Impact Gaming vs aToOn esports (9925 views)

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Group D
06.04.09 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XIX
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: mUnduS (Generaladmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 73549
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By: eVo (ettvd)

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gl tekoa and hype!
whos that tba swetard?
It's a tradition dating from QuakeCon 2005, where iNfensus listed their lineup (spear, civ, APE, FeTTe, ozzy, tba) using se tba for feruS as he was still playing with Northern Darkness in EuroCup so couldn't officially join iN. Everyone knew it was feruS, but people started joking about this mysterious swedish guy with the nick 'tba' who was amazing at ET, and using the swedish flag for a yet-to-be-confirmed player just stuck...

As it happened, iN didn't go to QuakeCon anyway because of a car crash involving spear's best friend iirc. Long story short, tba isn't any nationality, just means that syK can't play :(
hehe okey :) thx for the info mate :)
I always wondered why the tba is a wnb swede but got the explanation now, thx :D
tba was not for ferus, it was for the 6th they were currently searching as infensus were still planning on attending quakecon after spear left the team. The lineup for their showmatch before the lan was civ, fette, ape, ferus, ozzy and tba. They just couldnt find a swedish speaking rifle and so didnt attend. I'm pretty sure Northern Darkness are quite a bit later than infensus and feruS was playing EC with u96d and was set to go to the lan with them. Northern Darkness were around two seasons after quakecon.
oh my ...
Trust me, I checked my facts. I ran the tournaments at both QuakeCon and EC that year.
Northern Darkness didnt play in the Eurocup before Quakecon, so how can you possibly be right? The EC before Quakecon was U96d and Paradia in the final. Ferus played in that final for u96d. As for checking your facts, just looking on cb would tell you that you are wrong.
lol - yeah, you're right, of course. I was a year out, I had logic, honest, but it was completely screwed (I was assuming it was QuakeCon 2006, but it was 2005). Anyway, I'm fairly certain everyone knew it was feruS, I certainly knew from a reliable source quite soon after the news announcement. I still ran qcon and adminned EC that year though! :D
FeruS was in the lineup for the tba announcement, tba was just put there as they still hadnt found anyone to replace spear. tba did just literally mean to be announced as they hadnt found anyone yet, wasnt any secret identity about it.
fra is not allowed to play, is he?
no he aint afaik
o god not evo, we might aswell forfeit now :(
evo will crush you!!1!111
GL impact
gl hype
evo? :DDDDD
good luck Grubasku:)
gl hype mixer blitz
gl Paul make it happen son
GL impact , kick some ass tekoa :D
good lu k guys
atoon can do it with evo playing
atoon :***
gl evo
gl fra
il est encore en remplacement?
chui pas autorisé a play les 2 premieres semaines vu que g joué un quali
gl roxor
all bet on aToOn evo is playing!
gl atoon! manj, scuba and mixer <3

eVo :'D
Good luck hype and shitty
Easy for hype just missing ya medic m8
atoon will win if eVo is playing.
doubt it :]
we are the worst team in ec, we have no chance
worst team in EC but too good for OC Prem o:
hf teKoa !
gl Impact! Go get them Evo!
someone needs to fix ettv
You have € 100 on aToOn
Possible win: € 1130

easy moneh.. no fra = no win for impact!!
jauhis ftw
hype 8,6k? tell me ettv is failing :XD
better than majority
he had bug-stats in there from the prac before, dont worry, dont believe the hype!

(see what i did there?)
I c what u did there.
well played with the mine on main when we played grush
u got me there :-D
i thought it was rather clever myself
very creative & intoxicating.
that doesnt make sense.
ye it does, faggit
sal powning it up
wp, enjoyed
6 hypes...
You have € 15 on eu aToOn
You lost