dESIRE vs Gamerz-Connexion (7143 views)

fr Sinus
fr Bruceh
fr keeji
nl 0V!E
no Eirik
de duKe_
be overdrive
fr emorej
fr frA
fr maxuh
fr RizZle
es Wezor
be xAv
ch DabSter
fr Eht
18.03.09 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XIX
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: mUnduS (Generaladmin)
Maps: Sp_delivery_te
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Total Pot: € 61888
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
fr #NerdVibes Radio
By: P3T4RD
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Language: French

Total Slots: 500
Listener Peak: unknown

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Gl WeZor & RizZle
gl hf and add overdrive to the lineup @ dESIRE ffs :p
we cant play withtout overdrive our landminer owner
gl vinodh! pak ze aan!
Il est la xavier-françois !
Gl ma couille
fra_ will take it !
gl eirik
izi for gzcon =\
on ne peut plus perdre, un des fils de texou a donné son avis : (castleofargh) et ca me fait mal de dire ca mais y a sans doute plus de cheaters dans l autre team que dans celle de sinus
gl Mr. Colonval / Tim / Bontjas
gl duke_
nP for dESIRE
overdrive=overdrive thats all
izi 4 gZcon
gl both
gl keeeeejiiiiiii :o)
not sure that he will play, better on lan than online :p
Have fun !!!
"pouette" ! :s fun 'fun
gl both

wezor dales caña!
rofl noobs!!!!!
gl ovie
gl emorej, fra rizzle !
gl to both teams gl duke emo maxuh et xAv ofc :DDD
gL mes petits dESIRE , facile ;)
gL fra
kikoo allan :)
hey bien ou bien =) ?
ba ca va, putain tu reviens quand? :'( viens en hollande avec nous :p
gl tim:)
gl Eirik
go go rizzle : )
rizzle will prolly not play :)
goooooooo duKe
gl dabster
add chDabster instead of frrizzle
gl Fremont aka fra :p
gl bruce
gl ovieeeee + dukeee
gl desire, ovie
GL desire!
ovie show your skills pimp!
GL =)
No kARn4J no win ;] Gl dESIRE!
gl desire <3 duke and overdrive..^^
gl ovie overdrive
gl both teams
gl eirik, duke, maxuh, emo <3
gl tim
dabsterrr !
2-2 decider now
gL ovie geld op jullie weer!
zet hem op ovie
4-2 for dESIRE
how can gzcon lose?
but gg, close decider
You have € 250 on fr dESIRE
You won € 1402.5
You have € 223 on fr gZcon
You lost
You have € 250 on fr dESIRE
You won € 1402.5

thx Timmy lad!
You have € 121 on fr dESIRE
You won € 678.81
You have € 95 on dESIRE
You won € 532.95

You have € 18 on fr gZcon
You lost
You have € 68 on fr dESIRE
You won € 381.48

fallait just y croire ^^
getting rich ^^
You have € 5 on fr dESIRE
You won € 28.05
You have € 1265 on gZcon
You lost
You have € 7000 on fr gZcon
You lost
they looked so good against mamut :[
it's not the same lineup, most of that are playing @ Authentic now.. sunday :)
and hows it going with auth?
not that bad I guess :) Just have to get rid of the minor mistakes and we should be ok.
lineup was different.
wp desire, you really deserved this win, grats and gl at ec
You have € 51 on dESIRE
You won € 286.11
Well played !
You have € 49 on fr dESIRE
You won € 274.89
tnx :D
gratz duKe_

but sad for emorej, fra, wezor and co. hope to see you owning ESL Major Series 4!
You have € 9 on fr dESIRE
You won € 50.49

i played so shitty ;(
gratz atoon!
You have € 50 on dESIRE
You won € 280.5

You have 613 on dESIRE
You won 3438.93
omfg noobs:DDDDDD You have € 1337 on fr gZcon
You lost
eht's back after quite a few years?
kestudis, he's never been completely inactive
You have € 250 on fr dESIRE
You won € 1402.5
gzcon looks like a dream team lineup for me, cant understand how they lost tbh xD
they was more llike a mix imo
my fault :p
You have € 100 on fr dESIRE
You won € 561
didnt see this coming when desire got ovie as desire !!
You have € 300 on dESIRE
You won € 1683

Bien joué les retards, vous avez été plus réalistes !
i knew it <3
You have € 1685 on fr dESIRE
You won € 9452.85

vous etes des bogossss
( Rank 3 / 3,763 )


F*** (non, pas fek.)
You have € 2000 on fr dESIRE
You won € 11220
You have € 15 on fr dESIRE
You won € 84.15


Ah ah, vous restez au top mes choupinets :)
gg mes copains <3
You have € 432 on dESIRE
You won € 2423.52