Belgian Fraternity vs dNan (10225 views)

be uNDEAd
be AL1
be chizz6l
be Gifted
nl xPERiA
fi toNi
no domi
nl modus
nl spho
nl licid
nl ronner
nl joop
Premier league Grand final.
dNan - bF v5!
bF needs to beat dNan twice.
06.01.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 6v6 OpenCup Fall 2009
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Enigma (Generaladmin)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 72619
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
de #CubeCast Cast server 1
By: Franc!s
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Language: English

Total Slots: 500
Listener Peak: 14

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By: Santa-Claus (ettvd)
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Viewer Peak: 134


will be thrilling ;p
ronner knows our tax :d unfair game is unfair
no kaal no win
gl hollanders
Gl xperia
ik zal nix zeggen joop :D
These two again? This is like the 7th meeting
dNan - bF v5!

5th time :P
gl bF !!
wooptie doo!!
well woopty tah, attentionwhore!
gl be nerds
gl bF!
be will take it!
i want to bet, but really. its to hard to say who will win. If BF doesnt have to win twice i would say bf. now i predict 4-2 bf, and then 4-2 for dnan...its gonna be a long match
izi voor dnan, zeer izi
Kweet nie, bF vorige keer gewonne. En de keer daarvoor had ali 999 en ik was de enige backup avi, ook al werkte men pc amper. Was dus overdreven aant falen en toch won bF nog bijna radar, dusja :P

Ma aangezien iedereen 5on5 aant spele is, ist een open game denkek
hej kroepoek shrijf een boek fzo ;d
go dNan <3
izi voor bF, zeer izi
Jij bent ook een vieze overloper he!
Nee,ik support mijn eerdere teammate! :P
Dat ben ik ook homo, en zo'n beetje iedereen van dnan!!!!!!!!
Een "eerdere" teammate is toch echt Lun4t1C. :P
ach sterf toch heumeuh
gl spho ;-)
no ecklav no win :<
gl dnan, you'll need it. BF is strong
gl litsid
gl xperia
low is low
gl dNan
I dont know why they didnt want to play in EC :(
bf, domi :)
gl Gifted

gl ronner :)
"bF needs to beat dNan twice."
nou way!
dNan pwnz
Hf Joop/Spho

Nice game :)
easy for Domi
easy for Domi GL dNan
stop dazzling us with this epic screenshot
gl dumi
Premier league Grand final.
indeed :P! such a shame !
the more comments/views the more stars :P
gl BF :)
phan finally reach oc prem final, no nunca no win!
aren't toni and undead the only phan associated?
no nunca, no win
must be easy for dnan
GL DOMInator!
Need sup3r :))))))))

GL Sup3r <3
You have € 50 on be BF Cancel bet
Possible win: € 165.5

2:2 decider omg omg
omg xPERiA GL ! & AL1 ofc
You have € 250 on BF
You won € 812.5

Thx AL7<3333333333333333 MATE!
You have € 200 on be BF
You won € 650

ty bF
You have € 2500 on BF
You won € 8125

You have € 25 on BF
You won € 81.25

xd i miss a few zero's thats all :<
You have € 66 on BF
You won € 214.5
lowest oc premier final ever
lowest OC ever!
since u play et^^

engrish :<
lol pls shut up 5th oc player
I've played in premier, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth & seventh OC league, beat it :).
dnan lamers
You have € 1000 on be BF
You won € 3250

yes toNi, yes win
bF needs to beat dNan twice. ?
You have € 100 on be BF
You won € 325
You have € 100 on be BF
You won € 325
You have € 100 on BF
You won € 325

all the same :D
You have € 65 on BF
You won € 211.25
ok bullsh*t line up for dNan -.-"
their lu this whole oc..
You have € 201 on BF
You won € 653.25

allez merci
You have € 10 on nl dNan
You lost
You have € 662 on be BF
You won € 2151.5
you saved me <3

You have € 250 on be BF
You won € 812.5
wtf my bet is gone? :((
well done mongols
You have € 500 on nl dNan
You lost
wp AL1, de kebab heeft geholpen <3
nice losing a map noobs
its so confusing tag, "boy friend" :(
You have € 35 on be BF
You won € 113.75
toNi still ch33ting?
as i thought!
You have € 1000 on BF
You won € 3250
gg BF :)

You have € 9 on BF
You won € 29.25
I want my money back, there stands "bF needs to beat dNan twice. " and they only played 1 match
sad panda
Fuck yes ! MONEY BACK
Them need to won twice for won the Premier league Grand final, but not for won this one :>
khad hetzelfde probleem :D
khad fucking 700€ e :p alles kwijt :s sowieso da dnan de 2de match wint =)
3-2, keep on going boys
You have € 610 on be BF
You won € 1982.5

You have € 497 on nl dNan
You lost