ClanBase - NationsCup XII Groups (16954 Views)

written by sv blazer on 27.01.09 03:17


so many good nations :o its weird rly :)
i personally like group c the most gona be tight specially with japan and canada in the group :D
except for that "TEAM" slovenia and romania :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
lolol Slovenia better than you lol!!
250 vs 90 ping
stfu noob
loool slovenia better than you loool
we pwned ur ass so hard on sd last year
thx to the lag u won 2 shit stfu
cant remember that! [flag=cl] Chile perfomring well during years now!
i hope slovenia get raped :DDDD (chilean rage LOL)
gl [flag=ro] russia
Its going to be hard and interesting.
gl pol;)> all/{bel} xD
GL [flag=ee] EStonia
btw mAus playing with the belgtards?
nice nl - fin
easy 4 cro-jsut germany can beat us :D
swiss ftw!!!!! :D :D
gl team ita
look at blazer being all adminny and stuff
OMG, Group B is "Death´s Group" xD. GL Spain

PD: a por ellos perracas.