rockit vs [*EU*]United Soldiers of Europe (8096 views)

be Flashy
be FostruM
be Flocky
nl Fritsie
nl chin0
nl Foxy
nl NoHead
de Ss-A-P
de Fatalstrike
de caTchEr
gb stKz
fi Quiki
ee ratgot
de Sts
Playoff rounds Clanbase Open spring cup 2009
20.05.09 21:45 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6v6 OpenCup Spring 2009
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Inseh (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 28847
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV
de [] - ETTV 1
By: sHiZo (ettvd)
de ## -HoheLuft- ## | ETTV #1
By: Saeufer (ettvd)
de #andyF1 ettv Server 3
By: andyF1 (ettvd)
de #minus-Gaming ETTV #1
By: |caTchEr| (ettvd)
By: cl4ym4n (ettvd)
de Ana's ETTV #2 [old]
By: w0nd3r (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 37


EU @ Outlaw:

de Ss-A-P
de Fatalstrike
de caTchEr
ee ratgot
gb stKz
fi Quiki
de Sts

#euclan & thx
go catcher
GL Rockit
gogo stKz<333 u will own
i think u missed me in rockit line-up he will fail duuuh
gl jungs
gl nohead!
will be a hard game :)
Go boys !
gl & hf eu
easy 4 EU clan
gl NoHead!
Dont say that in 1 comment becouse .
why =D
how will they have it easy if i play for the oppenent ,
bcs they own & u are the only guy who is stable & skilled: )
you're such a egoboy -,-
thought fritsie got kicked out of rockit
Gl rockit
100 % not avi
gl catcher
gl nohead maatje
gl flashy
You have € 100 on [*EU*]
Possible win: € 223

gl stokey boy
GL quiki !!!
gl ketchup :)
izi money
izi rockit gogo
gl guys :> no gl catcher <3
gl ratgot
gl flashyyyyy
gl sts
thx for good luck, but I´m not playing cuz of exams etc...
gl ratgot
gl NoHead & Foxy :)
gl Mike Peijs !
on paper rockit will take it ,
but because of so meany lu changes EU will win thx the their uber teamplay
gl both good and skilled teams!
easy for rockit
gl nohead
gl both
gl foxy!
gl fritsie:)
flashy plays, so no win
gl fritsieboy
gl nohead^^
should be a good game gl both EU will win
You have € 99 on rockit
Possible win: € 155.43

komop flashy & co :)
GO QUIKI AND STS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
flashy :D hF

sts hf t00
Gl Rockit
Too bad fostrum and nohead aren't allowed to play. Pb guid shitrule which homer takes to the point :(
zo ben ben ik al zwaar vaak genakt :D [nl]
Achja, tis vrij zielig he :) Maar goe, tis hun recht om de regels strikt na te volgen
who's gonna play now?
oll mony on mr shrimp!
this EU guys are easy to bash, it's only hard to start the game because they check everything and are bitching around.
being fullheld at your spawn on suppy has got to be embarrassing, and u call us an "easy bash" LoL :)
Gl Sts
gl guys...

<3 catcher
lolol caTchEr :DDD

gl caTchEr <3
with stkz in a team here the match should have 3 stars not 1!
GL dude
gl catcher
Ss-A-P the hacking rifle, take care of him!111 :_D
EDIT : XD nice eu supply in 7 mins xD
gg wp eu^^
nice one EU
You have € 50 on eu [*EU*]
Possible win: € 143

easy money!!! :D
You have € 300 on eu [*EU*]
Possible win: € 858

no nohead = expected fail ^^
kOEKJE : NoHead speel je .
NoHead : Nee
kOEKJE: dan bet ik niet op rockit;p
score ..
4:0 EU
You have € 233 on eu [*EU*]
Possible win: € 666.38

EU playing with merc, coming too late and having a manager (homer) who's whining about pbguids of nohead and fostrum.
Don't like your team and behaviour although you were better
so you have forfeit win ?
No we aren't that childish like Homer
You have € 100 on be rockit
You lost

we had a merc? who exactly?
wp babes
Kaizer's guid wasn't correct
well he most certainly isn't a merc, hes backup, and its your problem that u didn't say anything at the time! gg anyway...
Tbh we told you about his guid. I just wanna proof that Homer was hypocrite to tell us that fostrum isn't allowed while his team is playing with a player whoes etpbguid isn't correct
but how were we supposed to know, u didn't mention anything about kaizer :/
you have to change 24 hours before, so i didnt matter anyway ..........
Actually we did, chin0 got it on demo
You didnt say anything about Kaizers guid.
When you "tried to imitate Homer", as you said, you merely whined about ssaps etpro guid, I dont understand why though as etpro guids arent used anymore. And quikis guids were ok aswell but you didnt say anything about Kaizer and did ready up so.
I mean if you try to get back at us or something for your own dumbness for being unable to sort your players out before the game then find another way because this is just silly.

Flashy Thursday, 21st May 2009 13:13
Actually we did, chin0 got it on demo

I don't think you are in the position to talk like that with such a retarded manager. I wanna play this match again with nohead and fostrum and there will change some stuff
wow, im suprised how you can feel such pride of getting to play with some random (ex)cheater! Doubt it would make any difference though, because you know we werent playing with the full lineup neither, more like a mix even, but it was still a walkover :(
1. I told u 1 day before game that fostrum can't play due to no pb guid entered. Could've done that on server before game because its your problem to check if ppl have entered required guid. Try to guess why I didn't.
2. Have fun finding any of my word about nohead in our coversation liar.
3.Too bad you can't fucking understand that CB requires to choose 6 players who played match and fostrum wouldn't ve been on list to choose.
You have € 91 on be rockit
You lost

catcher was the merc xD
You have € 20 on eu [*EU*]
You won € 57.2

I knew it.
thx fiquik
ditto You have € 20 on eu [*EU*]
You won € 57.2

thx stkZ
worst game in weeks....
You have € 50 on eu [*EU*]
You won € 143

To bad fritsie....
but it was quite expected, since you got to many ego players in 1 team...
i didnt play
wasnt even talking about you;)
allthough it could be you:P
shitest clan ever?
rockit always lost !!!!
You have 377 on [*EU*]
You won 1078.22

i had faith in stkz.
i really lolled when you told people you bashed us ,EU pls man

after first map you guys egoquit and we were playing with 2 backups np
get skill and stop trying to fuck with guids, get skill instead, ET isnt about rules, its about playing
thats barely even eu u tit
vyPer hoeveel disjes moet je nou wel niet geven voor hij gaat huilen?
straks belt hij de kinderbescherming ( )
Just because I can and like screwing with the neverending whine and ego of NoHead.

(19:40:17) (rockit`nohead) im more clean then any player
(19:40:28) (Oxy) hence the new guid?
(19:40:33) (rockit`nohead) 4 months?
(19:40:44) (rockit`nohead) i got new pc
(19:40:49) (rockit`nohead) my old 1 is 3 years old
(19:40:58) (Oxy) gimme your old guid.
(19:41:11) (rockit`nohead) k
(19:41:16) (rockit`nohead) but i will tell you
(19:41:18) (rockit`nohead) its red
(19:45:38) (rockit`nohead) it was a free nexus bot i dll?
(19:45:40) (rockit`nohead) so what ?
(19:45:49) (rockit`nohead) go cry
(19:46:31) (rockit`nohead) i dont think its funny
(19:46:36) (rockit`nohead) i got banned for it
Gedraag u is wa meer mature ;o(