South-America vs Canada (5619 views)

br hello
cl nozz
sv blazer
cl Giova
cl merce
cl m@x
ca Tranix
ca anim
ca punkk
ca rossko
ca Empty
ca crimzon
Evil Territory League
North American All-Stars Event
30.04.09 03:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: North America All-Stars 2009
Manager: blazer (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 15239
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Enemy Territory TV
de ## -HoheLuft- ## | ETTV #1
By: Saeufer (ettvd)
de #andyF1 ettv Server 1
By: andyF1 (ettvd)
By: cl4ym4n (ettvd)
de |>B<| TV #1
By: vidi (ettvd)
de Ana's ETTV #4 [old]
By: w0nd3r (ettvd)
By: eLemenT`Uther (ettvd)
de OldMans - ETTV 3
By: blazer (ettvd)
sv ETTVoD Demo Recorder
By: blazer (ettvd)
By: shadz (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
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blazer will actually start lol
not like you.
i cant make those games anyway due to life LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
mission, where are you in this line up?
he's too good to be in this lineup
im @ the same place as u
ya btw SA gonna get raped
que hago ahi ? no tenia idea XD
shaun PUTO
be rich or die trying
Canada will rape them

US server?
should be a good game, I think canada will edge it out in 3 maps :)
youd better shoutcast it fag
depends if n1d casts the other game.
my name has 2 'k' 's please dont spell it wrong XD

and please put atleast one colombian in the team so it will have most of the countries of south america
most? theres a lot of other south american countries too :D
not many of them have ET players :DDD
check jaymod ! youd be suprised :D
didn't know that 24/7 jaymodders belonged in an ALLSTAR cup.
OOOH i misread what punkk said :D
what stars are currently playing besides m@x
nozz, the other chileans arent too bad, don't really know blazer's game skills or the brasilians :d
allright cheers, worth watching if you basicly never watch ettv,... ever?
um, nozz is a beast shot, m@x is a pretty good rifle

and from canada you can always watch anim, tranrex, rossy the boss, punkk the black frenchie and the empty hearted man
i dont like punk, too much ego.
lol really?? didnt know i had a big ego maybe back in the day in .55 XD
thats basicly where i remember you from, NBK|Punkkkk
Hopefully hello and venuz will play, because let's face it, they are the best ET-players South America has ever seen.

Boa sorte hello & venuz <3

stpd should've been there though :<
izi for South american Vamosss putooss yo soy peruano GANA PARA MI :D
good luck south america :P
Give'em hell!


f u kyle :)
since I wont be able to play im guessing that South america will win because I am fucking terrible and there is no euros to carry me:) fu m@x and nozz :DDDDDDD
Mistaken I will have already told you this by the time you read this but you can cast whichever games you want. I'll try and get my shit set up so you can do the play by play and I can interrupt during full outs by making fart noises with my mouth. I can't think of a better way to do it.
Why are the 2 matches 15 minutes apart..
pon me en el south american liena porque yo nasi en peru :D so yo puedo jugar :D COMON MAX :D tu sabes que yo soy bueno ^^
where's Raptor !!
im still laughing out laut at gnome
where is nightmare?
no crimzon = no win
no rockstar = no win
gnome = canadian xD
anywai gl can :D
no shaun = insta win np
hf Blazer + Canada =)
looking forward to seeing canada fail
This match will be on Wednesday, Apr. 29 @ 9:30 EST... which is Thursday, Apr. 30 @ 02:30 GMT
GamesTV says 10:30 PM EST.
blazer just cant fucking tell time and he always fails with ettv
Tranix, kill some Chili's for me plx ! :D
Blazer playing? all in on Canada then :p
You have € 16 on CAN
Possible win: € 18.08

rofl anim BLOWS definatly easy money with the south americans
omfg it's punkk
np 4 canada
np 4 blazer :)
blazer will carry as always :DDDDDDDDDD
lulz :D all my money on them
South america will get raped to hard :<
suerte vividores
fo'sho fo'sho
gl rossko
nozz's a pretty good shot too ... i heard that hello guy is very good and if you dont like to spec lagers spec one of the 6 canadians for some sickfrugz
np 4 gnome + crimzon

CAN line up


Relax buddy.
im not your buddy guy XD
Im not your guy, Friend.
easy for chile
blazer playing.... easy for canada
shaun playing, easy bash for canada
G1ova best shoT :DDDDDDDD
yeah, I will finally get rich in this stuff

You have € 327 on cl south-a Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1605.57
You have € 700 on south-a
Possible win: € 2814

gl nozzzyyy
go blazer go choot choot pew pew

lol gl all
gl mistaken
all in on CAN
nice team south
4-0 can
You have € 700 on south-a
You lost
You have € 800 on ca CAN
You won € 1232

plata facil
anim unbanned yet?
only banned at CB for a retarded reason.
retarded reason :D
Yeah, how else would you call it?
You have € 392 on CAN
You won € 603.68

Cheers canucks!
thx for money .ca
L O L my last 20€ :<