. FIF is a real team