1on1 league (16113 Views)

written by gb jhonb on 13.11.08 15:39


nice global player list
"1on1 leagu" omg ...


btw no website or anything like that?
only pl k.
you could sign up too
u has my real name :<
Hello, Id like to officially inform all the players about the opening of the league in 2on2.et format.
Sign up! http://www.2go2.pl/index.php?l=1&s=5&mod=leader&view=signup now only 16 clans
Can be global player list np GL HF
pl pl pl pl [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl] [flag=pl]

Do not trust
Like they need your trust.
gl crey
You can trust PL ! pl pl pl
I been in Matla I met realy nice people there I dont now wer you from KiL|3rBoY
The battle of the unhitables! Nice shit, so how much prefire and random headshots and 40 packers are we gonna see in this league? Amazing!
thats a nice league idd.
Never heard any of those before :D
This is fairly new league, but run by experienced people. You will have a chance to hear about it more now. We will do everything to give you a chance to play and show your skills, also win some prizes. We are still in the process of looking for a sponsor, but we hope that in our league you will be able to win nice prizes soon.
I really don’t understand your way of thinking pstarz-nemesis. First you seem to sum us up, and then you are asking us questions. It is as if I told you that you were a low player and then asked if you were.

Our league is open and we want to meet your expectations to make it interesting. Instead of your negative attitude you can get involved yourself. You can be admin or commentator/referee (watching the game very carefully and then writing a commentary). Everyone that likes playing in et is welcome, all you need to do is register on the website www.2go2.pl and add your clan. We have got loads of ideas for a cup and league. We will be fighting on et servers and apart from that we will be good friends helping each other.
crey is busted, why then he is allowed to play?
you found your sponsors searched @ CF ? :p
Gl Johny b. :)

Nice full pl :D
Satoshi nice fool !!!! France :D