Kreaturen vs pstarZ (9987 views)

nl Lun4t1C
nl teKoa
nl M1lk
nl Azatej
nl Perfo
ch Gifty
nl hybrAtek
de stownage
ee subbji
ee JyrkZ
fr k2k
fr ReturneR
fi Metsuri
10.09.09 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESH Steelseries ET Summer Challenge
Manager: hybrAtek (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 68991
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Enemy Territory TV
cz #ssx-netteam ETTV #1
By: Santa-Claus (ettvd)
de [] - ETTV 1
By: sHiZo (ettvd)
de ## -HoheLuft- ## | ETTV #1
By: Saeufer (ettvd)
de #andyF1 ettv Server 1
By: andyF1 (ettvd)
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By: h3ll (ettvd)
By: cl4ym4n (ettvd)
de Ana's ETTV #1
By: w0nd3r (ettvd)
de Burner TV 1
By: X-tra (ettvd)
By: eLemenT`Uther (ettvd)
de OldMans - ETTV 1
By: blazer (ettvd)
gb ETTV UK #Msh100 3
By: w0nd3r (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 176


gl hybra :)
gl xperia (= sTownage <3 !!
gl k2k stownage..u can do this! <3
gl lio ;) if u remember me :(
gl lio/gifty
GL Kreaturen
GL hybra
izi 4 krea
AZA ^^

lio dissapeard?
good lakk subb ja jyrkz
izi for us :D
Kreaturen ugly tag
gL & hF
Will be a nice game.
do u really think u will hold them ?
I can't see the connection :x
A game isn't really "nice" when a high team bash another low team :o
ok real nick ?
I can't see the connection :x
where is the low skilled team here?
Krea is dude, bet on pstarZ :D
I know krea will probably win, but still I dont see Pstarz as a low team.
pstarZ ofc
so u got recently bashed by pstarZ or whats the reason of such stupid arguments?
I don't see any stupid argument here. I really don't think its stupid to say that an unbalanced game isnt "nice" to see. If u do, then you are the stupid guy.
so who are you to call them lowskillers :D?
What kind of director are u to say a movie is bad :DDDDDDDDDD ?
u surely are a retard
he is
no, you are.
so ure saying u gotta be high to say that some1 is low?
he haz point idiot. u has too but hes poitn isT better.

now, you can say my english sucks bcoz it sucks and you dont have to be english teacher/professor.
Your english sucks.
Your english sucks.
No you can say whatever you want but if u are a random cunt then ur opinion doesnt count, thats my point, first u have to earn respect and get some skill to call other lowskillers, do u understand it? I guess ur little braindamaged head doesnt take it .. or does? Because of players like you we have this naabish flame overflowing the site, randoms calling each other randoms and lowskillers and so on..
Score already showed that they arent lowskillers anyway so i proved my point and go a head flaming nerds who are crying and always fanboying their oldschool teams - the fact is that newschoolers are coming and have to replace them in some time so type ur arrogant comments into notepad(where noone can read them) and take a brain out ur arse because its been stuck there for too long time.
Just the fact that hostill agrees with you shows u are wrong (plus the fact that u have nothing more to reply than "retard") .

Thx for trying, bye bye. :)
No i really meant that you are a retard and as i said above, you make such pathetic comparisons that i feel sorry for you.
Just because I owned u/u cannot understand the comparison doesnt mean I'm a retard, its rather the other way :)
No, you thought you owned me, the fact is that u are a retard if u compare ET and reallife :)
Too easy for Kreaturen.
easy for them
easy for them
Nice game comming! :D Gl k2kh<3 le juif & m1lk
all on Azaa
gl |K|
GL krea :)
what happend to licid?
no ronner this time thank u
only 2 stars ?
easy for k
gl jyrkz and subb, bolivian powerhouse
gl teKoa & stownage !
ALL my money (0.68e) on aza
gl metsuri!
gl perfo!
higher settings needed this time :O izi for kreaturen <3
np for kraturen
izi 4 |K|
azaa t'es mon hero
Azaa t'es mon hero<3
You have € 25 on eu pstarZ Cancel bet
Possible win: € 174.5

With m1lk you can't win
"don't hate the player, hate the game!"
You have € 224 on nl |K| Cancel bet
Possible win: € 262.08

gl hoers team
10 sept is my birthday so pstarz win ^^
GL gifty <3
so many noobs
gl ::)
where is bull?
kinda inactive :( not much time to play
lol returner lol
All in on K
You have € 5 on nl |K| Cancel bet
Possible win: € 5.55
Voor je vaderland, doe het!
gl team, there's a chance! (:
hf |K|
say gl to hybra but think no chance
rape incummin
<@chmpp> interpals new dignitas??
Lets see if they are ec worthy :P :P:P:P:P
easy for zaiphon! :O)
gl MikeJones aka metsuri!
go aza go aza
You have € 695 on |K|
Possible win: € 757.55

Total Pot: € 33333

You have € 295 on nl |K| Cancel bet
Possible win: € 321.55
gl m1lk teKoa and the rest of |K|
pour toi l'unijambiste

gl Stownage
needs tosspot
xperia will rage em
gl lun4t1C
Gl Gifty Perfo
izi for lun4
gl |K|
gl Metsuri
hf kreaturen
all money on hybratek!!
gifty i love you <3 own those _pathetic nerds_
hf pstarZ
hf teKoa
all eyes on pefoooboi
gl stowni :>
gl JyrkZ & Subb <333333333333333333333333333 :***
gl mets
die hybratek

gl jyrkz and subb
4-2 k
4-2 for kreaturen. Really nice match, also close.

But Kreaturen took it!

But nice game anyway, gl!
houd ff je bek ofzo fking random
ik ben je fan
you understand dutch?
he was talking to hybratek obviously :s
was replying to hybra oO but i think you said "Im your fan" ?

Maak jezelf niet belachelijk :D
wat een vent hea, verschrikkelijk.
Dat was een reply op Hybratek, niet op jou!
ggs,real close.
yes gg but our defence sucks donkeyballz :P ( or your attack roXx like hell :D )
I am are is you idol.
i are still belive on your aim and you am nicer guys
omg metsu