vs cdap - pi (9398 views)

Losers Bracket Final
26.10.06 22:45 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: PGA LAN Crossfire Qualifiers
Manager: h3ll (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Radio Commentary
us Radio iTG
By: TosspoT
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Language: English

Total Slots: 500
Listener Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV
de #fayntic ETTV 1
By: h3ll (ettvd)
de vp.ETTV.Server
By: arni (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 295


go perfo go!
go idle
Your bet: 432€ on idle
Possible Win: 639 € (+207 €)
We need slots and a shoutcast tbh!
cdap 4 sure
good luck 2 cdap
cdap imo
Your bet: 10 on cdap Possible Win: 33 (+23)
you must feel very stupid now
Your bet 42€ on cdap Possible Win: 187 € (+145 €)
idle > all
Perfo je kunt het!
Your bet: 75€ on cdap Possible Win: 347 € (+272 €)
your bet: o on nobody possible win: zero
gl idle...mb u win now? :/
possible lose: zero
idle has a bad match vs. zP!, but not all are like zP!
same happened with cdap as you can see :) 2-0 already. but there is still a hope
ìdle is losing \o/ 1.25 vs 5.00 cdap - pi Total pot: 102502 €
Your bet: 124€ on cdap Possible Win: 620 € (+496 €)
i wanna see it""" no more slots left !
cdap will take this 4 sure!
so bad that i have to miss my sweetie's big day
omg idle so schlecht :x
What a fucking game, vwp cdap...
perfo well done, skilled:)
hahahaha PERFO :D:D:D:D
kris @ freakshow
so nice
All because of perfo, very well played!
now perfo can show his real "skill" at lan
i knew you would say something about perfo+cheats rofl
what can I say, he's clearly hacking
perfo cheat old news
nice :) congratz cdap
<3 snoop :)
wP cdap
nice snoop
gl idle
Ridiculous. You lose once you lose all. :/
all>idle without Night;)
like Night is the rambo..
no, the leader in the team, thats clear imo, you could see how dumb idle was playing if you saw the match..

jakazc just gave perfo the chance to get r3vers with the obj, because of not checking if it was clear
yeah, they really need someone to say: LOOK IF ITS CLEAR, WE HAVE OBJECTIVE

ye if they did that, they wouldve won frost :)
yea i know but like only Night has the brains to know THAT lol
haha won 55 :>
when and who come at lan?
Your bet: 26€ on cdap Won 130€

Your bet: 91€ on cdap Won 455€

Your bet: 200€ on cdap Won 1000€
gl @ lan cdap!!
Your bet: 562€ on cdap Won 2810€
26/10 23:45 idle 1.25 vs 5.00 cdap 6464€ on cdap Won 32320 €
gg sick
just a lucky retard
Urtier and teKoa played quite good.
But Jakazc and r3vers just sucked!
the mighty freedune would fucking pwn instead
cdap should be punished for cheating,i mean every1 saw perfo has wh, and idle should get forfeit, and i should get my 3000 back:D.
omg idle!
my heart is crying
Your bet: 53€ on cdap Won 265€

all better then you.
n1 snoop :)
k lost 3000 €
no Night no wins...
GL on lan cdap

nah, you wont be there
gl cdap...
:o)) rofl

26/10 22:45 idle 1.25 vs 5.00 cdap 150€ on cdap Won 750 €
idle [*] ;-(((
seemed highly suspicious indeed. especially when he took out allied med at grush who was camping under the cp, that kind of reflex aint human tbh.

EDIT. watched the full replay with r_shownormals 1 and omfg, this is ridicoulus, why isnt he banned already coz this was so damn obvious wh. guy must be 10 year old or smthg to use it so obviously.
you are estonian, np.
It's so darn obvious on the replay..
why don't you just admit it in public when we can have a good laugh about it?
don't try to fool everyone, you can't, you're from the netherlands -.-'
have you made up the excuse you're going to give, when its time to go to the lan?
you my friend, are retarded
i'm not your friend
I'd never take on friends with identity problems anyway
oh it's you again. you still think im snoozer?
thats seem to be true
have you got laid recently? let me answer that for you. NO!
how about you? seems like you are having your period.
:D! Gefeliciteerd hé :O! Haddik nog niet gezegd :)
not really, i just visited your girlfriend. you can visit her also, for my dick.
i dont have one atm, bad diss. too bad!
i know you don't. it was just a figure of speech, ever heard of it?
(cdap|perfo) I share my bitches
perfo hax
LoL and the -=IDEL=- empire has fallen.

PS: To the flamers, I wrote IDEL on purpose. v55 peons
gg dev'perfo
where can i dl this great perfo hax demo?