Impact Gaming vs 1stCav eSports Club (11001 views)

mt toxic
nl M1lk
nl teKoa
pl wiaderko
pl naga
fr frA
gb eVo
pl s1lent
pl Jebutor
es WeZoR
gb TEKN0
fi Sanda
fi Spirea
pl LoCk
Group D
16.04.09 21:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XIX
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: mUnduS (Highadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 77857
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Enemy Territory TV
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GL frA! eZwin 4 impact! Gl both
fra ogmgologmgpmgogmgoglgggmgogolmgogmgoglmg 2ez
Easy Win Impact !.
Have fun :)
gl jake =D
gl devilry
GL jake!
GL Impact!
gl wiaderko and naga
omg lockhead omg
eVo die please u suck more then my dog
toxic naga wiaderko M1lk teKoa fra will play this
gl sanda spirea and jake :)
seems like devilry wildcarded, no game tonight
is it sure that this wont be played today?
yes 100% sure, they wildcarded
rescheduled to Thursday 16th April 21cet
gl eVo ^^
no game today
gl spirea
You have € 5 on pl devilry Cancel bet
Possible win: € 173.8
get me rich :D
hopefully toxic will play good this time...
i had 1 bad game where i had 200+ ping, just relax god! :D
gl steve, naga, wiaderko. will be gg to you, but gl & hf
gl tekno spirea sanda toxic & tekoa
gl spirea n sanda n lock ! :)
hopefully toxic will play good this time...
go go go go impact
tekno is shit!!! gl jake :D
H2K vs Impact on baserace would be great.. :)
gl TEKN0 <3
gl devilry ! :-)
add weZor to the lineup, and remove h20 i think
murrilos dos noobosssssssss
pl jebutor
pl s1lent
fi Sanda
fi Spirea
no Eirik
es WeZor
gb TEKN0
What happened to h20?
[devilry-h20xygn] devilry-jebutor I wont be backup. Dont fucking talk to me again.
[devilry-h20xygn] Enjoy your new merc
[devilry-h20xygn] hope you lose EC
[devilry-h20xygn] fucking retard
hf teko toxi and fra ;z
dans la shite? ca blaire :s:s:s
GL Eirik + devilry :)
gl s1lent :D hf Devilry
Sanda & Spirea :)
fra from rtcw? All my money on impact!
izi for impact
is it just me not following the scene or the second team seems totally random?
too much life...:D
Spirea :-)
LOL s1lent low max MORE NOBS....
And who the fuck are you?
allez fremont tu peux le faire
gl tekno and WeZoR
Make me proud s1LENT! <3
fun 4 impact
gl tekno =D
GL Both Teams :]
Ill watch
[14:06:01] [WeZoRr] <WeZoRr> <WeZoRr> <@auth`saKen> 1. Add the player to your clan
[14:06:01] [WeZoRr] <WeZoRr> <WeZoRr> <@auth`saKen> 2. The player must spend or have spent 1 entire matchweek (Mo-Su) before or during the group phase without playing for any clan in the cup.
[14:06:01] [WeZoRr] <WeZoRr> <WeZoRr> <@auth`saKen> 3. Fill out the APL Form
[14:06:01] [WeZoRr] <WeZoRr> <WeZoRr> <@auth`saKen> 4. Happy gaming!

wezor wont be able to play...
Has wezor played for another team in OC/EC in the last week? Because if not that rule is eminently bendable (hell, it's bendable even if he has, but I wouldn't recommend it). I should know, I was an expert when I was CB sup! Observe:

2. The player must spend or have spent 1 entire matchweek (Mo-Su) before or during the group phase without playing for any clan in the cup:

This is the most vague rule in history if the sup wants to bend it. I am sure that at some point either during or before the group phase, WeZor didn't play for any clan in this cup. Perhaps for a matchweek (Mo-Su) in, say, October, when the cup wasn't even running? There's nothing in the rules saying that rule #2 has to be done after rule #1. There is also no clause saying that this 'entire matchweek' can't be before his most recent game in the cup for another team. The rule has holes so big you can drive a whole team of mercs through it in a bus, if you need to.

I expect you don't need to bend it that much, as he's not even played in OC/EC at all this season yet, has he?
nope not at all, thanks for this information btw.
gl devilry
<3 s1lent shout out nigger
its TEKN0 sanda and spirea vs impact.....why are you guys playing in same team with shitters?
tekno IS one of the "shitters"
omg fra omg
izi bash for tekoa!
Game is moved to 21:30
go go go grubasku :D

gl dla ciebie tez Kamilku :)
gl lock jesli bedziesz grac :d
score ?
2:2 ;]
wp devilry
4:2 impact, was gg.
gg wp, gl impact, nice game
gg wp
nice decider impact, but rest match you played shit tbh!
we know!

but we actually had a crappy first stage defence at bremen as well
at least you know it :]
adler was fine except for the epic fuckup falling back to 2nd stage :D
Good effort devilry! :D
didnt think i could see worse rifle than h20 but oviously tekno is a good contender for that title.
haha :DDD

the first shot @ adlernest made me laugh :))
me not xD !
did i tk you with it? somebody jumped in my way and i hit the wall :D
Nice game, gg impact & devilry ;D
Thanks aCid ;)
gg nt devilry ;)
Worst thing of the whole match was wiaderko blocking me for 5/6 seconds or something on radar (at the truck).

The hell was he doing.
the usual stuff, u kno!
Worst thing of the whole match was teKoa blocking me for 5/6 seconds or something on radar (at the truck).

The hell was he doing.
I think he just likes to be close to u
ggs, kinda achieved our goal with one map win :)
wd mate

sorry, I couldn't help it spirea :(
I enjoy this result alot!