Wolf Crazy Killer vs roYality-eSports (7235 views)

fr $!MooN
fr kartez
fr Aniki
fr fra
fr kaz
fr calimero
tr MousS
de meNtal
gb williams
lt reVe
jp miruku
nl hybratek
gb eVo
10.11.09 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6v6 OpenCup Fall 2009
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: simoon59 (Requestee)
Maps: Bremen_b2
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Total Pot: € 54046
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Radio Commentary
de #CubeCast Cast server 1
By: Franc!s
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Language: English

Total Slots: 500
Listener Peak: 8

Enemy Territory TV
de ## -HoheLuft- ## | ETTV #4
By: blAckmAmbA (ettvd)
de #andyF1 ettv Server 2
By: andyF1 (ettvd)


Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 51


21:00 or never happend
GL Kartez :D Fra Simooon Et les Autres <3
Argent facile sa pour moi :D
You have € 422.13 €
Possible Win: € 776.48
rY line up:

lt reve
si veruna
nl hybratek
gb evo

GG no miruku :(
miruku cant play anymore since in EU time changed by 1 hour :[
roYality lineup:
de meNtal
gb Williams
gb eVo
ie reVEEe
si verunA
nl hybrAtek

and where are u??:-(
dunno :D it seems im water boy now :D
Have fun both!
pipi kaka stront diaree

gl mental fg42 pwner
You have € 300 on de rY Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1245
GL revee :d
hf reVEEe
gl monsieur meNtal! + reVEEe :P
You have € 0.93

Possible Win: € 0.00

GL kartez, easy for you ;)

roYality goes from an ex top team to a top low+ team
true we have been getting rolled in our group so far:
why the hate?
spiadah always give us hate as he tryed out for royality and he got kicked from the server as he was the worse rifler we had ever saw.. we was 6 mins in and he had 200 damage as rifle so he was kicked..
FuSWilliam you always change stories, you're coming from jaymod to ETpro in 2 weeks and you expect you can play with an EC team? btw if you noticed I wasnt that bad with a ping of 200 and 1,5k dmg in 3 mins am I ? ;o look at yourself to see who's the worse first please before you accuse other people ;)

cya later
Williams is a teamplayer who gives importent comment's ingame. His landmines & spam saves often the game. DISCUSS THE SKILL.

btw aim & dmg isn't everything

stop hatin or i will start hatin.
its not hating at all, btw even if you try to protect him.. its kinda useless :) no offence but its just a fail
Noo you got kicked as you low asways come and and flame yet you never played with a good clan your self. I never played jaymod i played etpub untill et pro came out and that ever since.. Im a smg engr and in game leader.. dont have to shoot much but often good damage and team play. Learn skill and team play nerd
lol you're a complete nerd here, you did came from jaymod, I can see it on the way you talk, 100% egoism
I played more clans in the past then you could ever imagine tard.. get a life or die on aids
sooo you a clan hoper? it shower they take you and your shit so your kicked lol and i never played jaymod you are bad! lol
not as much shit as you are lol, you cant even talk english yourself u rtard
gl Willieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and RevEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
miruku weak up and play:-D
gl reve and williams. The french will probably throw down there guns not fight and let yous walk all over them just like history shows :P:P:P
lol na that wont happen :DD
their a strong opponent cant wait to play against them :^)
i know it was just a joke the french arent that bad just taking the piss.
come xfire nub
fucking nigger gtf on msn sometimes
fuck that shit solitude they would see me coming and shit a house! leave me all the women muhahaa
simon if u cant make normal flags dont even request ettv u prick..or learn some codes .. nerd
+1 :DDD
that's funny coming from a guy who didn't know there were several time zones
izi for kartez & simoon
gl evo, honey <3
Could be a game for 1st place in the group.
It is !
Winner of this match will be 1st of the group.
The 2nd place depends of the result of pstarz vs in7
or this cud be first n 2nd if its 4-2!

But I don't think.
4-2 pstarz.
If wck win 4-0, WcK + pstarz in playoff. because pstarz beat royality.
If royality win 4-0, royality + pstarz in playoff because wck beat pstarz.
If score is 4-2 , both are in playoff
Winner will be in playoffs, loser will be out ;)
gl kartez
gl fra kaz mirage <3
izi for royality !
who ever did my name to oRal should get cancer :(
ye i know its not funny but gl hf oral :( Manager: simoon59 (Requestee) kill him
gl revee,williams,miruku
gl rY
omg winner gets playoffs omg
gl reVEEe + willy + rest of rY
thanks darling!
GL williams
gl reve :)
GL rY i wish u the best!
gl mental
BBahhh GL a vous les WcK je vous love de toute la life ! :XD bsXxXXXxxXX
on va devoir vous jouer en 3v3 esl

gl simoon, kartez
haha,oral,den findsch gut.
gl mental
gl meNtal ,williams ,revee & Kartez!
You have € 510 on rY
Possible win: € 1754.4

gl rY guys
im not ur guy friend
edited :D
yeah me 2 erove! where was gl williams you sexi man beast :D
gl willliii <3 and veruna <3
You have € 150 on rY
Possible win: € 618
gl williams
gl simoon et kartez
CbZ-Kenny was kicked & banned from #...08 xd
Miruku will play today!
good luck mes amis kaz + mirage and kartez,moon,fra, just because they let us win!

+ gl to meNtalx3, reve and williams (:
easy for Royality...
GL WcK, Kartez <3
GL $!MooN because you'll need it !
HF WcK u will take it:)
gl Simoon & kartez :D
Williams, you're going to win! x xx x!

Love ya, your package
Awww thanks packman! Id replace mental with you anyday! package for main line up! wooop x x x
gl williams and the rest of rY
gl menthal fra and kaz <3
gl mouss aka miragji
Cali & kartez <3
izi for rY
gl mental ;P
gl kartez l0l
gl rY
omg kartez omg
GL meNtaj
Gl les filles ;)
You have € 120 on de rY Cancel bet
Possible win: € 504
do it revee
de ## -HoheLuft- ## | ETTV #4
de #andyF1 ettv Server 2 andyf1.servegame.com:29002
gl mental and aniki!
hmm nice tactic rY (habt ihr die von BiO?)
k kid
u r not the right one to speak about nonames (de)meNtal
You have € 800 on rY
You lost

rolled noob .
hahah like i care

need meNtal :<
dont do le fu so vulgarity, like in french, just do le fu-
face it ur shit
face it you play with cheaters, your hole clan is shit but i think you also like to cheat your names does fit to your skill.
:DDDDDD who said i like syntex and tbh he aint really playing with us

i accidently deleted my reply, was trying to edit it, to check if i made some mistakes which i dont usually do, but dont worry, ill write something that is based on it

i rather play with busted players who can take the game as a game than a stupid fat pig like you, (oh yeah, yes i've seen a picture of you) i dont know if many agree but im sure many will agree that youre shit and a retard
honestly i think you are a fucking lifeless internet- wannabe
and i dont really use to care if a person who fills the requirements of the title mentioned above comments about my internet english, but just for some lulz:

meNtal_ Friday, 6th November 2009 15:08
21:00 or never happend

meNtal_ Monday, 9th November 2009 19:53
Williams is a teamplayer who gives importent comment's ingame.

meNtal_ Tuesday, 10th November 2009 23:35
face it you play with cheaters, your hole clan is shit but i think you also like to cheat your names does fit to your skill.

i write faster then you, so i dont look at mistakes
yeah right, ur just a brainless nerd
if you call me brainless ,then you should watch yourself
bis jetzt warst du der einzige hier der wirklich dummes zeug von sich gegeben hat
ich würd dann mal langsam aufhören zu replyen...
du machst dich hier wirklich zur absoluten lachnummer
is gut gemeint

awesome comeback
when r you just gonna accept that youre awfull
when r you just gonna accept that youre busted, leave this game fucking noob even with hax low+
im not busted muahahahahaha, at least give some flame wich is right xD, beeing low+ and still better than you :)
wp WcK

activity by European team was good experience
it was fun (:D)
0(:D )
Nice to play against you
You'r not so unhit :D
was fun to play with you :) was where a amazing rifler! and if you was eu you be best rifle in world!
du brauchst das doch, nach jedem map kommt i-ein text von dir wo jemand cheatet :D
es freut mich wenn du gutgläubig bist und in jeden verdammten hurensohn, der dieses spiel spielt großes vertrauen setzt.
ich jedenfalls hab das schon aufgegeben, nachdem seit 2 jahren täglich mehrere busts von vermeintlich guten spielern dazu kommen.
weiters hab ich ebenfalls kein vertrauen in leute die das spiel erst monate spielen und schon einen auf high machen.
nochdazu brauchst du nicht flamen wenn ich diese hurensöhne von ccc cheater nenne.
warum, brauch ich dir glaub ich nicht erklären.
auch wenn ich mir dein strotzdummes auftreten auf crossfire, ingame oder hier ansehe bezweifle ich dass du einfach nur einen intelligenten spielstil hast.
aber das sei dahin gestellt.

ich kann dir jedenfalls ehrlich sagen, dass ich es amüsant finde, wenn so ein kind wie du hier einen heulanfall bekommt
das bestätigt nur immer wieder meine meinung die ich von dir habe
alles klar
diese aussage bestätigt wieder seine meinung von dir ;)
also manchmal fehlen mir echt die worte :D
mir auch :D
"kb zu lesen aber care"

Solche Sätze lassen einen dann doch nur noch den Kopf schütteln >: D
ja echt... da wirft man ihm vor er sei strohdumm und alles was er sagt is "kb zu lesen" :D
und jetzt wunder dich nie wieder!
bevor du mich kid nennst, spiel erstma mit mir
heee du hast den text doch gar nicht gelesen? =D
lass es einfach...
sonst braucht hier einer von uns noch taschentücher vor lachen
der andre spruch war auch gut :)
und was wird mir das beweisen?
Dass ich mich in dir total getäuscht habe und in dir einen überaus reifen und intelligenten menschen erkennen werde?

sei mir nicht bös wenn der fall nie eintreten wird aber trotzdem danke für das angebot!
rofl, des hat grad echt meinen tag gerettet :D

ich lieg unterm tisch xD thx für die geilen antworten :DDD
was genau is jetzt so lustig :D
wie dumm mental is, das is grad so lustig
wp gays
cheers karti
whine whine
lost? wutwut ):
nerd rage
am i quite? must be something new :DDDD
sag mal, du kriegst auch nicht mit dass du dich wieder voll dumm benimmst oder?

Kleiner tipp, wenn du willst das dich die leute, in ein paar jahren, mal ernst nehmen. Lass solche heulerei auf Crossfire bzw Gamestv...
Das ist ein Wort Opa duKe_ !
nothing more to add
why would we like him anyway? with or without the whine