Impact Gaming vs ButtonBashers (12140 views)

mt toxic
gb syK
nl teKoa
nl M1lk
pl wiaderko
pl naga
es Winghaven
lv Clown
it XyLoS
fi Matias
fi lettu
fi olBaa
Winners Bracket Final of ET Masters - Played at Crossfire Challenge 6
01.05.09 15:45 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ET Masters: Division 1
Manager: Adacore (Highadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 105978
The bets are closed.

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cz TeamPlay Radio
By: w0nd3r
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Language: Czech
fr #Gamerz-Connexion
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fr #NerdVibes Radio
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us -50 Slots
By: Hitch
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Language: spanish

Total Slots: 1,900
Listener Peak: 29

Enemy Territory TV
cz #ssx-netteam ETTV #1
By: Santa-Claus (ettvd)
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de Ana's ETTV #2 [old]
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de eX|ETTV.1'
By: Xenofreak (ettvd)
de #1
By: Broodman (ettvd)
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de Lost Soldiers ETTV
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de OldMans - ETTV 1
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By: h3ll (ettvd)
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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 579


:D gl wing!
olBaa will handle this one 2 ;D;D
it will be a nice match :)
gl both teams :}
hf both !
gl bb :)
izi for css matias
if this match isnt ranked as 3, then i dnt know what deserves it =D
Good luck bb, have fun impact.
wtf just noticed!! :DDD going to bed, have to wake up @ 8 to take the plane! :D
what happend to doktor?
doktor is ill H@H@
GL both

enfin un shoutcast de tupacc =]
j'en ai déja fais qq'un
I should play. Not enaugh leets.
You have € 2757 on gb Impact Cancel bet
Possible win: € 5045.31

olbaa will fail @ lan trust me
You have € 100 on se [D]
You lost

phyzic : /
gl toxic
Nice match... Gl ButtonBashers !
after Impact's performance against reettards I'm sure everyone bets on bb now:P
hope then that wiardo won't come up with something special.
have you seen any random wh rnades hitting targets for him on lan? I sure havnt, only tax rifles x-\
epic :D
et is alive nice
how can i listen to tosspot? this awesome quadtv-page didn't send me any email, so i cant log in >.<
rather listen to me, traitor
tbh: german shoutcasts sucks, 2 less emotions
u failed :P
BLABLABLA jey ruhe ^^
seit wann wieder in deutschland?
sonntag ^^ bis nächsten freitag :P
why aint this rated 3 stars btw?
because it's a lan match, they play on lower level now
I only see a video stream on quadv which is damn slow and laggy for me. Is there any audio-only stream somewhere, too?
There is audio only of quadv.. well there was 2 minutes ago. Check in the on air colum of quadv it may come back up =\

ed; They're back! Check the on air colum for radio only links

nvm, was idling for 5 mins already and didnt see ur edit
openen met? itunes?
kweetniet of itunes dat kan, ik heb aimp2 das net zoiets als winamp, daarin werken ze iig

kun je ook es proberen
Go impact go :>
clown > all :)

clown player of teh radar
nais strike by clown, 5 man in total :o)

2:0 bb, next map: bremen
omg clown omg
go go impact
Why the fuck you add the same server to the few matches? I have to try 10 servers to find the one which is streaming this match.
cant do anything about that, on an event like this thats kinda normal, a lot of connects / reconnects / disconnects cause this, and we cant watch every replayer 24/7
ARghaghahgghahg sad panda!!!
relax, fix urself a maui waui :D
:D Already found a good server, I guess every ettv server is already added to my HLSW so now I don't even need to check to know who's playing atm :D
"a shot of love with xylos"

2-2 decider
lolled @ i trying to take obj to truck
decider map is?
gl teKoa toxiccc
4:2 impact gg
4/2 IMPACT ;3 thx for moneyz
GG impact :D
You have € 10 on gb Impact
Possible win: € 31.2
You have € 50 on gb Impact
Possible win: € 156
thx guys
w00t failpact finally became impact again and defeated bb :D
You have € 20 on gb Impact
You have won: € 62.4
Impact ownaaage :D
4 - 2 impact
gg ;)
4-2 impact =) nice

You have 11 on Impact
Possible win: 34.32
gr8 game...
You have 350 on Impact
Possible win: 1092

You have € 30 on gb Impact
You won € 93.6

wp toxic u beast!
welcooooooooooooooooooooooooome money :D
tox is a beast
You have € 100 on gb Impact
You won € 312

finns = fail
maus for lettu = ownage
really nice game
You have € 100 on gb Impact
You won € 312

You have € 100 on Impact
You won € 312

great game and money to me :)
gg impact
You have € 1000 on gb Impact
You won € 3120
online it will be 4:0 4bb
now got 3 stars...
You have € 3231 on eu bb
You lost

lan suxx^^
You have € 4500 on eu bb
You lost
Before match: 2 stars

After Impact wins: changed to 3 stars

Rigged in the butt
they should just get rid of this rating nonsense imo
it will be updated each hour, su if u don't have a clue
olbaa got rolled.
wrong score? bb 4-2 impact
just you
seems i saw a different match then :X
QuoteYou have € 500 on Impact
You won € 1560

Thanks, Impact Gaming! :)
the best match on 2009
thx tekoa, gr8 match
You have € 1000 on gb Impact
You won € 3120
You have € 10 on gb Impact
You won € 31.2

lol wut
You have € 50 on Impact
You won € 156

knew i culd count u pr0's ;D
You have € 80 on bb
You lost
Thx bb
gg guys :D