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cz CLIF cheating on 11.09.13 21:11
i bet on the team. When bets are closed and during the match it was 1.29 but when i won it fastly changes to 1.01 and it was 3rd time. That faking retarded admins are cheating and wanna made us loose everything
be timbolina
Mathematically speaking those ratio's are almost never correct before or during the match. There is a way to calculate what the correct ratio will be when the match ends (I forgot how to).

This is not admins cheating or admins wanting you to lose gbooky.
us ohurcool
gb Kenzi
We plant "fakebets" to prevent odds from jumping to 1.01 vs 100 when the first bet is made and to prevent them from jumping left to right for the first couple of bets. After that there is enough "real" money on the match so the odds are stable enough (more or less) so the fakebets are taken out of the system.
Usually that is not a problem, but on matches with only a few bets, like that one, there are not enough bets for the system to take out the fakebets.
So when the match starts the fakebets are still in place during the match.
When the final odds are calculated after the match (to pay out winnings) the fakebets are of course removed, making the odds jump to their actual value.

Oh and next time you disrespect any of the admins, you'll take a short break from this website.

ca embarrassed
Kenzi very good admin can copy and paste 9/10
nl h3ll
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gb Kenzi
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This Thread is closed and cannot be commented on anymore.